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How we are assisting the transport industry?

To meet the demands of the transportation sector, AcmaTel specializes in offering expert call center solutions. We provide effective call distribution, IVR systems, and CRM integration, among other communication tools. These are the kinds of solutions that are intended to boost productivity, improve customer service, and streamline operations in transportation.


Advantages for transport industry


Booking Management

Streamline booking processes, handle reservations, and manage inquiries effectively, leading to increased efficiency.


Cost Savings

Utilize automation and effective call handling procedures to maximize resources and lower operating expenses.


Increased Revenue

Build trust and loyalty with customers by offering exceptional support and service; this will encourage repeat business and referrals.

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Our Clients

AcmaTel Communications has served the transportation industry and proudly collaborated with the companies listed below.

Solutions we can provide transport industry

Our technologies can help transport companies improve their service, optimize their operations, and increase customer happiness.

Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring


CRM Integration


Multichannel Communication


Analytics and Reporting


Secure & Reliable


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Ensure zero lead leakage,constant customer engagement and increase conversions with Acmatel

One dashboard, countless possibilities:- Take call notes, monitor live calls, track team progress, access deep data insights, and much more with the comprehensive dashboard.

Intelligent Call Flows for Agents:- Select a ring strategy that meets your requirements. Send calls to the best-suited agents or ring all agents at the same time with parallel ringing for quick query resolution.

Intelligent Customer Call Routing:- Don’t be concerned about off-hours, time zones, or gazette holidays. To keep your clients informed, route calls to available agents, reception, or play a pre-recorded message.

Agent Monitoring:- With detailed analytics from the live dashboard, you can see when your agents are engaged, track calls to check team productivity, reduce call ring time, and do more.

Privacy and Security:- Utilize our restful API to provide features such as click-to-call. Alternatively, you can use number masking to conceal the contact information of one or both agents and clients.

No Crank Calls:- Reduce incoming call volume by limiting calls from bots, bothersome vendors, or spam callers. Using our simple portal, you can add numbers to the blacklist in real time.

Contact Management:- Integrate with CRMs to easily check lead status, create easily accessible contact profiles, select which caller ID to display, and improve customer retention.

Sticky Agent:- For quick query resolution, route customers to agents with whom they already have a rapport or to agents who are familiar with their transaction history.

Intelligent Assistant:- Encourage customers to self-serve for simple questions, or use an IVR to quickly route them to the appropriate department based on dial pad inputs. Simple tasks can be easily automated.​

Yes, the platform enables incoming and outgoing calls to be enabled on the same pilot number

No, our IVR flow is completely customizable as per the customer’s requirement

There will be multiple types of access modes like browser extensions, app login, or mobile numbers configured for the portal

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