With CAMS Debt Collection CRM, loan recovery process management is simple and easy. Now bank allocations can be easily imported from traditional excel and automatically assigned to tele-callers, team leaders, field collectors based on cities, areas, pin codes.


Quick & Reliable

Simply manage the whole call debt collection lifecycle with quick and reliable software


Powerful & Versatile

Advanced technology to improve effectiveness by providing sophisticated features


Real-Time Management

Real-time reassignment of agents inside client buckets based on process needs.

A perfect fit for growing collection agencies

Only Acmatel provides you with the tools you must need to increase collection efficiency, save money, provide a better customer experience, and improve your overall debt recovery outcome.

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Automate the whole debt collection life cycle

Simply automate the whole debt collection life cycle from the first contact till the refund is collected. For example, automated calls may be made relating to the provisions of the debtor.

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Fully packed with Intelligent analytical dashboards

Fully packed with Intelligent analytical dashboards which provide insight into borrower profiles, performances of agents, active liabilities, outstanding payments, continuing payment operations, etc.

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Real-time assignment of agents on client bucket

A real-time reassignment system focuses on the problem of handling resource allocation in the operational context of many latest computing applications.

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Notifications and alerts when payments are received

Receive alerts and notifications when critical events occur, such as a violated commitment to pay or planned follow-up calls.

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To-do notifications and alerts with the day's work

Get a to-do list for the day, users that requested a callback or a visit for the next day based on their previous conversation with the employee.

Everything you need, in one place

Debt collection software that is extremely adaptable and designed to integrate and simply organize your debt collection agency operations

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Why To Choose Acmatel Collection Agency Management System

A Debt collection software that is extremely adaptable, flexible, adjustable, and designed to integrate with your existing CRM to simply organize your debt collection agency operations.



Get the CAMS software on a rental basis, Save your Initial Investment on Hardware & Software cost


Buy it For Ever

Buy CAMS software license forever and save on your recurring costs with a one-time single investment


Customize as You Need

Customize your company's logo and integrate it according to your process, and IT compliance needs


API Integrations

Integrate CRM and other third-party applications to innovate your company solutions.


Cloud Telephony Suite

Get access to a fully functional cloud telephony suite along with free SMS & call credits


99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Acmatel offers 99.95% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure

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Testimonials of our amazing services!

Financial Services

We are using AcmaTel PBX for our collection Financial Services agency management in mumbai , We are quite confident on the ip pbx solution now as we are using from last 12 months with no hassles . The system is completely user friendly , cost effective and the support of company is very good . I will definitely recommend this to any buyer .


Best call center solution in Mumbai

We are using 140 seater First Data systems call center solution provided by AcmaTel solutions in Bangalore from last 18 months . Till now we have not facing any issues , even the support guys take care everything online and once in a moth somebody from support visit our office premises for inspection . Really impressed with the working method of this company . What they commit they fulfill . AcmaTel rocks ….

Dinesh Sahu

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Debt collection Software is loan recovery process management software that is designed to help businesses and organizations manage the process of collecting outstanding debts.


It helps to manage a variety of businesses and organizations, including banks, credit unions, collection agencies, and other financial institutions which improves the overall effectiveness of collections efforts.

Acmatel Debt Collection Software offers world-class data privacy. You can trust that your lead data is secure with us.

Yes, we have a flexible and scalable architecture that can accommodate new features, integrations, and customization options while maintaining security and a commitment to excellence, making it future-proof.

Yes, we build customized campaigns as per your requirements


We provide outstanding value in a versatile, highly adjustable debt collection solution that includes industry-standard settings that may be customized to fit your workflow.

Getting insight into customer behaviors will provide you with an automated digital procedure that focuses on keeping connections rather than merely clearing accounts receivables. As a result, the customer-client connection will be maintained, and future success will be ensured. Rather than imposing words, we approach collections as a kind of communication. Employees may keep control of the customer experience and manage the brand image/identity by utilizing collection software.

Why take the risk with an agency that will take time to discover the proper method to represent your brand when a self-service AI-led solution allows you to do it yourself and on your terms?

Debt collection software strives to automate and streamline the collection process while also collecting data that can be analyzed and utilized to improve the approach. The innovative approach is intended to leverage cutting-edge technology to analyze patterns and identify behavioral connections. It is then up to you, the company, to determine how you want to use this data through automation. Debt collection software simply provides you with the tools to take proactive initiatives to enhance your procedures.

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