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Fanvil X7 Enterprise IP Phone

With its sophisticated design and high-cost performance, the Fanvil X7 IP Phone is a high-end enterprise phone with an intelligent DSS key corresponding display screen, which dramatically increases the enterprise's working efficiency. There are 127 DSS keys in all.

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The Fanvil X7 IP Phone is a high-end enterprise phone with an intelligent DSS key corresponding display screen that significantly increases the enterprise’s working productivity. It has a sophisticated design and high-cost performance. There are a total of 127 DSS keys. The 5-inch colour touchscreen display allows users to rapidly access call lists, phonebooks, DND mode, and other capabilities. Furthermore, for a better user experience, the screen may be adjusted to a 50° or 40° angle. Both the handset and the speakerphone support HD audio. Two Gigabit ports allow users to connect their laptops to the phone. To connect the X7 to the internet, a WiFi dongle can be used. It can also connect to an EHS headset or a Bluetooth headset via built-in Bluetooth. The X7 also has a USB port for charging smartphones and other devices. By operating as a small PBX, X7 can be used as a small communication and security solution. Connect Fanvil devices like VoIP phones, SIP door phones, and SIP speakers to the X7 IP phone via network connections to create a small DIY system using the X7’s hotspot feature. The do-it-yourself solution is suitable for a small office, parking lot, or similar area.


  • 20 SIP lines.
  • 3-way conference, hotspot, color touch-screen with a capacity of 7″.
  • On both the speakerphone and the handset, HD audio is available.
  • The display may store up to 127 DSS key entries.
  • Bluetooth is built-in and can be used to connect a Bluetooth headset.
  • Wi-Fi internet access (via Wi-Fi dongle).
  • Receiving video calls is possible using the H.264 video codec.
  • With two adjustable angles of 40 and 50 degrees, you can stand in a variety of positions.
  • Support EHS headset.
  • Dual Gigabit ports integrated PoE.
  • Compatible with 3CX, Avaya, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Elastix, and other important systems.
  • It can be used to create modest DIY communication and security solutions as a smaller PBX.

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