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ORDO - Order Management System

Managing orders used to be a hassle, but not anymore. Instead of trying to manage your orders, concentrate your efforts on growing them & growing your business.

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ORDO – Order Management Software

The order management system is the management of business operations associated with the placement of orders for products or services.

To help organizations accomplish their objectives, AcmaTel ORDO – Order Management System automates and simplifies order processing. It maintains an inventory database, a supplier database, a consumer database, track of customer refunds and returns, payment processing information, and ledger accounts.

The advantages of an effective Order Management System include increased sales visibility, enhanced customer interactions, and quick order processing with the fewest possible delays and back-orders.

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  • SME’s
  • NBFC’s
  • Start Up’s
  • Enterprises
  • Wholesale Traders
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Transport Companies
  • Sales and Marketing Firms
  • E - Commerce Logistics
  • Tours and Travel Companies


Unsurprisingly, many brands require support. Fortunately, assistance is readily available in the form of order management systems. Features of Acmatel Online Order Management System include:

Manage your accounts when you have many locations for your business, for example, if you have 25 locations and have to keep an eye on each location’s operations, our order management software will surely serve value for you. It sounds really difficult when your system is performing all of the efforts. However, with the assistance of a software system designed for managing multi-branch businesses, the process becomes simpler.

Several software applications promise to handle this type of business, but you must pick cautiously and ensure that the software is the finest multi-branch order management software for your organization.

Our multi-branch order management software enables you to maintain control over all of the businesses that fall under your primary branch and easily keep track of all of the branches under you. It is cloud-based, which enables you to save all of your information without the threat of losing your profiles.

Not only should any order management system maintain inventory records, but it should also be capable of preventing conflicting or undeliverable orders.

This includes back-ordering out-of-stock products (or prohibiting orders from being completed if they cannot be delivered), holding goods that have been loaded to a basket but not yet purchased, and dynamically updating stock levels following each transaction.

An effective order management system must be capable of managing orders from different sales channels through a single interface. This can come in useful if you try to extend your sales approach in the future.

As an example, suppose you wish to incorporate a shopping cart system into your sales strategy. Here, the order management system must be able to collect pertinent data from the shopping carts platform, such as purchase order details and client information.

Now suppose you plan to sell on a broad marketplace such as Amazon. Since you will be getting orders from both channels (your shopping cart platform and amazon), having an order management system that just controls transactions from your shopping cart system would complicate matters.

Our order management system communicates with both channels helping you to optimize your experience by synchronizing orders for faster processing, extracting order status updates for accurate reporting, retrieving customer information to send timely notifications, and automating item count.

AcmaTel’s Online Order Management System has a fulfillment integration so that you can determine which fulfillment facility to utilize for each order depending on its location and available stock.

Even if your firm fulfills orders via dropshipping or 3rd party companies, a fulfillment integration enables you to follow an order’s status, indicating when it was sent and when it was received.

While the seller’s duty may be complete after an order is dispatched, this is not the reality until the order reaches the buyer. To minimize missing or undelivered orders, it is usually preferable if both the seller and the consumer can follow the progress of the delivery.

Our order management system will enable you to connect as many shipping providers as necessary, allowing you and your customers to choose the most convenient option. Furthermore, to support “cash on delivery” transactions, our integrations will assist you in tracking and processing any funds received by shipping providers.

You want your consumers to feel confident in your business, so they will return. To assist with this, our order management system is capable of sending emails to your customers and providing them with constant status updates regarding their order’s receipt, processing, and shipment.

Furthermore, our software provides you the additional benefit of periodically sending tailored emails to your consumers to express gratitude.

Each firm operates in its unique manner, following a certain sequence of processes and performing activities at specific times. For instance, suppose a firm maintains distinct warehouses for the many sorts of items it sells. Each time they get an order, they must verify it and then transmit it to the warehouse that contains the requested products.

Things become much more difficult when they receive orders containing products from multiple warehouses—they must coordinate among warehouses and ensure that the customer receives all of the items purchased. Manually doing this task would be extremely difficult owing to mistakes.

However, our order management system can automatically categorize orders based on the goods specified, route them to the relevant warehouses, and verify that all items have been recovered.

Follow-up after the sale:– Once the order is received, our software will automatically send a follow-up email to inquire about the customer’s satisfaction with the products and to ensure that they received everything as specified. This email will provide comprehensive instructions on how to contact customer support in the event of a problem, alleviating the irritation associated with attempting to determine how to receive a refund if necessary.

Access is available 24 hours a day:– You can monitor your business from your phone, laptop, or desktop computer at any time and any location. Also, buyers may purchase anything you sell at any time and from any location. You’ll gain more control over your data and more effective order fulfillment.

Real-Time Information:– With the latest information at your fingers, you can quickly resolve any issues that occur, before they influence customer service or cause a sales cycle interruption. Proactively addressing customer service concerns and product delays enable you to expand your firm.

Precise Inventory Management:– Automation inventory management eliminates “user error” associated with manually entering things online from a spreadsheet and simplifies determining what to purchase and when. You’ll be able to cut down on over-selling and over-ordering.

Maintain inventory, supplier and consumer database

Manage your accounts of your single or multi-location business, with the assistance of this ORDO software system.

Make remote working simple Incorporate WFH Agents

Ensure your work-from-home call center works as long as the agents have an internet connection anywhere in the world.

Manage your sales Generate more revenue

Flourish your business by converting your sales and marketing leads into your loyal consumers and increase the overall sales.

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