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Yeastar is a provider of communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and offers a range of products including PBX systems, VoIP gateways, and cloud communication solutions. Its solutions are intended to assist organizations in improving communication, increasing efficiency, and increasing production. Yeastar products are widely used by small and medium-sized businesses around the world, and it has established a reputation for delivering reliable and cost-effective communication solutions through its innovative technology, user-friendly products, and exceptional customer support.

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Yeastar TE200 PRI VoIP Gateway

The Yeastar TE200 is an EI/T1/J1 VoIP Gateway capable of handling up to 60 concurrent calls. The TE200 ISDN VoIP Gateways bridge the gap between traditional ISDN telephony connections and the vast majority of modern phone systems. The TE 200 has software-configurable E1/T1/J1 ports, as well as PRI, MFC R2, SS7, and E&M support.
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Yeastar S20 VoIP IP PBX

Yeastar S20 is a standalone PBX system with an unrivaled set of features designed for businesses with fewer than 20 users. It is designed to be both simple to use and powerful in production.
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Yeastar P570 IP PBX

The Yeastar P570 IP PBX is the ideal solution for on-premise VoIP telephony control across all your devices for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses).  
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Yeastar N824 Smart PBX

The Yeastar N824 IP PBX System is a full-featured PBX that brings advanced communications features from larger systems to small offices. With 8 CO lines, 8 SIP extensions, 24 analog extensions, 4 SIP trunks, and the ability to handle calls with your mobile phone, the Yeastar N824 IP PBX System maximizes cost-effectiveness.
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Yeastar N412 IP PBX

The Yeastar N412 IP PBX stands out as an affordable and fully-featured option, offering an array of advanced communication capabilities, top-notch security measures, and exceptional flexibility. This makes it the perfect solution for small enterprises seeking a dependable and highly efficient telephone system.
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Yeastar TG200 VoIP GSM Gateway

Yeastar TG200 GSM Gateway enables you to connect most IP-based telephone systems and soft switches, including Yeastar IP Phone Systems, to a GSM, 3G WCDMA, or 4G LTE network.  
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Yeastar P560 IP PBX

The Yeastar P560 VoIP PBX Phone System is the P-Series' mid-level IP PBX. It has a capacity of up to 200 users and a maximum concurrent call volume of 60.    
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