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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security is a device connected to a network that secures and protects it against any malware. This can be used by any organization to protect its data.

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Endpoint Security

An Endpoint is a device that is physically connected to the endpoint on a network. Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, servers can all be called endpoints.

Endpoint security is a cyber-security service for network endpoints. These services include email filtering, antivirus, web filtering, and firewall services. Our Endpoint Security plays a crucial role for businesses, having intangible property, hypercritical systems, and valuable customer data. Guests and employees are protected from ransomware and malware. Phishing and other cyber-attacks.

Remotely working employees use personal devices or emails while accessing critical business data. Without endpoint protection in place. These businesses could lose access to their valuable data, risking the continuity of their business. Repeat infections may lead to downtime issues and the allocation of resources to remediating issues in business.

Our Endpoint Security is a value-for-money solution that is easy to install, and manage. There will be no need for any IT Experts to install or manage it. It is a solution for all-size businesses whether it is a small office of few employees or a multinational corporation. Any small-large sized business can benefit from Endpoint Security.



All In One

Leading protection service from Spyware, Phishing, Virus. and Hacking. URL filtering. USB Port blocking, Data Theft prevention.


Single pane of glass

The administrative portal is provided to see what’s going on with your devices.


Easy to Install

Easy to install and manage, with no need for any IT expertise.


Multiple Devices

Multiple Operating Systems Support – Windows, MacBook, and Mobile devices.



Value for money due to multi-tenant architecture



Voice support for customers, and account management approach


Details Standard
Windows PC Desktop, Laptop (Agent)
Mac Laptop (Agent)
Android Smartphones APP/Agent
Application Control Win PC only
Behaviour Monitoring Incl. Ransomware Protection Win PC only
Component Updates
Data Loss Prevention Win PC only
Device Control
Endpoint Sensor
Firewall Win PC only
Full Disk Encryption
HTTPS Web Threat Protection
Predictive Machine Learning
Role-based Administration
Unauthorized Change Prevention Service Win PC only
URL Filtering
Web Reputation

  • We regularly access our applications that are linked to our servers, and we need to be more secure from ransomware, worms, and viruses. As we know most security issues come from the endpoints these days it is great to know that AcmaTel's Endpoint Security solution acts as a shield in our defense.

    -Ms. Shirley Kushia
  • Most of the time we have to deal with unknown source links and emails which we need to be sure that they are safe and secure. We got to know about Acmatel's Endpoint Security solution and gave it a try, It has been one of the best solutions we have ever used and it gives us peace of mind when it comes to endpoint security.

    -Mr. Sachin Khurd

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