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Manage Your Business Calls Professionally & Efficiently

Boost your brand image and give your business an edge with a unique toll-free and easy to recall number


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Express your customers that you care about the most by letting them contact you for free, anytime, and from anywhere.


More Business Flexibility

Relocation your office anytime without losing business by allowing your customers to reach you through the toll-free number.


Brand Recognization

Increase your business opportunities by ensuring more incoming calls with an easy-to-remember toll-free number.

Make The Customers Feel Free To Reach Your Business

Only Acmatel offers a toll-free number solution that works like magic for you. Customers will have a great experience as they can reach out to you easily without beeing charged.


Get A Business Toll-Free Number

Own a toll-free number of the 1800 or 1860 series, Opt for an easy-to-remember number so that your customers can remember it for a long time.


Customise the call flow on the Toll-Free dashboard

To maintain a consistent client experience, customize the call flow according to your business segments and apply call routing rules. Create an IVR greeting, provide a voicemail option, and specify business hours, among other things.


Publish the number and start receiving calls

Through the admin panel set up the call routing rules, go ahead, and publish the number on your website, visiting cards, pamphlets, and marketing boards. After this, your customers will start calling you, for any support, inquiries, sales, complaints, feedback, or anything related to your business.

Boost your brand image and give your business an edge

Bring a paradigm shift in your customer experience by enabling your customers to conveniently reach out to you without any cost


Personalised Greetings

Play a warm and personalised greeting message to welcome your customers on your Toll-Free


Premium Numbers

Choose the most-suited business number for your brand from our wide collection of numbers.


IVR Integration

Integrate your toll-free number with single-level or multi-level IVR and enhance customer experience.


SMS/Email Alerts

Send SMS and email alerts to your agents and keep them notified of all the received and missed calls.


Call Recordings

Resolve customer conflicts, conduct training, and monitor call quality using the call recording feature.


Call Detail Report

Get a report on your missed calls, received calls, abandoned calls, and disconnected calls anytime.

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Learn how an NBFC resolved its high call flow and call abandoned issues with the help of our Toll-Free Number Solution.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Call Routing

Route your incoming calls on any of your landline numbers, board lines, and mobile phones.


Real-Time Reporting

Track your business call activities in real-time with our real-time reports and dashboards.


Instant Call Setup

Get your toll-free service installed in minutes and start receiving your customer calls in no time.


User Friendly Portal

Our user-friendly portal makes you to manage and monitor your business calls easily.


Best-in-Market Pricing

We offer you a fully customizable business call solution with the best-in-market pricing plans.


99.95% Uptime Guarantee

We offer a 99.95% SLA-backed uptime guarantee with N+1 redundant infrastructure.

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Learn how an NBFC resolved its high call flow and call abandoned issues with the help of our Toll-Free Number Solution.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Why to Choose Toll-free Services for Your Business


Best-in-Market Pricing

Get a Toll-Free Number on a monthly rental basis, Save your Investments on Hardware & Software cost


Scalable Plans

Get monthly rental plans according to your monthly call flow and avoid paying more on pulse call charges


Instant Access

Give your customers instant access to make free calls to your business, regardless of where they live in the nation


Routing Preference

Change your routing preferences at any time, by selecting, choosing, or changing your routing preferences


Analytical Reports

Enhance your customer experience and serve your customers through detailed call analysis reports


Customer Satisfaction

Ensure your business is always accessible to your customers to serve them and increase their satisfaction

Testimonials Of Our Amazing Services!


IVR Services

The very first business principle is ‘never miss an opportunity. AcmaTel has provided us with absolutely perfect Toll-Free solutions for our after-sales department to solve their quires and complaints. this toll-free number and IVR services have delivered quite amazing results for us.

Mr. Harshad Trivedi


Call Management Systems

AcmaTel helps us withstand an increasing call volume. Their call tracking & call routing technology made the call flow balanced and extremely easy to answer, which was a prime challenge for us.

Mr. Jayaram Desai


Toll Free Number Service

AcmaTel goes the extra mile to put our requirements first and always delivers. my account manager keeps me at the top of the list for any toll-free-related help I need! Great customer service!

Mr. Ketan Deewan


Virtual Number Provider

What drew us to go with AcmaTel was its cheaper call rates than our previous provider. They are the only provider we found who could terminate the received call to any of the mobile phones, Landlines, and virtual numbers. Their solution team is outstanding and worked through our solution effortlessly. We love these people!

Mr. Vimal Prajapati


Toll Free Services

AcmaTel was the only Toll-Free Service provider we encountered that could get the lowest national rate services for us. We have been 100% satisfied customers ever since.

Mr. Vishal Parmar

Got Questions?

Find your answers right here.

A toll-free number is one that is part of the 1800 number series in India and may be called free of charge from any place in India. Incoming and outgoing calls are handled by the firm that owns the toll-free number. Toll-free numbers feature prefixes such as 860, 855, and 888 and are used by businesses to improve the experiences of their consumers. In India, you can simply find 1800 numbers and 800 service providers with a choice of alternatives to select from. The best toll-free operator offers a choice of price ranges for purchasing 1800 numbers.

Toll-free numbers (1800 numbers for business) are an effective tracking and engagement tool for getting primary information from clients and consumers. Toll-free number service providers in India provide crucial features that have a long-term influence on revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand promotion. When you employ the services of a toll-free number service provider, the client is more engaged with the firm since the call is connected quickly and there is no need for the caller to pay for the connection.

Surcharges are common when acquiring and using services from a toll-free provider. “Toll-free incompletes” are the most prevalent type of fee. When the number of rejected incoming calls exceeds the maximum proportion of toll-free traffic, this premium is applied. A call might be denied for a variety of reasons. Calls are typically denied because they were not properly configured on a switch or the number has become dormant. Unexpected costs are never nice, so be aware of the types of surcharges you may encounter from your toll-free provider.

Yes, getting real-time reports allows you to keep track of how your numbers are performing while keeping your costs low and traffic high. This is possible via management dashboards and email notifications.

A toll-free number can be an effective tool for generating leads and increasing sales, especially when combined with other marketing efforts and strategies. By providing a toll-free number, businesses can make it easier for potential customers to reach them. This increased accessibility can lead to more inquiries and potentially more sales. It helps in data capture, lead distribution and segmentation, and lead generation process enhancement.

Toll-free numbers are typically purchased by start-ups, SMEs, and businesses to run campaigns, engage with consumers, and increase their brand reach. For the mentioned fees, anyone may obtain a toll-free number from one of the leading toll-free number providers.


Toll-free numbers provide businesses with a flexible and convenient way to communicate with customers and prospects, making it easier to build relationships and grow their business.

No, there is no specific hardware necessary for a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers are virtual numbers that can be managed through a phone service provider or a cloud-based phone system.

With pan-India geographic coverage, 24×7 monitoring, and a cutting-edge digital network, you can make it easy for your consumers to contact you.

  • Gives customers immediate access
  • 1800 & 1860 Number Series
  • Time, Geography, and Load Based Routing
  • Obtain Industry First SLA on your TFN
  • Call Hunting on Landing Numbers
  • Self-Care Portal to Control Routing Options
  • Intelligent Analytical Reports

When customers dial a toll-free number, the organization pays the toll-free number provided for the call. When a consumer contacts the company’s toll-free number, the toll-free number service provider does not charge him/her.

Calling a virtual number is not always free, but dialing a toll-free number is. A virtual number that seems to be a local number can be obtained, however, a commercial toll-free service demands a specific nation area code, such as 1800 for service from an Indian toll-free number provider.

Toll-free numbers are dialed in the same manner as regular phone numbers. Just dial “1” followed by the toll-free prefix (833, 800, 855, 844, 877, 877, 866, or 888). Toll-free number prefixes are not interchangeable.

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