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Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line gives you a dedicated bandwidth that provides a highly reliable, sustainable, and stable two-way channel between different business locations.

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Internet Leased Line

Our Internet Leased Line Service (ILL) provides highly reliable, sustainable. and stabilized two-way channel connectivity between different business locations across geographies, data hubs, and regional data centers. etc. This point-to-point steady and secured Leased Line connection is integral to enterprises. We are one of the leading Leased Line service providers in India with an authentic Leased Line network using secure routers at low infrastructure and low maintenance costs.


For all your requirements of reliable and balanced two-way channel connectivity between NSE and BSE, We offer you Ultra LOLA 3.0 – an Ultra-Low Latency Leased Line.

As a stable point-to-point leased line, Ultra LOLA is a custom-made product for stock exchange centers, Brokers, and BFSI companies that must stay securely connected to market data in real-time.

Why would your organization need it?
  • The latency of this leased line between connected centers is less than 200 microseconds.
  • It enables accurate algorithmic trading at a high speed and high frequency which is humanly impossible in manual trading.
  • Making algorithmic trading more powerful, also shortens the transaction costs and allows investment managers to be in stronger control of their trading practices.
  • UltraLOLA completely reduces the possibility of manual mistakes in setting trades
  • UltraLOLA offers standard bandwidth of 1 Gig to N*1 Gig.
  • It has a State of Art Technology
  • Best in Class Services Assurance

LOLA brings quantifiable advantages for the one who needs a private data circuit between two or more locations. Because of this private data circuit stockbrokers and traders who deal in forex, equity, commodities, and also the NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) that operate in securities markets and conduct financial research.

If your traditional broadband network speed is not enough to fulfill your high and advanced computer program utilization, it is time to switch to Ultra LOLA.



Highly Reliable

The permanent carrier-grade connectivity implies that teams always stay reliably connected.


No Downtime Concerns

Best-in-class redundancy puts an end to all worries of disruptive downtime.


Usage of Versatile Applications

The High-speed connectivity helps to use any heavy data application, voice, video, email, chat, FTP, and any other application smoothly.


Payment flexibility

Businesses can go for payment cycles on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis as per their choice and convenience.


Inbuilt Security

A secure point-to-point network built by this leased line allows users to transmit any information between locations at high levels of security.


Technology Edge

Our State of Art Technology enables less than 200 Microseconds of Latency with the shortest distance between two exchanges. The best-quality infrastructure ensures high speed and stability.


Stay Ahead of Curve

Algorithmic trading keeps you ahead by reducing the transaction costs and allowing investment managers to take control of their own trading procedures


Profitability Maximization

It helps trading transactions in the most profitable way with its Ultra-Low Latency connectivity between NSE & BSE. It is a specifically tailor-made product offering in the segment of Stockbrokers, Trade analysts, NBFC/etc.


Details Ultra-LOLA Platinum Premium Standard
Dedicated (1:1 contention)
Symmetric(same upload and download speeds)
Multiple, scalable bandwidth options
Speed 1 Gig to N*1 Gig 2 Mbps to N*1 Gig 2 Mbps to N*1 Gig 2 Mbps to N*1 Gig
Uptime 99.50% 99.90% 99.50% 98.00%
Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours 8 hours
Protection Ring Min 3 path Ring Linear
Planned maintenance notice 3 days 3 days 3 days 1 day
Emergency maintenance 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Application usage suitability Real-time interactive applications Business critical applications Converged application environment – Data, Voice (CUG) and audio/video conferencing Data applications
Multiple last mile options (wireline and wireless) Only wireline Only wireline


Internet Leased Line

  • Our Account Manager, Nisha, has been excellent. When there was a delay with the handover of our new Leased Line, on the day we moved to our new office, she was on the case straight away. She managed to get BTS to hand over the line within the same day and it's now set to be brought live to suit our IT Infrastructure. Very impressed with the timely response.

    -Ms. Varsha Tripathi
  • With this dedicated Leased Line, the bandwidth my business requires has been given to us, and only we have access to it, this dedicated connection doesn't hamper by peak times throughout the day.

    -Mr. Varun Shetty

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