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Soft switch solution

We provide a class 4 and/or class 5 SoftSwitch for an intelligent billing system that incorporates complete logging of both wholesale and individual VoIP services.

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Acmatel provides a complete Softswitch Solution for any telecoms company wanting to provide residential, business, and wholesale voice-over IP, calling card services, call-back, and DID (telephone number) resale.

We can provide is a class 4 and/or class 5 SoftSwitch developed for an intelligent billing mechanism with detailed logging of wholesale and individual VoIP services, calling cards, and similar services. It can be used with other third-party software and/or application to improve the ROI of your VoIP business.

The architecture consists of a database server, Asterisk telephony server, and a web server for administration, agent, customer, and online sign-up. Usually, these servers are hosted on the same physical hardware but can be distributed across multiple servers to increase capacity. A SIP proxy Kamailio is added to load-balance calls across multiple Asterisk servers and assists with NAT traversal.

VOIP Billing & Termination – There are three main customer types for Voice over IP billing & charging options

  • Residential VoIP :– Providing VoIP services, VoIP Billing, and DID redirection to the general public. The endpoint is usually a PC-Dialler (or softphone) a physical VoIP phone or ATA.
  • Business VoIP :– Providing VoIP termination to IP-PBX systems for companies, billing the calls, as well as providing invoices for VoIP services as well as supplying DID directed to the IP-PBX via VoIP or PSTN.
  • Wholesale VoIP :– Terminating and billing large numbers of calls from a customer who has a SoftSwitch or similar class 4 or class 5 switch.


  • Online Sign Up
  • Customer Portal
  • Customer Management
  • Calling Card & Call-Back
  • Traffic Reporting
  • Rating Engine
  • Billing Invoicing & Payments
  • Reseller Functionality

Support Protocol / Codecs /Trunks: It supports SIP/IAX protocol with flexible authentication methods like user/PWD & IP based with customer Caller ID manipulation. It also supports codecs like g729, ulaw, alaw, ilbc, gsm, etc. It also supports telco lines like Analog, PRI, BRI, GSM with failover trunk.

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softswitch solution

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