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AcmaTel Call Center Solution (CCS)

AcmaTel Communication's CCS will help your company in Increasing productivity, promote your business communication and get a quicker return on investment.

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CCS – Call Center Solutions

AcmaTel CCS is one of the best unified and comprehensive Call Center Solutions. As one of the leading producers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services worldwide, AcmaTel guarantees that this Call Center solution is intelligent, secure, and loaded with sophisticated capabilities. It has been developed in such a way that customer loyalty is fostered and their expectations are met. Whatever the size of your organization, it is the most in-expensive Call Center solution for small enterprises.

AcmaTel Call Center Solution enables customer care teams to deliver personalized, effective phone help to customers across their omnichannel journey. AcmaTel assists expanding call center teams in resolving customer issues more quickly, measuring and improving contact support operations, and providing an exceptional user experience.

Product Deck


  • SME's
  • Banking
  • Start Up's
  • Consulting Firms
  • BPO & Call Centers
  • Healthcare industry
  • Software Companies
  • Sales & Marketing Firms
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Restaurants and Food Hubs

CCS - Highlight Features

You can handle call requests, encourage agents, create high-quality leads, and provide an excellent caller experience with AcmaTel CSS. We are committed to offering the industry's most advanced call center solutions.

The Predictive Dialer is capable of anticipating when the next call should be placed. It changes its calling strategy depending on the percentage of workers and the specified average chat duration. Whenever an agent’s accessibility is high and the call is brief, the predictive dialer repeatedly calls the number.

For instance, if the agent’s accessibility is strong and the conversation is brief, the predictive dialer will call the number more often. Likewise, if agents are unavailable or the average conversation duration is increased, the system adjusts automatically and guarantees that the consumer is kept on waiting for as little as possible.

With a broad range of very distinctive and strong calling capabilities that are exceptionally simple to use, this predictive dialer solution is intended to optimize all aspects of your outgoing phone-based campaigns. The predictive dialer feature allows for comprehensive customization to meet short-term and long-term requirements.


  • Adaptable and Scalable
  • Appealing Design & UI
  • Built-in CRM
  • Simple to use
  • Monitoring and Reporting in Real-Time
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Feature for Campaign Management
  • Lowest Idle Time

AcmaTel CCS enables you to route calls to certain skilled agents, departments, or teams based on your established routing criteria. When a consumer speaks with an agent who possesses the necessary abilities, the issue is resolved on the first call.

This enables agents to work more effectively in their area of expertise, resulting in productive results and great client pleasure. Not only does this result in beneficial outcomes, but it also improves the agent’s confidence and motivation to work more, since he is a master of a certain subject.


CUSTOMER SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS:- With skill-based forwarding, calls are sent to the most qualified individual based on his or her ability.

IMPROVED RATIO OF FIRST-CALL RESOLUTION:- Since each call is addressed by the most experienced agent, the likelihood of resolving the client’s problem on the initial call increases, contributing to the improved initial call resolution rate.

EFFECTIVE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT:- Harness the organization’s resources effectively, which results in a win-win scenario for both the organization and the agent, since the agent will now be loving their work and delivering beneficial outcomes to the organization.

IMPROVING AGENT MORALE:- Agents would be eager to perform jobs in which they excel, which would increase their self-reliance and productivity.

Are you looking to simplify a high-volume call flow? Here comes Advanced ACD, which assists you in equitably allocating calls to available agents through the use of particular techniques. Yeah! Now that you are no longer responsible for manually processing calls, you can focus entirely on performance and accomplishing your existence’s objectives.

With these preset procedures, these calls are automatically forwarded to accessible agents, relieving the strain on the single person and also keeping the consumer on wait less frequently or not at all. With dynamic call routing, agents may focus their knowledge on resolving a caller’s inquiries rather than on tasks that are out of their grasp.


Routing Based on Skill:- Assign incoming calls to the appropriate employee and respond to consumer inquiries efficiently.

Call-Back-Service:- Enable callers to request a callback to help decrease consumer wait times.

Monitoring of Telephone Calls:- Monitoring calls enable you to train your employees and enhance your client service offerings.

Multiple Locations Connected:- Calls may be easily routed to agents in other or remote locations.

In the corporate environment, workspace usage is critical and must be designed in a manner that is comfortable for everyone. Especially at call centers, tiny cubicles are designed for executives to store their PC, external phone, headsets, and other personal items; they appear cumbersome due to the lack of space.

AcmaTel CCS has developed a solution for firms operating in constrained spaces. Unlike other applications, AcmaTel CCS has an integrated webphone that is based on Google’s WebRTC platform.

Individuals need not require an Internet Protocol (IP) phone, a physical phone, or a 3rd party softphone because the program has all of these features.


Cost-cutting:- Why spend extra on conventional phones when AcmaTel CCS already meets your requirements?

Utilize The Available Space:- Workplace space can be configured in such a way that a greater number of agents can relax and work comfortably inside it.

Communicate Easily:- Representatives and Team Leaders can interact easily since they can rapidly access features, which is harder to do with IP phones.

Simple To Configure:- We offer a rest API for web phones that integrates seamlessly with your CRM. Employees and managers may enter into their CRMs and initiate or receive calls straight from the CRM.

Automation may play a significant role in optimizing resource usage and increasing production. AcmaTel CCS auto dialer automates a critical component of an outbound dialing strategy in a call center. This will get prospects from the databases and contact the specified number of leads. Once the call is established, it will determine whether the other party is a person, a voicemail, or a busy message.

If the system identifies a voicemail, it is automatically dropped to save time and hence enhance the dial rate’s effectiveness. However, if it communicates with the client, it either broadcasts a pre-recorded greeting (often referred to as Robo Broadcasting) or routes the call to the available executive.

Call Center Solutions Unique Features :-

Dynamic Caller Identification:- Change your caller ID dynamically based on the phone number’s geolocation.

Scheduling Telephone Calls:- Schedule calls to save time and increase agent productivity.

Monitoring of Telephone Calls:- By analyzing live or recorded conversations, you can ensure the quality of your agents and teach them.

AcmaTel CCS is available in both single & multi-tenant configurations. The Single-Tenant version is utilized exclusively by the end client. Users might be banks, insurance companies, call centers, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, healthcare providers, or manufacturers looking to improve client engagement and boost customer satisfaction.

The multi-tenant version is utilized by Internet Service Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), VoIP, and telecom providers to host call centers or contact centers as a service.

AcmaTel’s call center software now has a multi-level IVR functionality that frees you from the restrictions imposed by a single IVR level. One IVR level with ten IVR prompts frustrates your consumers since they must wait through multiple IVR inquiries until they reach the one that is most appropriate for them.

Using multi-level IVR (interactive voice response) solutions, customers are offered the choice of selecting from a sequence of voice prompts and then provided another set of audio prompts based on their selection. Finally, based on their selected options, customers are directed to the appropriate authorities, call line, or agent.

We provide fully configurable multi-level IVR functionalities, giving you complete control over the number of audio cues you want your clients to hear and the number of IVR levels they must go through before being routed to the most appropriate executive.


  • IVR with many levels accessible through the web.
  • Allow customers to self-assist.
  • Personalization of greetings.
  • Modify audio announcements and IVR levels to meet your business’s needs.

You can now make educated decisions on the fly by using the hundreds of reports generated by our call center software. Furthermore, it assists in identifying areas for development so that you may teach your staff and increase client happiness.

You can improve and analyze your peers’ performance through real-time customized API-based dashboards. It monitors and closes gaps in call support operations, assisting you in providing the greatest customer experience possible and increasing your business’s efficiency.

AcmaTel CCS is a market-leading business analytics solution that enables rapid access to large amounts of data. It enables flexible scheduling, customization, and information extraction, providing a holistic picture of your call center’s efficiency. It enables you to stay ahead of the competition by comparing your business to theirs and discovering development opportunities.

AcmaTel CCS is the only solution that includes WFH capabilities for remote working. Allow workers to carry out their work effectively and productively regardless of their location with convenient and straightforward work-from-home capabilities, and surprise your consumers with improved customer interaction.

These capabilities make it simple to handle client calls rapidly and efficiently from a distant location. As a result, you will never skip a call from a prospective customer, and your consumers will have an enriched customer care experience as your representatives work from home.


  • Remote Agent:– Whether the internet is turned on or off, you can work effortlessly from any location.
  • WebRTC Phone Integrated:– Audio and video calls are available. Truly innovative!
  • Based on a browser:– No hassle for installations. It is basic & Straightforward.
  • Call Bridging:– Connecting Agents and Customers.
  • Call Forwarding to Cell Phone:– Our responsibility is to connect you every time with your customers.
  • Call Recording:– All calls, whether inbound or outbound, are recorded.
  • Highly Secure:– Have faith in us! Everything has been covered.

AcmaTel CCS Work From Home (WFH) capabilities provide the ideal option for distant employee management and enable secure, uninterrupted company operations. The following is a summary of how AcmaTel CCS’s WFH capabilities work in certain scenarios:


  • AcmaTel CCS Agents may send and receive through the built-in WebRTC phones by logging into their respective site.
  • Additional SIP clients are also supported by AcmaTel CCS. Users can utilize system codes to perform different activities such as queue authentication, call transfer to numerous available alternatives, and so on.
  • While answering a call on the IP number, users may access portal data such as Call Scripts, CRM, and Polls among others.


  • An option is available to those who lack the necessary bandwidth for phone calls but can view websites.
  • Utilization of an external phone number in conjunction with a web interface.
  • Agents can make outbound calls straight from their mobile devices by dialing a specified DID line configured in AcmaTel CCS.

Remote work is no longer difficult.

Agent & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Survey:– Once the agent has completed the usual dialogue with the consumer, the executive can redirect the call to the IVR Survey. IVR Survey presents the consumer with a series of survey questions.

Analyses of Quality:– The Quality Analysis Module allows you to rate employees depending on the tone of voice, language skills, query-solving quality, or any other predetermined ranking criteria.

SMS Broadcasting:– The administrator may build an SMS campaign and enter the text they wish to send to their consumers using the SMS broadcasting capability.

  • Scheduler for Outbound Jobs
  • Management of Campaigns
  • Dashboard
  • Conferencing by Phone
  • Selection of a Subject
  • Week-End Mode
  • Scripts That Can Be Customized
  • System of Tickets
  • Management of DIDs
  • Login for Multiple Users
  • Control DNC
  • Detection of Answering Machines
  • Support in Multiple Languages
  • Music on Hold (MOH)
  • Advanced Dialers
  • Routing of Inbound Calls depending on Time
  • Transfer of a Call
  • Vacation Mode
  • Call Routing Is Simple to Configure
  • Dialing of Abandoned Calls
  • Specifics Regarding Call Disposition
  • Management of Trunks
  • Real-Time Queue & Agent Status
  • Recording Playback & Download

Resolve customer issues Improve business operations

Enable your call center agents to work more effectively in their area of expertise, get productive results, and great client pleasure.


Contact a large number of people simultaneously or inform them of an event, offers, promotions, surveys, polls, over the audio broadcasting solution.

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