Handle Your Business Calls Professionally

Let your IP-PBX handle the business internal communication traffic between stations and act as a gatekeeper to the outside world


Easy set up

Simple Installation and very easy to set up



Allows you to scale as per your business needs


Budget friendly

Save money, as it works on the internet connection

Best IP-PBX for internal and external business communication.

Our IP-PBX solution will work like a magic for your business. Empoyees will have a great experience as they can reach out to anyone with an ease

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Save money on your business communications

If your business regularly makes both inbound and outbound calls and finds your telephony costs rack up, an IP-PBX might save you a significant amount on your monthly bills. As an IP system uses a VoIP provider for Short or long-distance calls, your monthly fees could be significantly reduced.

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Much improved customer journey

You might not consider your phone system as a tool for enhancing the client experience. However, an IP PBX, particularly an on-premise solution, may be able to assist you in providing a more frictionless experience for your consumers.

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Consolidate your communications channels

Businesses that want to decrease their patchwork of disparate applications, streamline procedures, and save money by using one provider for all of their communications needs are flocking to unified communications.

Have a look at some of the major benefits of IP-PBX

IP PBX is an exclusive telecommunication solution that has enhanced the association and telecommunication and has taken this to a new level

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Why To Choose Acmatel IP-PBX Solution


Best-in-Market Pricing

Get an IP-PBX on a rental basis, Save your Initial Investment on Hardware & Software cost


Buy it For Ever

Buy IP-PBX hardware forever and save on your recurring costs with a one-time investment.


Customize as You Need

Customize IP-PBX and integrate it according to your process, and your process needs


End-to-End Customer Service

From inquiry to post-purchase assistance, we ensure hassle-free services at every step


CRM Integrations

Innovate your business with CRM integrations for seamless customer connectivity


99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Acmatel offers a 99.95% SLA-backed uptime guarantee with N+1 redundant infrastructure

A Package for all your needs

Choose from a range of packages which suit you best.

Mini IP PBX ( Soft + Hardware )

  • 2000 Extensions
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 120 GB SSD
  • 1 PRI/ 30 Channels
  • Call Recording
  • IVR
  • CRM Integration*

PBX On Server V1

  • 1000 Extensions
  • 1 PRI/ 30 Channels
  • NO Call Recording
  • IVR
  • CRM Integration*
  • HMS Integration
  • SMS/Email API Integration

PBX on Server V2

  • 1000 Extensions
  • 1 PRI/ 30 Channels
  • Call Recording
  • IVR
  • CRM Integration
  • API Integration
  • HMS Integration

Some Of Our IP-PBX Solution Client Testimonials!

SIP Trunk Solution

I deal with many companies and their services. But AcmaTel is by far the best I have ever dealt with. I had issues that have been once or twice in two years they resolve the issue or help you through it without the usual “not our problem” reasons. I highly recommend AcmaTel SIP Trunk.

Mr. Sunder Maran


IP-PBX Business Phone System

Very reliable service. Very easy to set up with PBX, IP-PBX, and gateways. Simple and easy to use dashboard, instant availability makes setup easy. Customer support was great both during the initial setup and whenever required.

Ms. Akruti Desai

SIP Trunk Services

As an ISP I have been using SIP Trunk for my customers for years now. I have little to no problems with their services while reselling the telephone service of AcmaTel SIP Trunk, and their technical support team has taught me everything I should know when it comes to handling it.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

IP Solution

AcmaTel’s SIP Trunk service works as expected and when I had technical issues (related to call connect) but, customer support has always been excellent. I highly recommend AcmaTel.

Mr. Parul Bangar

SIP Trunk Channel

I am using SIP Trunk for several years and their service is extremely reliable and flexible. Recently I upgraded my call capacity to 50 channels and that process was super easy, just an email made that happen.

Thanks to AcmaTel for such wonderful customer support.

Mr. Santosh Teli

Smartflo Solution

We are using numerous Smartflo user channels with which we do some pretty complicated tasks on daily basis. It frees my employees from their desks and helps them communicate over the internet from anywhere.

Ms. Garima Das

CRM Integrations

We gave a try to AcmatTel’s Smartflo Solution and noticed our call connectivity has been increased. Built-in CRM integrations helped us to capture and view the data. It has a decent price and got all the stuff expected from a good host. Highly recommend – especially for cloud-based Tele-callings.

Mr. Akshay Shelke

Cloud Telephony Solutions

AcmaTel’s Smartflo is one of the best cloud telephony products I have ever used, I have encountered this difference only when I switched to AcmaTel, I believe It is a cost-effective solution with top-notch support, they were helpful to me in a matter of minutes to solve any problems I had.

Mr. Gajanand Yadav

Outbound Marketing Calls

My marketing business completely relies on marketing calls mainly outbound marketing calls since I started using AcmatTel Smartflo solution in 2014 have made millions of marketing calls and yet we haven’t encountered any major issues. We are impressed with the stable and fast platform without any bulky infrastructure and storage.

Mr. Jitendra Sharma

CRM Solution

Ever since I have started using AcmatTel’s Smartflo solution, it started positively impacting my business and it’s been into profits by eliminating unwanted expenditure as this solution comes in a combination of Dailer, CRM, and WFH together. It is a highly secure, flexible, and cost-effective cloud telephony product I have ever use.

Mr. Anand Jain

Got Questions?

Find your answers right here.

The IP-PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) Software allows you to interact with your branch locations located all over the world from a single platform. It provides communication services to an organization or business.

IP-PBX can be used in-

  • SME’s
  • NBFC’s
  • Startup
  • Call Centers
  • Consultancies
  • Regional Offices
  • IT Support Firms
  • Logistics Companies
  • Tours and Travel
  • Sales and Marketing Companies

To set up an IP-PBX system, all you need are IP phones, an IP-PBX server, network switches, and a reliable internet connection with adequate bandwidth.


There are different types of IP-PBX systems and they can be classified based on their deployment model and the number of users they can support.

  • On-Premise IP-PBX
  • Hosted IP-PBX
  • Virtual IP-PBX
  • Small Business IP-PBX
  • Enterprise IP-PBX

IP-PBX works by using the internet protocol to transmit voice and data communications. Users connect to the IP-PBX system using IP phones, and calls are routed over the internet using SIP trunks. The system uses call routing rules to direct incoming calls, and voicemail and call management features are included. IP-PBX can also integrate with other communication channels, such as email and video conferencing, for unified communications.

IP-PBX systems include an automated attendant feature that can handle incoming calls without the need for a receptionist. This automated system can route calls to the appropriate department or individual, reducing the need for a dedicated staff member to answer calls.

IP-PBX systems can automate many tasks that were previously handled manually, reducing the need for additional staff and freeing up existing staff to focus on other tasks. This can help businesses reduce their overall labor costs while improving efficiency and productivity.

An On-Premise IP-PBX is a business phone system in which the hardware and components that run the phone system are housed at the place where the phone system is utilized. This allows organizations to choose the appropriate communication channel, install, and maintain the system in line with their organization’s and growth needs.

IP-PBX systems are highly versatile and can be adapted to meet the needs of various sectors and industries. Whether you are running a hospital, a school, a retail store, a government agency, or any other sector, an IP-PBX system can help streamline communication and improve efficiency.


It depends on your existing phones. If your phones support VoIP technology, then they can be used with an IP-PBX system. Otherwise, you will need to replace them with IP phones.


Yes,  IP-PBX systems offer customization options, such as call routing, call recording, voicemail, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), conference calling, integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and other business applications.


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