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Voice Broadcasting Solution

Voice logging is a crucial tool for documenting conversations between managers, supervisors, and contact center representatives and leads, customers, or prospects.

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A Voice Broadcasting Solution is a software application that enables businesses to send Pre-recorded voice messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously. It is a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to reach out to their customers, members, or subscribers with a personalized message. The Voice Broadcasting Solution typically includes features such as call scheduling, call recording, and customized message playback. It can be used to deliver a variety of messages, including marketing promotionsappointment reminders, and emergency notifications.

The system can be integrated with a variety of telephony options, including VoIPSIP, and PSTN. It can also be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) and other business management systems to automate the process of message delivery. One of the major benefits of using a Voice Broadcasting Solution is the ability to reach a large number of people quickly and easily. It is also a cost-effective solution compared to other marketing methods such as direct mail or telemarketing.

Our team will help you create a powerfully persuasive set of Pre-recorded phone messages, and then we will use our voice broadcasting software advanced technology to provide these messages to a targeted list of your customers. The people who are interested in your offer will either Press-1 to connect to your marketing agents or simply call your toll-free number.

This is best used if you are doing a customer reminder/notification campaign or a political/non-profit broadcast campaign you may want to be able to dial a list of numbers and play a message for them when the customer side of the phone line picks up the phone.

We use custom software that makes it easy to do scientific testing of the effectiveness of variations of your messages. And we provide you with real-time web-based graphical reporting so that you can see how exactly is your campaign working.


  • Customized Caller-ID
  • Detailed Broadcast Reports
  • Push to Connect
  • Survey & Polling System
  • Remote Management

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