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Security Advantages of User Monitoring

Implement user activity monitoring software to help your organization detect and stop insider threats, whether unintentional or with malicious intent.


Streamline your timesheets

Get emails of automatically generated detailed timesheets


Gain peace of mind

Evidence of work option establishes more confidence in your team


Visualize work in progress

Know that the right work is being done without having to check-in

A Perfect Solution For all the Organization Who Are Dependent On Remote Working

It is essential to work in a transparent workplace with open lines of communication between employees and management. Open communication fosters trust, which in turn develops honest conversation.


Auto capture

Auto captures the time spent on. Creates an enterprise-level objective and robust measurement system.


Collaborate effortlessly

Allows teams to collaborate effortlessly while being location agnostic by providing real-time insight across different organizational levels.


Management techniques

Creates effective capacity planning, employee retention, and operations management techniques.


Improve work-life balance

Improve work-life balance through avoiding burnout and distributing work effectively across resources.


Encourage collaboration

Qualifies remote job distribution and allocation inside the organization, encourage collaboration, efficiency, and transparency.

Manage your business with 100% transparency using activity monitoring software

Activity monitoring software makes it simple for management to discover skill gaps and fill them with resources and technology. This also motivates employees by using the right tone at the right time.



Know what is being tracked at all times with advanced notifications


Manual time entries

Whenever you forget to start the timer you can add time manually


Idle timeout

Get reminders to stop or continue tracking whenever they are idle


Automated payroll

Set payments accordingly and issue payments based on time worked


Simple invoices

Initiate detailed invoices based on the billing hours and bill rates


Automatic reminders

Allow getting timely alerts reminding you to start tracking time

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Increase productivity

The most significant benefit of staff monitoring is that it increases productivity


Identify problematic areas

Easy for the employer to pick out the core areas that an employee is struggling


Data analysis

The ability to collect and analyze data plays a crucial role in running a business


Detect threats

Recognize a hacking effort whenever an employee clicks on a questionable link


Monitor attendance

Monitor attendance, start time schedule, arrival time, leaves, and break times


Prevents unauthorized access

Prevent leak of sensitive & confidential data and unauthorized access to files

Speak to us today?


Discover how our activity monitoring solution helped an IT company resolve its employee monitoring issues

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Activity Monitoring Software Overview

This Software gives a detailed view of the user activities of app and website visitors, down to the last effective action made. These services are paired with alerts and notifications of potentially risky or malicious acts.


Employees Recognition

Employees receive more appreciation since their hard work and their effort gets recognized by the system.


Boost Productivity

To help your staff be more productive, understand routines, identify trends, and streamline business operations


Real-Time Monitoring

Get a complete, team-wide image, as well as deep data insights via custom reports that you can run on a regular basis


Drive Performance

Encourage top-line performance, healthier behaviors, and employee wellbeing without compromising trust and privacy


Unparalleled Privacy

With our best-in-class privacy standards, we protect personal employee information and assure legal and ethical compliance


Optimize Workflows

Maintain optimal processes to ensure that your staff are as productive as possible and that your entire team is at its best

Testimonials Of Our Amazing Services!


Asset Tracking Service Provider

As a logistics service provider, our experience with AcmaTel was very positive. Their asset tracking services helped us to obtain real-time location information and movements alerts of our valuable business assets.

Mr. Mukesh Mehta

Manager, Customer Care & Experience, Urban Ladder.



Asset Management Solution

I have been AcmaTel’s client since 2016. I feel confident in their expertise and exceptional Asset management solution, which gave extraordinary results in managing my business assets. And I believe in their support and services as they are of the highest professional and corporate ethics. Everyone that I have been dealing with was conscientious, sincere, and professional.

Mr. Pankaj Shah


Tracking service

AcmaTel took their time to understand my requirements and helped to deploy an asset management solution to track my valuable business assets on a real-time basis, which has performed exceptionally to date.

Mr. Yogesh Kantilal


Best Asset Management Company In India

We are using AcmaTel’s AMS asset management system. It has eliminated our need for hiring additional staff and several other third-party management companies to manage our valuable assets.

Mr. Abhijay Mohite

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Activity monitoring software allows you to track each employee’s productivity performance. You can help your employees improve in areas where they are struggling by tracking productivity, which can lead to an overall improvement for the business.

Activity monitoring software can provide organizations with valuable insights into employee activities, improve productivity, enhance security, meet compliance requirements, and optimize resource allocation.

Activity monitoring software can track which websites and applications are accessed by employees, keystrokes and mouse clicks, monitor email and instant messaging conversations, File and Data Access, printing and scanning activities, and social media and internet usage to provide organizations with valuable insights into how employees are using their computers and company resources.


Employees are more productive when they are aware that their activities are being tracked and analyzed. Activity monitoring software provides data on employee performance to businesses, highlighting areas for improvement and tasks that must be completed. This feedback assists employees in becoming more efficient and effective workers, which can lead to increased productivity throughout the workplace.


The benefits of using Activity monitoring software are –

  • Improve data security
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improves employee performance
  • Aids in the detection of malicious behaviors such as malware, harassment, etc.

Activity monitoring software of Acmatel Communications ensures the organization’s security by preventing the leak of sensitive/confidential data and unauthorized access to files and resources. When a threat or risk is detected, AMS alerts the administrator, blocks an activity, or warns the user. Allow the administrator to take control of the user’s system if they believe something is wrong.

Yes, real-time activity is tracked by activity monitoring software.

Yes, Activity Monitoring is legal in India

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