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Debt Recovery Dialer & CRM

With AcmaTel Communications Debt Recovery Dialer & CRM that will help you in managing & increase the efficiency of your banking & non-banking portfolios.

Collection Process Dialer & CRM

With AcmaTel CCS string-based automated dialers, you may improve debt recovery and debtor contact rates. When compared to manual dialing, the Predictive Dialer allows you to reach 400% more debtors. During calls, collection agents have access to individual debtor information as well as extensive interaction history.

AcmaTel’s Collection Process Dialer software is for large and small enterprises, it also contains voice broadcasts and SMS marketing tools to assist debt collectors in increasing the efficiency of debt recovery for their banking and non-banking portfolios. The purpose of dialers is to make it easier for agents and management to do their jobs, increase resolution percentage, and know who to call. Most predictive dialers necessitate regular monitoring and input, undermining the purpose. This is due to the fact that these dialers are built on telemarketing, customer service, market research, and other industries’ technologies.



  • NBFC's
  • Patpedhi
  • Private Banks
  • Co-operative Banks
  • Collection Agencies
  • Recovery Agencies
  • Public Sector Banks
  • E - Wallet Companies
  • Private Money Lenders
  • Mobile App Money Lenders

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No Other Midmarket Strategic MSP Can Compete With Our Services.

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    Improve 400% more call-reach
    Increase process efficiency

    Increase the efficiency of debt recovery for your banking and non-banking portfolios, with Auto Dailer – increase the overall resolution percentage.

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    Allow customers to connect
    their desired department

    Create customized audio messages and replies for your IVR menu and provide information to your consumers automatically.

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    Operate from anywhere
    with central communication

    Make your job easier and communication more convenient with unified communications. Manage communications across different devices and locations.

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