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IP PBX - Business Phone System

Are you thinking about installing a new business phone system? There are several solutions available to you, and AcmaTel's IP-PBX is just one of them.

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IP PBX – Business Phone System

The IP PBX Software allows you to interact with your branch locations located all over the world from a single platform, while also allowing individuals to contact you on your number without knowing your physical location.

AcmaTel Communications provides luxurious IP PBX software for ITSPs and single-tenant IP PBX software for enterprises that can be configured to meet your specific needs via an unparalleled UI, UX, and connection from the office, smartphones, and a web interface. Our software – is intended for global corporate communications. When you buy AcmaTel PBX, you are not only getting one of the best PBX software solutions, but you are also investing in a solution that boosts productivity, streamlines corporate communication, and provides a faster return on investment.

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  • SME’s
  • NBFC’s
  • Start Up’s
  • Call Centres
  • Consultancies
  • Regional Offices
  • IT Support Firms
  • Logistics Companies
  • Tours and Travel Companies
  • Sales and Marketing Companies


Choosing the right business phone system for your company is one of the most essential decisions you will have to make. In this age of fast digitalization, failing to adopt cutting-edge communications technology might compromise operations and leave your firm behind in the competitive business world.

An organization can profit from IP PBX in terms of price, service, management, and functionality. IP PBX, or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, is a sort of business phone system that connects phone calls to the public telephone network using VoIP. IP PBX systems can be cloud-based or a combination of a cloud-based phone system and an on-premise PBX system.

On-premise IP PBX systems are deployed on-site and have the phone system’s capabilities coded into the PBX hardware. Cloud-based IP PBX systems, also known as hosted PBX systems, use software to store their functionality and do not require any hardware on-site. In any scenario, telephone users connect to the IP PBX system through the internet to make calls.

An On-Premise IP-PBX is a business phone system where the hardware and the components that actually power the phone system are kept at the location where it is being used. This gives businesses the freedom to select the best communication channel, deploy, and manage the system in accordance with the organization and growth.

Here are a few advantages of using an on-premise IP PBX system.

  • There are no monthly rents.
  • There is no chance of the rental amount increasing.
  • The reduced total cost of ownership, particularly as the system expands
  • Complete control and flexibility in switching solutions or combining them
  • You are free to do whatever you want with your gear and equipment.
  • Your system will be in charge of its deployment, so you will know its capabilities.
  • More control because the system is maintained by your company
  • Server ownership lowers costs over time, resulting in a cheaper total cost of ownership.

IP PBX Business Phone System Advantages

With an IP PBX, you can even use your mobile phone to make and receive calls using the same office phone number and extension as your desk phone. This can be done by downloading a VPN softphone mobile App, which fully integrates with your company’s IP PBX system.

The ability to utilize cell phones is feasible since phone numbers are not connected to a landline.

With the integrated online phone and mobile app, AcmaTel allows you to make calls from both your mobile device and your PC. Not only are incoming calls directed to employees’ mobile devices, but the software also allows them to make outgoing calls. With this feature, some firms have completely abandoned desk phones. Furthermore, in the case of a power or internet outage in the office, the mobile app serves as a backup source.

You can manage your IP-PBX via PBX online dashboard, where you may configure and upgrade your phone system without having any technical knowledge, any questions can be answered promptly via chat, and you can be on your way. Traditional phone systems are difficult to maintain and upgrade and typically need the services of costly experts.

Internal communications are considerably more efficient today, and AcmaTel’s user-friendly interface is much easier to use and administer as required. Previously, you had to contact a professional for each minor modification, but now you can control anything straight from your browser, and it goes live quickly.

IT managers are particularly pleased with the ease with which IP-PBX systems may be installed. There is no similarity in terms of deployment. Whereas a typical PBX necessitates considerable technical expertise and phone system experience, an IP-PBX may be implemented by non-technical personnel such as an office manager or administrative assistant. Configuring a conventional PBX system might take weeks or even months. An IP-PBX, on the other hand, may be completely operational in hours, even for big enterprises.

Because the IP PBX is internet-based, so is the setup procedure. An online interface is used to create hunt groups, add extensions, and record automated menu greetings.

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