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IP Phones

IP phones typically connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi and use a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to convert voice into digital data packets that can be transmitted over the internet.

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Fanvil X3S/X3SP Enterprise IP Phone

With a 2.4-inch colour LCD and newly added function keys, the Fanvil X3S/X3SP new version aims to provide a more productive business operation method. Fanvil X3S/X3SP is also an efficient business tool in the office due to improved HD audio, more SIP lines, and support for EHS headset.

Ubiqcom P52 IP Phone

All IP-PBX that utilize the open SIP platform is compatible with the Ubiqcom P52 IP Phone and VoIP solutions.

Grandstream WP820 Portable WiFi IP Phone

The WP820 is a portable WiFi IP phone with dual-band WiFi support, built-in Bluetooth, and a sophisticated antenna design that allows users to roam seamlessly across any WiFi environment.

Yealink SIP-T42S IP Phone

The Yealink T42S with Opus support has the same elegant look and feel as previous T4 Series models, with the added benefit of improved performance at no extra cost. The new T4S series is a powerful work tool with key upgrades such as Opus support and improved speaker performance.

Cisco CP-6851 SIP Phone

Cisco CP6851 3PCC K9 SIP Phone is a four-line VoIP phone that supports Class 2 POE and dual gigabit Ethernet. The reception expansion module CP68-KEM is supported by the Cisco 6851. The 3.5-inch (396162-pixel) grayscale display on this Office IP Phone has white backlighting.

Dinstar C66G/C66GP High-end Business SIP Phone

The Dinstar C66G/C66GP is a high-end business-oriented HD SIP phone. Elegant appearance, excellent performance, and adaptability to a variety of environments. The 4.3"480 x 272 pixel Graphical LCD with Back-light provides excellent visual effects. Excellent HD voice quality and a wide range of system functions to meet the needs of all users.

Cisco 7975G IP Phone

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G features the most recent VoIP telephony advancements, such as wideband audio support, a backlit color touchscreen display, and an integrated Gigabit Ethernet port. It caters to the needs of the executive or major decision maker, administrative assistants, and those working on colocated PCs with bandwidth-intensive applications.

Cisco CP-8865 SIP Phone

The IP Phone 8865 features an appealing ergonomic design, 720p HD video, and wideband audio for crystal-clear voice communications and "always-on" dependability. Voice communications are encrypted for added security. In addition, you'll have access to a comprehensive set of unified communications features. Furthermore, with Cisco Intelligent Proximity, you can use your desk and mobile phones simultaneously while at your desk. During mobile calls, you can switch the audio path to the 8865 for improved acoustics.

Akuvox SP-R52P Medium IP Phone

The Akuvox SP-R52P is an entry-level business IP phone designed for front-line employees who handle a moderate volume of calls.

Sangoma S205 IP Phone

The s205 IP Phones provide excellent basic capabilities with one Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) account at a competitive, entry-level price point.

Avaya 9641GS IP Deskphone

The Avaya 9641GS IP Deskphone features a graphical display, a large capacitive touchscreen, HD audio quality, a secondary Ethernet port, Gigabit Ethernet, and expansion module support. The Avaya 9641GS connects to your enterprise IP network to deliver advanced voice communications from headquarters to remote locations and users.

Fanvil V64 Prime Business IP Phone

The Fanvil V64 IP phone combines simplicity and design to provide professional telephony to your peripheral. This phone's 3.5-inch color screen makes it easy to use, and the user-friendly interface makes it suitable for anyone. This 12-line IP Phone includes PoE and is WiFi compatible at 2.4 and 5 GHz. The V64 has one USB port as well as RJ9 and RJ45 ports for connecting various accessories.

Grandstream GXP1625 IP Phone

A basic IP desktop phone to keep employees connected and productive. The GXP1625 includes effective and necessary features to create an easy-to-use experience for users with light to medium call volume.

Yealink T48S IP Phone

The SIP-T48S also features Yealink's Optima HD Voice technology and the Opus wideband codec for exceptional audio clarity. Users of smartphones will believe they are in the same room as one another.

Snom D712 IP Phone

A four-line black and white graphical display is included with the D712. The D712 supports the newest VoIP security protocols using a pre-installed certificate to assure secure communications. The D712's advanced remote management and provisioning capabilities make it a suitable endpoint for hosted VoIP service providers.
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