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Debt Recovery Dialer & CRM

With AcmaTel Communications Debt Recovery Dialer & CRM that will help you in managing & increase the efficiency of your banking & non-banking portfolios.

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Collection Process Dialer & CRM

With AcmaTel CCS string-based automated dialers, you may improve debt recovery and debtor contact rates. When compared to manual dialing, the Predictive Dialer allows you to reach 400% more debtors. During calls, collection agents have access to individual debtor information as well as extensive interaction history.

AcmaTel’s Collection Process Dialer software is for large and small enterprises, it also contains voice broadcasts and SMS marketing tools to assist debt collectors in increasing the efficiency of debt recovery for their banking and non-banking portfolios. The purpose of dialers is to make it easier for agents and management to do their jobs, increase resolution percentage, and know who to call. Most predictive dialers necessitate regular monitoring and input, undermining the purpose. This is due to the fact that these dialers are built on telemarketing, customer service, market research, and other industries’ technologies.



  • NBFC's
  • Patpedhi
  • Private Banks
  • Co-operative Banks
  • Collection Agencies
  • Recovery Agencies
  • Public Sector Banks
  • E - Wallet Companies
  • Private Money Lenders
  • Mobile App Money Lenders

Advantages of our Dialer Cum CRM

Using a predictive dialer to automate the debt collection process is both safe and profitable, and it ensures that your debtors have a positive experience.

Use features like speech recognition, drag-and-drop IVR, self-service, and more to provide your customers with the rapid, personalized replies they expect.

Set up a direct, single-level, or multi-level IVR platform to operate as a virtual receptionist, accepting calls 24 hours a day, addressing general consumer inquiries with automated and pre-planned logical replies, and forwarding calls to internal teams as needed. Provide a call-back option during non-business hours and handle consumer questions when business returns via an IVR interactive voice response system.

On the IVR platform, there is a store welcome greeting, a main menu greeting, and sub-level IVR prompts. With our IVR voice response, you can also save different welcomes like those for waiting, after-hours, voicemail, holiday closures, and more. Upload pre-recorded personalized messages or record messages live after getting a call, or put in menu instructions and messages to convert them into audio files using TTS (Text to Speech) or type in menu instructions and messages utilizing our IVR services.

With our hosted IVR services, you can route calls to the appropriate agents and better manage and respond to callers. Based on location, date, and time, our IVR system can automatically route calls to the proper queue of operators. Reduce human interaction and assist consumers in reaching the appropriate departments with the aid of IVR voice response.

Use our customizable routing logic to route and distribute calls among your agents based on customer priority, time, or expertise. Allow calls to be routed to agents’ workstations or mobile phones.

Artificially intelligent call routing solutions can improve the consumer experience as well as the experience of contact center employees while lowering customer support expenses. A well-designed and well-implemented ICR system should be able to dynamically, smoothly, and quickly handle the vast majority of your call routing requirements.

Configuring your ICR system logic to support the most consistently effective possible interactions between callers and agents will require appropriately prioritizing each communications channel, caller profile, call type, and agent skills type and level as well as assuring clean data sources. The key to auto-routing calls to the proper queue and increasing first-call resolution ratios, customer happiness, and employee satisfaction rates is to take the time to verify that your system is set up to produce the most optimal match of callers to resources.

Monitor call operations performance metrics before and after the deployment of your ICR platform to determine the new system’s true business effect. Keep in mind that seasonal considerations, changing market conditions, and the usual continuous training and process improvements in contact centers can make ICR system performance differences difficult to quantify.

Nonetheless, the commercial benefits of a well-configured and executed artificially intelligent call routing system will eventually become apparent over time. If you don’t have that kind of experience as an ICR platform owner, administrator, or call operations manager, it could be essential to undertake an audit of the ICR programming and installation to figure out what changes are needed for better routing.

With our open APIs and ready-made CRM connections, you can unify the customer journey across all support channels and improve agent efficiency by 30%.

Agents at call centers, customer support, and customer care centers utilize CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems as their primary tools. The call center solution is used by the agents to execute inbound and outbound dialing campaigns. During the conversation, the agents must check into the caller’s data in order to give them a tailored experience based on the CRM system.

Switching between two distinct screens of the call center solution and CRM system is the most typical difficulty that agents experience. Additionally, maintaining data that is similar and up-to-date in both systems is a big problem. we have come up with the best solution to provide seamless working between these two systems without switching back and forth.

Acmatel offers CRM system integration services, ensuring that both systems are in sync. Furthermore, they provide agents with a unique widget that allows them to operate both systems from a single screen.

Dashboards refresh every 5 seconds, allowing supervisors real-time management over call queues and agent performance across different campaigns.

To track your agent’s performance on calls, keep an eye on them. As a supervisor, you may join calls with a single click of a button and listen in quietly without alerting the agent or client. You don’t have to be on-site with your agents to monitor their calls, the live dashboard allows you to do it discreetly.

Monitor your agents’ performance by listening in on their conversations with consumers. While listening in, you may take notes on significant areas for improvement and provide them to your agents as feedback. This will help them enhance their overall performance and provide a better client experience.

As a manager, you may not have direct contact with consumers. You may use call monitoring software to join live calls and listen in on discussions. This will allow you to get first-hand feedback from consumers on difficulties and better understand what they desire. It will also assist you in gaining insights into the client experience.

As a manager, the quality of calls that come in and out of your call center is important for you to be monitored. You may monitor your calls using a variety of techniques. You can listen to live telephone calls, barge into ongoing calls, or listen to call recordings.

As a supervisor, you have complete access to real-time metrics like average wait time and average talk time.  Tracking these helps you discover when agents go past the specified duration of operation and you may join the conversation to monitor your call quietly.

When you’re listening to the call, you also can barge into the ongoing call when the situation demands it.  Speak directly with consumers if certain queries your agents are unable to answer and barge into difficult circumstances.

Every call is recorded and archived for future use in training, quality assurance, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Call recording is the procedure for the recording of telephone-related audio and screen activities. The customer-agent interaction is logged in order to be saved, retrieved, and analyzed according to business needs via call recordings. In addition, call recording Software can collect the sequence of screens viewed by the agent, including any data submitted by it in combination with screen recording. This gives call reviewers a scenario to listen to an invitation while they are seeing a synchronized “film” of the system, to educate agents more effectively on procedures, and to optimize the productivity of their agents.

The call recording may be examined and assessed, whether the agents monitor call flows, construct reports, provide cross-selling goods, monitor call controls, supply the correct information, etc., by supervisors or quality analysts. During the coaching meetings and the quality, value contributed to your performance scorecards may then be shared with agents. Call reports are also available to evaluate the rollout of new promotions, training issues, and more, in addition to agent assessments. Call records are a source of information that may be utilized to improve operations and improve the level of service given since they provide a direct objective record of customer experience.

Best-in-class call recording software has the capacity to fulfill the existing functionally built compliance standards. Contact centers should find a solution to support their quality management as well as their compliance demands when selecting call-based recording software.

80+ reports with actionable data assist you in evaluating and improving agent efficiency, wait times, and resolution times.

Your ACD system automatically produces historical and real-time reports for you. These include reports on agent activities, agent status reports, and call details.

These reports include a lot of useful information that may be converted into graphs and diagrams to detect significant patterns. There are solutions for reporting which accomplish this for you automatically.


However, today, the important Call Center reports are not simply delivered by the ACD system although this will still be the key location for most Call Center reporting.

A report on the agent’s activity is usually historical and contains a plethora of information on the daily ‘output’ of an adviser. This is sometimes referred to as a detailed agent report.

The report summarizes each action and includes information such as:-

  • Number of calls handled
  • The total handle time for those calls
  • Average handling time
  • Shortest and longest handle time
  • Signed out / Available / Wrapping up
  • Busy (Handling a contact)
  • Unavailable / Idle / Break
  • When the call took place
  • Who called (through caller ID recognition)
  • How long the call was “on hold”
  • How long the call lasted
  • Total number of calls received/made
  • Total call duration / Average call duration / Longest call duration


These reports give vital information to influence your prediction models, scheduling strategies, and queuing strategy better. In reality, numerous reports may provide you with data that can be simplified, measured, and evaluated so as to give the contact center actual value.

We provide multiple auto dialer options like predictive, preview, and progressive dialers, allowing you to select how to plan calls and quadruple production.

By linking agents to calls answered by individuals alone, this caller operates. After a call is completed, a predictive dialer calls a number instantaneously. The predictive dialer advances immediately to the next when the number is not monitored, busy or disconnected. Unwanted telephones are not sent to any agent, so busy signals, incorrect numbers, disconnected lines, or voicemail responses don’t waste your time.

The dialing rates can be adjusted by the number of agents and by the call demand or targets.

The information history of the contact will be shown to the agent when the power dialers are linked with CRM.

Consider your target audience and the advantages of the various categories of callers and make an intelligent choice that guarantees the best results for outbound marketing while respecting the law and your demands. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

  • A great increase in call center productivity and revenue.
  • More calls per agent, more talk time, less to no idle time.
  • Scalable solution / More contacts per hour.
  • Adjustable to business needs.
  • An agent is always on the line when someone answers, there is no risk of dropped calls.
  • Checking information about the contact can be useful to better attend to the customer’s issues.

Automate the collection, renewal, and payment reminders, as well as greetings, announcements, and updates.

An outbound IVR is a solution for contact centers used to deliver calls proactively to customers. This technology enables a company to automate voice calls for consumers.

The outbound IVR system call centers are other than predictable dials or robocalls. Outside call centers Telemarketers utilize predictive dialers to contact the maximum number of people. Robocalls are used to give a large number of end consumers the same message. For example, campaigns employ robocalls to contact the voting massively and play the same message to all receivers throughout elections.

Effective IVR outbound systems should enable individual customer experience to be delivered while managing customer expectations efficiently. The outbound IVR from AcmaTel provides client interactions through integration with CRM systems.

With AcmaTel, outbound call center campaigns may be developed to lead high-value incoming contacts into the call center. You may also develop additional outbound campaigns in order to minimize unnecessary inbound contacts by proactively delivering information, managing customer expectations, and reducing the need for a customer to contact the company

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No Other Midmarket Strategic MSP Can Compete With Our Services.

Improve 400% more call-reach Increase process efficiency

Increase the efficiency of debt recovery for your banking and non-banking portfolios, with Auto Dailer – increase the overall resolution percentage.

Allow customers to connect their desired department

Create customized audio messages and replies for your IVR menu and provide information to your consumers automatically.

Operate from anywhere with central communication

Make your job easier and communication more convenient with unified communications. Manage communications across different devices and locations.

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