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Call Register Services

Get an instant response from your customer with this simplified Call Register service. This service is used for brand surveys, polls, customer reviews, etc.

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Call Register Services

Call register services (CRS). Provides you instant simplified feedback on your toll-free number. With our wide range of customizable features for specific business requirements. With our Call register service, you can capture caller information instantly and can be accessed on a real-time basis through a user-friendly web interface.

This is hosted service so you won’t need any infrastructure or hardware products to operate this software. Call register service is used by many business industries for brand surveys, lead generation, televoting, polls, and customer feedback.



Zero Investments

No more cost of associated infrastructure as this is a completely hosted model


Painless Deployment

Quick and easy deployment as this is a hosted model


Value for money

Powerful and scalable solution with limited annual maintenance costs


Automated management

An automated process means, no need for any additional infrastructure or any resources to manage the end-to-end process.


Futuristic technology

No maintenance worries or fear of unusable technology



These services can be used for multiple feedback generations like verifications, brand surveys, televoting, lead generation, polls, and customer feedback.


Details Standard
Integrate with SMS gateway and customer databases, as per campaign requirement
Real-time capture of caller information and reporting to business
Easy to use web based platform
Pay per use option


Call Register Services

  • We are a dental clinic in Navi Mumbai, and pride ourselves on delivering superior dentistry services to our patients. We have been experiencing double-digit growth since we started using CRS solutions with AcmaTel for getting help in ramping up patient bookings by sending automated calls to the people and being reverted with instant info.

    -Mr. Aadil Khan
  • I would highly recommend CRS for consideration if looking for an automated lead generation tool. This hosted solution saved us a lot on infra and with limited annual maintenance cost. This is super cost-effective. Thank's Acmatel for your services.

    -Mr. Saurabh Jain

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