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Meet – Video Collaboration Software

With integrated capabilities like chat, screen sharing, and recording, you may enable your online communication for seminars, audio meetings, and video meetings.

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Video Collaboration Software

Remote teams can interact and work together through virtual meetings and conferences using video collaboration software. Features like video conferencing, screen sharing, chat, file sharing, and recording are frequently found in video collaboration software.

In today’s world of international yet borderless business collaborations, the key to success is several teams working together, regardless of their geographical location. As a company grows, it is necessary to bring its teams closer together. AcmaTel Meet is a cloud-based Video Collaboration Software package that includes chat, video, phone, and conferencing.

AcmaTel Video Collaboration Software will engage everyone to work together and bring forth higher productivity and agility if your organization operates on many levels of delivery with multi-functional teams. Create a workspace that is conducive to large-scale enterprise growth with high output.

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  • SME’s
  • MNC’s
  • Start Up’s
  • Universities
  • Event Planners
  • HR Consultants
  • Training Institutes
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Tech Support Companies


Our cloud-based Video Collaboration Software platform enables you to stay connected with all your teams-on videos, audio, images, and more from anywhere on the planet.

Meetings are one of the most successful ways for employees to communicate and share ideas, Recording your meetings can help remote employees be more productive by allowing them to relive key meeting moments or observe conversations they weren’t able to attend in person, while also protecting your firm by giving a record of what happened during each engagement.

Meet revolutionized the way we connect at work by allowing employees to get fast feedback from co-workers via searchable chat. Constant interruptions, on the other hand, make remote teams less effective by diverting them from deeper cognitive activity. Not every question can be answered in a few lines of words, after all.

When it’s important to pay attention to the details, when it’s simpler to show rather than tell, or when there’s simply too much to type, This makes it simple to capture every detail in a fast video with slides or a screen recorder, so others can watch as if they were standing right behind you. Colleagues can watch on-demand video messages and presentations whenever they have a few minutes, speed up or slow down the playback speed, search the material inside the video, and even submit time-stamped comments and queries within the video with on-demand video messages and presentations.

Every employee is an expert in one area or another. If only it were easy to share all of that knowledge — whether for training new employees, collaborating on team projects, or simply creating documentation for future reference — your teams could be significantly more effective. Text-based knowledge-sharing documents, on the other hand, take far too long to create, and face-to-face meetings simply do not scale (especially for information that needs to be shared often).


By creating a text document, you can document and share detailed information in significantly less time than they can. Meet allows users to capture even the most complex multi-camera walkthroughs, presentations, tutorials, standard operating procedures, business processes, and more by utilizing their existing computers and cameras.

AcmaTel Meet works with laptops, desktops, room systems, and mobile devices to enable group collaboration.

Our cloud-based platform doesn’t require any additional hardware or installation, it supports several platforms with a uniform set of collaborative capabilities. It is designed to work like an app clean, familiar, and simple.

To access Meet and start your team collaboration, all you need is an internet connection and a video-enabled device. Most laptops come with built-in microphones and webcams.

Users can also upload and share a video that will be played concurrently for all participants. Colleagues, clients, and vendors who are unable to attend in person will benefit from this service.

You may play, rewind, pause, and fast-forward the video with synchronous viewing. You’ll get immediate feedback whether you display a commercial, product demonstration, trailer, audition, or training video.

Enable online communication Engage everyone to work

Now it is easy to share the knowledge — whether training new employees or students.

Conduct remote collaborations Get a cost-effective solution

Cost-effective solution that meets your business’s audio conferencing needs.

Save Expenses up to 70% Organize campaigns, and events

Contact a large number of individuals or inform your consumers of an event, offers, and promotions.

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