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Call Assist – WFH Call Center Solution

Call Assist helps you enhance your working-from-home Tele-calling agent’s productivity with a secure and virtual call center software

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Work From Home Call Center Solutions

AcmaTel’s Call Assist Work From Home Call Center Solutions work as long as they have an Internet connection. Agents who are working from home can log into the system from anywhere in the world. Management and supervisors can easily monitor every remote call center agent through the cloud as effectively as if they were on the same premises. Agents can be monitored by listening to records and live phone calls. They can also see their current performance as well as their status. In summary, any remote agent is easily monitored by their employer.

A work-from-home call center solution typically includes features such as call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), workforce management, and reporting. The solution must also ensure that all customer data and conversations are securely transmitted and stored.

By incorporating work-from-home Call Center Solutions agents into your workforce, you can expect lower call center costs and improved employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Not surprisingly, your customers will enjoy a better work from home cloud call center solutions experience whenever they speak to a skilled remote agent.



  • Banks
  • SME’s
  • NBFC’s
  • Call Centres
  • Consultancies
  • Tech Support Firms
  • Multi Location Offices
  • Software Companies (ISVs)
  • Sales and Marketing Companies
  • Transport and Travel Companies


Don't let work from home hamper your team collaboration and, discussion. communicate all the necessary customer details, and bridge the office gap with virtual work-from-home call center solutions.

Virtual call centers are simply called centers that can be accessed from anywhere. Depending on the needs of the organization, this call platform can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

Once a virtual call center platform is in place, remote agents join in from their separate locations and are ready to handle customer calls in a manner comparable to an office environment. Having an offshore remote call center may not only be the most cost-effective solution for your company, but it may also be the most environmentally friendly.

Eliminating daily commutes, actual workplaces, and hardware benefits more than simply the financial line. It minimizes the possibility of lost time or being late, and most importantly, it reduces overall stress levels. It also has a lower carbon footprint. Even on short notice, virtual call center software is simple to grow. It is as simple as toggling a toggle in the admin dashboard to add or remove users.

To have great discussions, provide all client data to your customer service workers using a CTI connection. At the same time, the agents can combine, divide, or transfer an interaction to another agent while keeping the conversation’s context.

If the details need to be altered, the agents can do so quickly from the same page, and the data will be pushed to the CRM. Allow your agents to concentrate on high-priority issues by automating regular, manual procedures. Configure dialing strategies based on predefined parameters for automatic lead assignment depending on call volume, available agents, call drop ratio, and so on. As a result, autodialer software improves agent productivity.

Integrate speech bots and chatbots to serve consumers beyond office hours while giving them the option of scheduling a call back at a convenient time to resolve the issue. Do not lose any prospective customers by obtaining a missed call record to guarantee their needs are met. As a result, your conversion rate will increase.

In this coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to safeguard the safety of all your personnel. Allow your representatives to do all call center activities from a safer location while maintaining client connections.

  • Keep track of your call center metrics by gaining access to the agent’s complete and real-time reports.
  • In addition to receiving entire activity logs, you can remotely monitor agent performance (calls, notes, dispositions).
  • Allow for integration with common tools, applications, and APIs.
  • To efficiently convert leads, monitor, whisper, and barge into ongoing calls.

Virtual Call Center provides collaboration benefits and allows you to engage with your agents in real time. Assign and transfer client calls to salespeople smartly so that no conversion opportunity is lost.

  • For greater accessibility, automatically sync call history and call activity with the CRM.
  • Consider the advantages of phone forwarding by shifting calls to your mobile phone.
  • Reduce the likelihood of missing an incoming call by using desktop notifications, alerts, and reminders.
  • Set up custom filtering to find the precise customer engagement you seek.
  • Working from home should not interfere with team cooperation and discussion. With virtual call center solutions, you can communicate all important client information while also bridging the office distance.
  • Share and sync contacts with your team to make customer follow-up easier.
  • Using the Ring Group capability, route calls to teams based on geography, language, and competence.
  • Provide call queuing and queue callback alternatives to customers to ensure their flexibility.
  • To discuss critical strategies, use call conferencing to interact with your call center representatives.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, numerous contact centers have asked their agents to work from home. It has also exposed many organizations’ planning and resource management capabilities as they tried to shift to a virtual environment, emphasizing the importance of maintaining resilience and agility when offering services.

The shift to working from home also resulted in greater usage of cloud technology, which aided many businesses in making the transition more smoothly and efficiently. Although the sector was gradually migrating to remote working, the epidemic expedited the trend.

Although not new, the growing use of cloud technologies in contact centers, virtual capabilities, and customer-centricity has attracted attention. Contact centers that were more adaptable were able to negotiate the odd environment created by pandemics. Companies that internalize the lessons learned during pandemics will be more adaptable in future catastrophic circumstances.

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Ensure your work-from-home call center works as long as, the agents have an internet connection anywhere in the world.

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