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Unified and Comprehensive Call Center Solution

Increase productivity, enhance your business communication, and get a quicker return on investment


Secure & Reliable

Empowering businesses & organizations with enterprise-level security



Expand your business without restrictions on a smart technological platform


24x7 Support

To better serve businesses, we are always available for 24x7 support

Deliver outstanding customer service

Simplify complex corporate communication, ensure a flawless customer experience with minimal expenditure.


Resolve issues faster with skills-based routing

With skills-based routing, customers will be connected to the most appropriate agent as the system identifies the best agent for each conversation. Create queues depending on agent experience, language, or even specific channels.


Optimize everyone’s schedule

Plan and manage your inbound call center team’s login hours according to traffic volumes, vacations, and training.


Track progress with pre-built reports

Gain direct insight into the progress with built-in reports of average handle time, first contact resolution, queue time, and other important metrics.

Right Solution Based On Your Business Needs

A contact center solution that transforms every customer-employee engagement into a memorable and extraordinary experience


Auto Dialer

Our auto dialer software assists you in streamlining your business calls and allowing agents to complete more tasks in less time


Multi-level IVR

Give your customers a seamless experience every time they call you, personalized, customized, multi-level IVR solutions


Call Recordings

Allows you to record calls, monitor them, train agents, resolve customer disputes, and make better business decisions


Automated IVR Calls

Use automated IVR calls to track marketing ROI, get consumer feedback, and confirm your business orders, among other things


Barge Into Live Calls

Transfer, Barge, or Whisper calls to the right agents contextually and instantly with a click of a button. Improve customer experience


Instant Call Routing

Instantly route your customer calls to various agents on the basis of the skills of an agent, priority of the call, department, date, and time

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Learn how a marketing agency simplified its marketing and promotional activity process with the help of our Call Center Solution.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Automate new, current, or existing consumer promotional interactions for your brand across numerous goods and channels



Manage sales leads from initial contact to complete conversion by classifying and analyzing them. Get lead information in detail



Upgrade and improve the efficiency of your support desk with a multi-channel customer helpdesk that auto-connects an agent



Encourage your existing customers to continue buying your goods and services using customer loyalty activities



Allow automated payment reminders, billing information, and pending payment links to be quickly sent to the customers


Human Resource

Streamline the HR & Recruitment process, automate tedious activities, and handle candidate queries with numerous calling tools

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Learn how a marketing agency simplified its marketing and promotional activity process with the help of our Call Center Solution.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Automatic Call Distribution

Automatically distribute all of your customer's calls to any specific agent or multiple agents in a logical or serial order


Various Dialer Methods

Get access to a variety of dialer options that allow agents to preview contacts and assist in making predictive dialing


Real-time Monitoring

Analyze and improve your agent's performance using real-time monitoring features to closely monitor the business operations


Survey and Feedback

Start conducting surveys and collect feedback efficiently from your customers in an actionable manner by keeping them engaged


Custom Reports

Use our reporting and analytics capabilities to make informed decisions based on insights from custom dashboards


Enhance Experience

Optimize caller experience via personalized regional greetings, skill-based agent routing, and customized hold music

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Learn how a marketing agency simplified its marketing and promotional activity process with the help of our Call Center Solution.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Why To Choose Acmatel Call Center Solution

Acmatel CCS enables customer care teams to deliver personalized, effective phone help to customers across their telephonic journey


Best-in-Market Pricing

Get the CCS software on a rental basis, Save your Initial Investment on Hardware & Software cost


Buy it For Ever

Buy a CCS software license forever and save on your recurring costs with a one-time investment


Customize as You Need

Customize your CCS and integrate it according to your process, and your process needs


API Integrations

Innovate your business solutions with CRM and other third-party application integration


End-to-End Customer Service

We provide hassle-free service at every step, from inquiry to post-purchase assistance.


99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Acmatel offers 99.95% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure

Some Of Our Call Center Solution Client Testimonials!


CRS Solutions

We are a dental clinic in Navi Mumbai, and pride ourselves on delivering superior dentistry services to our patients. We have been experiencing double-digit growth since we started using CRS solutions with AcmaTel for getting help in ramping up patient bookings by sending automated calls to the people and being reverted with instant info.

Mr. Aadil Khan


Call Register Services

I would highly recommend CRS for consideration if looking for an automated lead generation tool. This hosted solution saved us a lot on infra and with limited annual maintenance cost. This is super cost-effective. Thank’s Acmatel for your services.

Mr. Saurabh Jain


Call Register Service Provider

For the past several months we have had the distinct pleasure of working with AcmaTel to balance our lead generation process with a targeted audience for our home automation industry. CRS automated the process making no need for additional resources to manage.

Mr. Hussain Solanki


Best Acmatel CRS Solution

I highly recommend Acmatel’s CRS. The process is easy to get started.

It helped us get instant feedback with captured caller information on our number.

Mr. Ankur Shrivastav


Asset Tracking Service Provider

As a logistics service provider, our experience with AcmaTel was very positive. Their asset tracking services helped us to obtain real-time location information and movements alerts of our valuable business assets.

Mr. Mukesh Mehta

Manager, Customer Care & Experience, Urban Ladder.



Asset Management Solution

I have been AcmaTel’s client since 2016. I feel confident in their expertise and exceptional Asset management solution, which gave extraordinary results in managing my business assets. And I believe in their support and services as they are of the highest professional and corporate ethics. Everyone that I have been dealing with was conscientious, sincere, and professional.

Mr. Pankaj Shah


Tracking service

AcmaTel took their time to understand my requirements and helped to deploy an asset management solution to track my valuable business assets on a real-time basis, which has performed exceptionally to date.

Mr. Yogesh Kantilal


Best Asset Management Company In India

We are using AcmaTel’s AMS asset management system. It has eliminated our need for hiring additional staff and several other third-party management companies to manage our valuable assets.

Mr. Abhijay Mohite

Got Questions?

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If your business requires your agents to speak directly with prospects or customers, Acmatel CCS is your best bet for reducing manual efforts and increasing agent productivity.

We provide exceptional data privacy. Your data is safe with us

The industries for which this solution is served are –

  • Tours and Travel
  • Banking and Finance
  • Media and Entertainment
  • IT & Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Ayurveda Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom & ISP
  • Automobile
  • E-commerce and Retail
  • News & Publication
  • Transport
  • Education & E-Learning

Acmatel CCS still remains a very effective method for generating leads.  It enables businesses to handle inbound and outbound calls more efficiently, with highlighting features. This leads to faster response times and improved customer experience, which can result in more leads and increased conversions.


The benefits of using CCS are –

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Multi-channel support
  • Built-in CRM
  • Integration with other business tools
  • Routing Based on Skill

CCS plays a significant role in optimizing resource usage and increasing production. The AcmaTel CCS auto dialer automates a critical component of a call center’s outbound dialing strategy. This will search databases for prospects and contact the number of leads you specify. The system will determine whether the other party is a person, a voicemail, or a busy message once the call has been established.

If the system detects a voicemail, it automatically drops the call to save time and thus increase the dial rate’s effectiveness. If it does communicate with the client, it either broadcasts a pre-recorded greeting (a practice known as Robo Broadcasting) or routes the call to the available executive.

Yes, we deliver customized solutions as per your requirements.

We help businesses save time and money by improving call routing, automating certain tasks, reducing staffing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the customer experience.


Yes, Our Solution is created with social media in mind, allowing you to connect with, interact, monitor, and assist your customers via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Using Acmatel CCS, you can improve your company’s customer service experience.

Yes, you can create multiple campaigns as per your requirements.

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