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Business Broadband

Our Business Broadband provides data connectivity backed by Service Level Agreement (SLA), with the same upload and download speeds and unlimited data usage.

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Business Broadband

If you have an (SME) small business or a start-up and need reliable and premium internet service. Go with our Business Broadband to provide you an affordable solution.

Home-based businesses SMEs, and start-ups require internet connectivity that is more efficient and reliable than any other retail broadband to run their business efficiently and serve the customers. Our Business Broadband service offers cost-effective business-grade connectivity compared to the cost of an Internet Leased Line.

We provide SLA-backed connectivity and quality of service backed by more than 12,000 km of optical fiber network. With the same speeds for uploads and downloads with unlimited data usage in a high-value subscription package, Business Broadband is ideal for businesses with 10 to 30 employees.

Business Broadband allows efficient two-way communication to power VoIP telephony, web conferences, uploading, and downloading. Sharing large files, cloud computing. and working on a host of web-based applications.



Symmetrical Bandwidth

(With 1:1 Ratio) Same upload and download speeds



Service & support as agreed


Unlimited Data

No capping on the usage of unlimited data


Bundled Static IP

A permanent IP address for better connectivity within your network


Free Wi-Fi Router

No additional charges or security deposit for your device


24 x 7 Customer Care

An experienced customer care team at your service round-the-clock


Assured Latency

Commitment for data packet transfer within pre-defined time spans


Details Standard
Service Assurance Industry-first SLA
Latency (ms) Committed Latency to USA/UK/Singapore
Packet Loss (%) <1%
Link Speed (Mbps) Downlink: up to 10 Mbps, Uplink: up to 10 Mbps
Data Transfer (GB) Unlimited
Speed Throttle (FUP) Always 10 Mbps*
Subscription Price INR 3999/- per month
Bundled Offering Free Wi-Fi router

  • Our Account Manager, Nisha, has been excellent. When there was a delay with the handover of our new Leased Line, on the day we moved to our new office, she was on the case straight away. She managed to get BTS to hand over the line within the same day and it's now set to be brought live to suit our IT Infrastructure. Very impressed with the timely response.

    -Ms. Varsha Tripathi
  • With this dedicated Leased Line, the bandwidth my business requires has been given to us, and only we have access to it, this dedicated connection doesn't hamper by peak times throughout the day.

    -Mr. Varun Shetty

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