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International Bridging Service

International Bridging Service enables you to connect your multiple branches around the world which will help dial an international number using a domestic number.


International Bridging Service

(IBS) International Bridging Service provides bridging facilities to businesses to connect them to any international location. Our IBS gives you the flexibility of connecting your employees to any international destinations without having an ISD facility on their phones. It provides a centralized bridge facility for all your conferencing needs in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

Save cost

Eliminates the need for ISD facility on individual employee connections

Direct billing facility

Lowers dependency on individuals


Helps curb misuse of company resources

One bill for all international calls

Shorten the accounting of international calls on a single bill with no more individual bills

Details Standard
Hosted solution with zero Capex
User authentication via number whitelisting & pincode
Usage reports
24*7 support
Connect directly to fixed ILD numbers without dialing ILD numbers
Option to connect to any ILD number

International Bridging Service

  • AcmaTel's IBS helped me manage my international business calls and eliminated the need for an additional ISD facility and helped us curb misuse of company resources.
    -Mr. Ajit Nair

  • We got the product that we needed the most, it eliminated the need for ISD facility on the individual employee.
    -Mr. Roshan Bore

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