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Terms of Use - The Rulebook

These terms & conditions work as a legal contract, a set of guidelines, and rules are established by AcmaTel for the use of the website and the services.

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This document is a digital version within the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Since it is created by a computer system, it is not subject to digital or physical signatures. This page is published in compliance with the terms of Rule 3 (1) of the Cyber Security Rules, 2012, which require the publication of laws and regulations, a privacy statement, and the Terms of Use for use of AcmaTel.

The terms “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and “Website” refer to AcmaCorp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. or any of its affiliates or agencies. The Corporation is in the data communication technology services industry and is the owner of proprietary software and proprietary business techniques for cloud communication services.


The website explicitly disclaims any guarantees whatsoever, either directly or by implication, including, any claims regarding content posted on the website, and is not meant to be construed as advice on which the user should rely without first verifying. The website expressly disclaims any duty and responsibility deriving from any reliance put upon these materials on the site. AcmaTel makes no representations or guarantees about the accuracy or trustworthiness of any information obtained from it.


AcmaTel Solutions provides customer relationship management applications for businesses. The applications enable businesses to manage Contacts, Campaigns, Accounts, Sales pipeline, Projects, Opportunities, and includes a wide range of features. Once purchased, you may use the Services for your business or personal use or internal business motives in your organization. You may connect to the Services using any Internet browser or mobile operating system supported by the Services.

You will have to establish an internet connection and manage it from your end for obtaining access to the Internet and the equipment necessary to use the Services. You can create and modify content connected with your user account and if you do so, you can publish and share such content via the customer portal.

Registration of Users

A “Customer” is someone who acquires products or services from us. When a Customer acquires retail items or services to resell them to others, such persons may also be regarded as Customers under this Policy. The term “User” refers to everyone who accesses our websites.


You must have crossed legal age to enter into a binding agreement to accept the Terms. If you do not accept or agree to any of the Terms, do not use our services. You need to show your affirmation of the Terms by checking a checkbox while buying or using AcmaTel’s products or services. Employees or affiliates of businesses offering direct services that compete with any of AcmaTel’s services are articulately prohibited from accessing any AcmaTel’s services for competitive research or related activities.

Personal Data

Users who are contractually competent underneath the Indian Contract Act, 1874, may join as members of this Website and utilize our Services. You would need to register on the Website by entering your name, e-mail, contact number, and postal address. When you provide information that is false, incorrect, out of date, or inadequate, the Website may deny enrollment, revoke access to all present or future use of the Website and the services, and terminate your account permanently. When you register on this Site, your data is directly stored in our database, which is managed and used in line with the Website’s Privacy Policy.

Free Trial Subscription

We offer new clients a limited-time free trial to try our product for free. You are under no obligation to convert to any paid Service because you subscribed to Trial.

Beta Services

For testing and evaluation, we may provide specific Services as closed or open beta services. You need to adhere that we have the sole authority and choice to determine the time and performance for testing and evaluation of Beta Services. We shall be the sole arbitrator of the success of such testing and the decision, if any, in the case of the Beta Services which are offered for testing purposes or as commercial services. You will be under no obligation to buy a subscription to the paid Service because of your Beta Service use. Alike regular services, for Beta services, we reserve the right to discontinue fully or partially, at any time and temporarily or permanently with or without giving any prior notice to you. You agree that Acmatel will not be liable to you or to any third party for any deficit that occurs out of the modification, suspension, or discontinuance of one or more Beta Services for any reason.

Purchased Services

We shall discharge the Purchased Services available to You under this Terms of Service and by respective Order Forms during a subscription term. You acknowledge that Your purchases hereunder are neither contingent on the delivery of any future functionality nor dependent on any oral or written public comments made by Us.

Trial Accounts After the Trial Period is Over

On non-conversion to a paid subscription within 7 days after the trial is expired, we reserve the right to delete the trial account and all associated data beyond the time limit of 7 days. We do not guarantee any archival backup for non-paid accounts.

Paid Accounts That Are Terminated or With Payment Subtraction

If we are unable to successfully bill through your preferred payment method, we reserve the right to deactivate your account within 15 days of the first failed attempt to collect the billing amount. We might delete your account, users, and all associated data within 90 days of the first failed attempt to collect the billing amount.

Forever Free Accounts That Are Inactive for 60 days

If you do not log in to your account for 60 days or more, we reserve the right to consider your account as “inactive”. Additionally, we may permanently delete all associated data with it.

Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds

After your free trial period is over, and at the end of each subscription period, subscriptions are automatically renewed and billed to the credit card entered in AcmaTel’s particular product’s Billing section. We reserve the right to modify subscription fees and may charge for added or existing features available as free in the current use of Services.


You can discontinue your subscription at any time through the same Billing section where you provided payment details. Cancellations that are made before the end of the current subscription period will stop any further automatic renewal of your CRM On Demand subscription and related services. Your account will remain active until the end of the current subscription period that you have paid for. Once the expiry date is reached, you will not be charged for using any Service unless you specifically re-subscribe for a paid plan.


For future periodic payments, if the refund request is made within 7 working days of payment, AcmaTel offers a full refund. For payments made for past periods, refunds are not served. For certain services like migration projects and training service fees are non-refundable once service is started.

Payment Retries and Account Suspension

If Acmatel is unable to process payment for an invoice, AcmaTel will continue to attempt for the next 14 days. If payment is not received within 14 days, AcmaTel will strike off the account in a suspended state, for the next 15 days. To re-activate your account, you can simply disburse the amount for outstanding invoice(s). If your account is not re-activated within 75 contiguous days of suspension, your instance will be alienated. An archive may be available for another 30 days.

Restoration Fee

On deactivation or closure of the account and in case any archive is available, to restore from the archive, an account restoration fee will be charged in addition to unpaid invoices if any.

Referral Programs

At its discretion, AcmaTel may make available, co-partnership, in referral programs that reward participants for referring clients to AcmaTel. By participating in these programs, you agree to keep confidential all the materials, terms, details, and agreements that are related to programming, except where granted by AcmaTel explicitly. Additionally, any referral links dispatched by AcmaTel for this program may not be transmitted through any tools that shorten, alter, or track links in any way. Links cannot be sold or made available to the public unless expressly permitted by AcmaTel. If users are found to have engaged in behavior that violates these terms, AcmaTel may put off access to the referral program, and retract all rewards enlisted through the program.

Use of Extensions

When you enable an AcmaTel extension that connects to a third-party application or service, you acknowledge that you cohere to the third party’s terms of service, and grant AcmaTel the rights to access, reformat, copy, transmit and make available any data required by said third party to render services to you. You further ensure AcmaTel of any liability adjutant with the third-party’s access to and use of data provided to it on your behalf.

When you buy and install an AcmaTel extension or plugin that manipulates, copies modifies or displays your data, it is reasonably inferred by you that this extension requires AcmaTel to access, store, copy, transmit, distribute or reformat your data to execute the function enabled by the extension. You assent AcmaTel rights to do so to deliver you the added feature.

User-Generated Content

You may transmit or publish content generated by you utilizing our Services. However, you will be solely responsible for the consequences of such transmission or publication.

You are exclusively accountable for ensuring that you do not accidentally make any private content publicly available. During use of the Services, if you come across any content which is protected by copyright(s), you accord for not to delete such copyright symbol/notice(s) as the case may be. By making available any copyrighted/copyright-able data on any of the Services you bear out that you have the consent, authorization, or permission. By making any content available in the manner aforementioned, you verbosely agree that AcmaTel will have the right to block access to or remove such content made available by you in the situation when AcmaTel receives complaints around illegality or infringement of third party rights in the content residing on your instance or in our managed services.

If you wish to file a complaint regarding the violation of copyrights over your owned data, you can contact us directly.

Sample files and Applications

AcmaTel may provide specimen data and files to demonstrate the possibility of using the Services. The information contained in any such sample files and applications consists of random data. AcmaTel makes no warranty, either explicitly or implied, as to the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, or reliability of these specimen files and applications.


AcmaTel, AcmaTel logo, AcmaTel Product and AcmaTel Product logo are trademarked. You agree not to display or use, in any way, the AcmaTel trademarks, without AcmaTel’s prior permission. The names of external companies (other than AcmaTel Solutions or any of its subsidiaries) and products/services mentioned herein, as well as their logos, may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Matrix of Resolution and Escalation

We shall make every effort to address any delays in the supply of Services. For any issue or concern, the user may contact us at support. Within 48 hours, someone will address this complaint. To guarantee prompt resolution of the user’s issue, the user must include the ticket number obtained from the customer support, as well as a concise explanation as to why the solution offered thus far has been insufficient. Certain concerns, according to their severity, would need many days of testing and observation. This may lead to an increase in the user’s resolution time. However, We guarantee that our staff will work tirelessly to resolve these difficulties and therefore will keep the customer informed of the progress of resolution.

Privacy Principles

You will be asked to select a password and submit credible data while registering a profile on our website. You are solely concerned about the security of your password. To the extent permitted by relevant Indian law, we retain the right to access, exchange, discuss, transmit, and disseminate part or all of the consumer data in catering better services to the users. We keep and safeguard your personal information, particularly sensitive financial data, that we acquire via the use of appropriate and suitable security measures.


You may delete your user account at any time, and We retain the authority to block access to the Website and to terminate your access without advance notice for any reason, including your breach of any of these Terms of Use. We shall not be accountable for the termination/abandonment/suspension of the User’s account/services owing to non-payment of services.

Liability Limitation

The Site and its affiliates disclaim all liability for any result arising directly or indirectly from any actions and inactions taken in reliance on the Website’s Content. You are solely responsible for evaluating and accepting all risks associated with the use of any Information. These limits will apply regardless of if the website has been warned of the potential of such damages and regardless of whether such limited remedy fails of its essential purpose.

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