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Kamailio Solution - A fast and flexible SIP Server

Kamailio is a robust and flexible SIP server that is efficient. Kamailio is capable of handling hundreds of calls per second on a machine with minimum effort.

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Kamailio solution an open-source, customizable SIP (RFC3261) server with good performance. It’s a SIP server that’s both quick and adaptable. On a low-configuration system, It can handle thousands of calls per second. It comes with a C shell-like scripting language that allows you to fully control the server’s behavior. It has a modular architecture that allows users to load only the modules/functionality that they need.

AcmaTel is a leading provider of Kamailio solutions. Businesses wishing to upgrade their communications infrastructure can turn to us. AcmaTel has deep understanding in SIP server technologies, including Kamailio, and can assist companies of all sizes in enhancing their VoIP capabilities.

Kamailio can be modified to suit a company’s unique requirements. In order to facilitate smooth call management, this may involve integrating Kamailio with other systems, such as billing or CRM systems. AcmaTel can assist companies in setting up SIP trunks so they may place and receive calls online. This can lower telecommunication expenses for enterprises while also enhancing call quality.

Businesses that want to place and receive calls over the internet can use Kamailio solution to set up VoIP phone systems for them, including IP phones and softphones. It’s adaptable, with options for a fast load balancer, and SIP server flavors including registrar, location server, proxy server, redirect server, SMS/XMPP gateway, and advanced VoIP application server.

We configure Kamailio according to the routing logic and requirements.

Features of Kamailio Solution

  • The system may easily expand by adding more servers.
  • It can be used in geographically distributed VoIP platforms
  • Straightforward failover and redundancy
  • It can run on low-resource embedded platforms, with performance up to hundreds of call setups per second.
  • Used a load balancer in stateless mode, it can handle over 5000 call setups per second
  • On systems with 4GB memory, it can serve a population of over 300 000 online subscribers
  • Gives Secure communications
  • Highly scalable
  • Presence (SIMPLE) and dialog-info support
  • Supported transport protocols: UDP/TCP/TLS/SCTP over IPv4 and IPv6

It can be used on the following Servers

  • SIP proxy server
  • SIP registrar server
  • SIP location server
  • SIP application server
  • SIP dispatcher server

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  • Complete customization services.

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