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Managed Communication Services

Connect Your Employees Through Efficient and Streamlined Enterprise-Wide Communication Collaboration and security with our Managed Communication Service.

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Managed Communication Services

Managed Communication Services (MCS) refers to the outsourcing of communication services to a third-party service provider. These services may include voice, video, data, and other communication services that are essential to the day-to-day operations of a business.

In today’s day and age, your staff must be connected at all times and from any location. AcmaTel can create a premium, highly flexible Managed Communication Services, and collaboration model that enables all of the advantages of a standard telephone system with a robust set of rich collaborative capabilities.

Our Managed Communication and Collaboration services provide a range of options for keeping your business connected. Our experience and industry relationships enable us to assist you in identifying and implementing the optimal communication solution for your organization, assuring business continuity, minimizing complexity, and allowing mobility.



Experienced Team

Recognizing the challenges faced by leading businesses, we offer unique services that enable you to leverage our IT knowledge.


Bandwidth Extension

We combine phone and data services into a single network that provides cost-effective solutions.


Process Based Systems

We assist you in establishing a phone system that makes an immediate impression.


Secured Communication

We help you in securing your network in order to protect your vital communications.


Cost Efficiency

Our huge clientele enables us to quickly acquire server capacity, enabling us to provide cost-effective hosting services.


Advanced Eco System

We traverse the cycle of digital change, which is fueled by innovation.

Key Services Include:



It is a cloud-based communications platform that combines phone, video, messaging, and team messaging. Among the highlights are the following:

  • PBX on the cloud
  • Conferencing via Video
  • Asynchronous Messaging


With CCaaS, you can effortlessly support and interact with your customers. Among the top CCaaS features are the following:

  • Intelligent call and email routing
  • Optimization and administration of the workforce
  • On-Demand accessibility to consumer record history and data

Communication Unified in Business

We serve businesses with unified audio, video, data, and mobile communications.

  • We link communication devices (PCs, smartphones, and apps) so they may be accessible from any location and at any time.
  • We provide a superior level of service that provides a consistent user experience and enhanced security capabilities.

Unified Communication Hosting

You can benefit from the advantages of a converged IP network infrastructure without the need to manage it.

  • We provide you with a new option to monetize your network infrastructure at no additional expense.
  • Additionally, our service provides a robust set of IP-telephony capabilities.
  • We give you a customized dial plan, a pool of mobile numbers, voicemail, and other services that save you money and time.

One-Stop Contact Center

We offer you a centralized IP-based infrastructure capable of supporting a large number of dispersed locations.

  • We provide a comprehensive range of communication management services and administrative control solutions for your environment.
  • Furthermore, we provide integrated Web agile methodologies.
  • Optimization of cloud computing utilization.


Managed Communication Services

  • The Managed Communication service by AcmaTel Communications helped us in connecting our different branch locations with their state-of-the-art telephone system. They also have a great support team that gives round-the-clock assistance which helps us a lot in our managing orders.

    -Ms Manali Jadhav
  • With our business growing at a rapid pace, we were struggling to keep our branch locations in constant touch. Then we found AcmaTel Communications, they have helped us set up our Managed Communication service. This provided us ease of communication between our 7 branches PAN India. We highly recommend AcmaTel Communications.


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