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CentreX makes it easy to link numerous offices throughout the world and offers significant cost savings for incoming calls made directly over the Internet.

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Our Centrex solution offers businesses a fully managed telecommunication service, be it at new premises or an existing premise with an existing system, with minimal or no capital investment. Our business services IP control an EPABX to provide all features of an advanced EPABX without investing in buying a new one. Our communication system uses its own compatible lines and EPABX for continuous service without any downtime and fully controllable telecommunication service. IP service is the best solution for all kinds of businesses that choose to manage undisturbed telecommunication services.

CentreX, also known as a centre exchange, allows incoming calls to be dialed directly through the Internet without an operator or user needing to dial a number manually. A centrex system is placed on the central office premise, and every telephone is linked.

Centrex is a telecommunications system located in a central office managed by a third-party service provider.



Multi-office Connectivity

Multiple offices can be connected on a private numbering scheme with a free calling advantage.



Multi-party conferences and other services like call holding, call line identification, call forwarding, etc.



Dynamic authentication code to prevent any unauthorized use


Details Centrex IP Centrex
Interface RJ 11 RJ 11
Minimum number of channels 30 30
Direct Inward Dialling (DID) facility
Default DID NA NA
Direct Outward Dialling (DOD) facility
Closed user group facility
Short Digit Dialling (SDD) (Local/STD)

  • AcmaTel's Centrex solution saved me by a huge capital expenditure when my old key system required upgrading. I believe IP Centrex lines are the perfect solution for our business.

    -Mr. Ghanshyam Dubey
  • We did subscribe to AcmaTel's Centrex Services, by upgrading to the Centrex Services we were able to connect to our multiple offices, and even have reduced our maintenance costs annually, which is a significant saving to our business.

    -Mr. Raj Anand

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