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Advanced IVR System for Your Business

Improve Your Customer's Experience Through an Integrated Multi-level Interactive Voice Response System


Sound as professional

Greet your customers with a clear and brief greetings and introduction


Easy routing calls

Give easy routing experience like press 1 for inquiry, 2 for support, etc


Smart call routing

Team-based & time-based call routing with caller’s input through the IVR

Know how IVR System gets deployed

An IVR system can be set up in three different ways. On-site, off-site, and cloud hosting are all options. Here's a brief overview of each of all the three IVR deployment options.


On-site or on-premise deployment

One of our typical models for setting up an IVR system is on-site deployment, often known as an on-premise deployment. The IVR phone system, along with any other telephony systems in use by the company, is installed in the organization's data center.


Off-site deployment

In our hosted deployment model, the telephony hardware and on-site systems are owned by the company but software deployment is located at our data center. The company remains responsible for buying licenses, relevant software, and devices required to run the call center along with the IVR system.


Cloud based deployment

There are no hardware or software requirements for today's IVR systems. They are cloud-based and can be launched instantly, almost on-demand. We own and manage the IVR logic, software, and associated infrastructure, including data centers.

Everything you need, in one place

Accelerate your business communication process by engaging with your consumers on their preferred channel and delivering a personalized journey


Modern IVR

Reduce cost per customer with self-service and multi-level IVR options


Smart Routing & ACD

Accelerate responses with sophisticated routing & distribution



IVR system forwards client's calls directly to the agent's number



Acts as a self-service gateway that customers can use on their own


Call Segmentation

Segmenting calls based on their needs will help route callers quickly


Prioritize Calls

It allows you to first attend complex inquiries that require deeper interaction

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Learn how a logistic company resolved its customer inquiries and information-related issues with the help of our multi-level IVR Solution.

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Generate More Leads with IVR

Rapid iteration allows you to keep up with the needs of your customers, resulting in more leads and client loyalty


Enhance Brand & Business Image

Callers can speak with specialists using the smart IVR solution, which allows them to choose from a menu of alternatives


Boost Agent's Productivity

Multi-level IVRs handle easy-to-resolve issues, allowing agents to focus on prospecting and dealing with complex inquiries


Manage Large Call Volumes

Our innovative multi-level IVR can handle peak hour call volume by automatically connecting to several clients at once.


Offer Personalized Experience

Personalize your clients by using names in welcome greetings and forecasting their requirements based on previous experiences


Customer Feedback's

Best way to collect general and Multilingual feedback, as it gathers more relevant feedback without any language barrier

Speak to us today?


Learn how a logistic company resolved its customer inquiries and information-related issues with the help of our multi-level IVR Solution.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Why To Choose A Multi-level IVR System

Regardless of the company's size, a well-organized IVR communication system projects an impressive and professional business image



Get an IVR system on a rental basis, Save your Initial Investment on Hardware & Software Cost


Buy it For Ever

Buy an IVR solution forever and save on your recurring costs with a one-time investment


Customize as You Need

Customize your HIVR and integrate it according to your process, and IT compliance needs


Hosted Model

In our hosted-based deployment model software deployment is located at our data center


Cloud Based

In our Cloud-based deployment model, IVR can be launched instantly, almost on-demand


99.95% Up-time Guarantee

Acmatel offers 99.95% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure

Here Are Few Satisfied Customer Testimonials Of IVR Solution


Dialer solution

My decision to go with Acmatel’s HOBD as our outbound dialing platform, What Acmatel solved for us was not only an easy and workforce-less broadcasting solution but also helped us in bringing a boost in the business.

Mr. Bhavesh Neel


Best CRM Integration

Acmatel’s HOBD helped us in improving our agent’s efficiency to work in a team. Its integrated CRM automates call routing and other tasks which ensure maximum call reach making our business profitable.

Mr. Vijay Dixit


HOBD Service

Automated reminders in the form of voice broadcasts are something that we were looking for as an NBFC we need to remind our customers about their due dates and doing this on human call will take a lot of time and money, AcmaTel came to rescue us and proposed us HOBD solution which completely changed our business.

Mr. Binjal Suthar


Voice Broadcasting Solutions

Acmatel’s HOBD solutions are the fast and efficient broadcasting solutions I have ever used, call broadcasting is one such tool that connects thousands of individuals without any intervention of humans, this tool guarantees us to deliver the voice message on the exact receiving end effortlessly.

Ms. Urvisha Yagnik


IVR Services

The very first business principle is ‘never miss an opportunity. AcmaTel has provided us with absolutely perfect Toll-Free solutions for our after-sales department to solve their quires and complaints. this toll-free number and IVR services have delivered quite amazing results for us.

Mr. Harshad Trivedi


Call Management Systems

AcmaTel helps us withstand an increasing call volume. Their call tracking & call routing technology made the call flow balanced and extremely easy to answer, which was a prime challenge for us.

Mr. Jayaram Desai


Toll Free Number Service

AcmaTel goes the extra mile to put our requirements first and always delivers. my account manager keeps me at the top of the list for any toll-free-related help I need! Great customer service!

Mr. Ketan Deewan


Virtual Number Provider

What drew us to go with AcmaTel was its cheaper call rates than our previous provider. They are the only provider we found who could terminate the received call to any of the mobile phones, Landlines, and virtual numbers. Their solution team is outstanding and worked through our solution effortlessly. We love these people!

Mr. Vimal Prajapati


Toll Free Services

AcmaTel was the only Toll-Free Service provider we encountered that could get the lowest national rate services for us. We have been 100% satisfied customers ever since.

Mr. Vishal Parmar

Got Questions?

Find your answers right here.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Telephony System is a useful tool for organizations looking to automate and streamline their customer service processes while also providing a more convenient and efficient experience for their customers. It allows callers to interact with a computer-generated voice menu using their touch-tone phone keypad or voice recognition technology.

IVR Telephony system works by answering incoming calls and playing pre-recorded voice prompts that guide the caller through a series of options. The caller responds to these prompts by pressing buttons on their phone keypad or by speaking responses using voice recognition technology. The system uses speech recognition software to understand and interpret the caller’s responses.

The key benefits of the IVR Telephony System are –

  • Call Recording
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Routing Automatically
  • Call Records
  • Customer Service Management become easier and many more

The advantages of using the IVR telephony system are –

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Cost Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Increased Sales
  • Highly secure
  • 24/7 customer support


The features and benefits provided by Acmatel IVR Telephony System as well as the on-time service, after-sales service, and commitment to excellence make us different from others.

IVR Telephony System is able to remind prospects of their appointments, coordinate payment details and send out satisfaction surveys, and many more as per the requirements of the caller.


Yes, callers are tracked by the IVR Telephony System.

The different types of IVR are –

  • Single-level IVR
  • Multi-level IVR

IVR telephony systems can enhance lead generation and productivity by automating routine tasks, directing leads to the most appropriate sales representative, providing a personalized customer experience, and increasing the efficiency of the sales team.

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