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IVR - Interactive Voice Response

When your employees are not available, you can still provide an automated voice response service to your customer's thanks to IVR - interactive voice response.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

It is a telephone system feature that enables consumers or staff members to communicate with a computer system via voice or touch-tone dialing. Using Interactive Voice Response, your automatic telephone system may conduct basic interactions with your customers without requiring them to speak with a human operator, which saves their time and your agent’s time.

It is an affordable way to make sure calls go to the right person. Using the Interactive Voice Response, customers can be led to the proper department by selecting from a range of options. The responses are repeated after user input. These responses, which could be pre-recorded audio clips or digitally generated voices, can automatically assist, steer, and redirect conversations in response to client comments.

Interactive Voice Response systems can boost productivity, lower expenses, and enhance customer service for businesses. An IVR system can deliver a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes and in all sectors thanks to features like self-service, call routing, configurable menus, 24/7 availability, cost-effectiveness, reporting and analytics, and multilingual support.

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  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Telemarketers
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Telecom Companies
  • Call Center Industry
  • Internet Providers
  • Lending Institution
  • General Helplines

Features and Benefits of AcmaTel IVR

AcmaTel’s IVR Call Recording functionality allows you to record both incoming and outgoing talks with customers, as well as internal calls between team members. Following the conclusion of the call, an audio recording is immediately preserved in the client’s contact information, call history, and statistics. You may hear any conversation directly from your web browser, regardless of location or device.

Phone recording is a critical component of a successful System. Analyze call records to determine the following:

  • Evaluate and enhance agent performance.
  • Assess best practices for providing high-quality, efficient customer service.
  • You may utilize the data obtained from recordings to enhance new agent seminars and instruction.

Our call recording function allows you to hear inbound and outgoing calls online in real-time or at your convenience. You can retrieve all recordings using our API and easily download them as a regular HTTPS link.

What is interactive voice response?

Multi-level interactive voice response is an automated phone system that functions as an auto-receptionist by providing self-help capabilities. When a call comes in from an external number, the caller is directed via a sequence of self-service prompts. The caller is finally connected to the appropriate individual or directed to the representative who can best help them.

This program is the evolution of the single-level interactive voice response system. Each of these functions is performed at a separate level. When an individual dials a single-level Interactive Voice Response system, they are presented with a sequence of prompts. For instance, “Press ‘1’ to contact sales, ‘2’ to contact customer service, and so on…” After a caller completes one of these steps, they are automatically routed to a representative. These tools complement this service by supplying a hierarchy of menus.

Create customized audio messages and replies for your IVR menu and provide pertinent information to your consumers without the need to wait for an available representative.

With Interactive Voice Response, callers may obtain the information they want without speaking with your staff. For instance, when a caller clicks his order number on the keypad, the system might notify him of the progress of his order.

There is no reason why all calls should be routed to a live agent unless required. For instance, you may use Interactive Voice Response to collect information that callers often request, such as your business’s hours of operation, location, or contact information, so that your representatives can concentrate on more complicated client demands.

The self-routing functionality of IVR helps everyone involved. Customers who do not desire to interact with a live agent may get information via the menu, while those who do prefer to speak with a live agent are directed to the most suitable one via IVR, increasing customer satisfaction. This eliminates the need for agents to deal with repetitive routine queries.

Here are a few of our IVR best practices that will assist any organization in providing the best possible service to its callers via an IVR:

Maintain a simple menu hierarchy – Our IVR menu can include a maximum of six menu selections. Any more information may be difficult for consumers to recall. Ideally, there should be three or four menus, each with four sub-levels that lead to a final answer.

Avoid lengthy promotions – When your clients contact you for assistance, the very last thing customers want to hear is a lengthy promotional speech. Indeed, underestimating the value of your caller’s time is consistently regarded as the worst customer service experience. As a result, it is prudent to avoid lengthy promotions.

Provide an alternative before taking action – Our IVR system will state what purpose the menu serves and which key should be pushed to access it. For instance, press 1 to initiate a new inquiry. By presenting the option before the activity, callers are aided in their work.

Maintain an appropriate interval – After the IVR recites the menu selections, there should be a sufficient time interval. The caller may wish to recall the available alternatives to select the most suited one. Furthermore, our IVR system ensures that each selection is well-defined and comprehensible.

Accelerate IVR response times – For each keypress input made by the caller, AcmaTel IVR will offer a prompt answer that is tailored to the customer’s question. Unnecessary recitation of figures or words at an excruciatingly slow speed may be extremely distressing.

Allow for the option of ‘zeroing out’ – At times, callers may wish to return to the main menu to select the correct choice. Our IVR system maintains the ability to return to the main menu at any moment. This is commonly known as ‘zero out’.

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Allow customers to connect their desired department

Create customized audio messages and replies for your IVR menu and provide information to your consumers automatically.

Resolve customer issues Improve business operations

Enable your call center agents to work more effectively in their area of expertise, get productive results and great client pleasure.

Operate from anywhere with central communication

Make the process more convenient with unified communications, which manages communication across different devices and locations.

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