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Smart VPN

Smart VPN helps you in ensuring that there are no data breaches in your inter-office communications around the globe. The Smart VPN has MPLS VPN & Internet VPN.

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Smart VPN

Smart VPN provides a range of safe and secure connectivity that brings data privacy, cost savings, and reliable services for the benefit of your business. Smart VPN empowers your business by integrating diverse operations be they large or even small, project-based or permanent, steady. or on the move. It optimizes workflow and provides more strengthened security and a reliable network backed by enterprise-level SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to manage the overall communication process.


The (MPLS) Multi-Protocol Label Switching based VPN offers Pan-India connectivity across 100+ strategic locations. With our Standard and Managed solutions, your employees can connect to business networks from anywhere, even from any remote location. By deploying an MPLS network, enterprises can prioritize and set up highly efficient routes for business 2-way internet traffic, Get the assured benefit of high (QOS) connectivity.

Secure Connect

Secure Connect services link your private or public network to leading cloud service providers. By privatizing a public cloud network and providing it with the security level of a private network. You can experience faster data transfers and seamless transitions between your private network and the public cloud network.

Internet VPN

Internet VPN services use your locally available public internet connectivity to build a secure leg integrated with your virtual private network. Our Internet VPN secures your internet access regardless of your connectivity source–Internet Leased Line, broadband, and Mobile networks like 3G or 4G. Used an On-Site service for offices and an On-the-Move service for securing connectivity on user-owned devices and even used outside the office premises.

Smart VPN Advantages


Robust Network

As our solution seamlessly integrates with your office VPN connection that Optimises your office workflow


Restricted Access

Provide customers / your Business partners restricted access thereby enhancing security



Always stay connected on our reliable network backed by enterprise-level (SLA) Service Agreement



Stay on top of your industry with real-time performance proactive monitoring and reporting


Enhanced Security

Stay secured through the VPN solution with enhanced security and protection from accessing the internet with sensitive information


Multiple options for connectivity

Our mobile VPN solution on GSM and CDMA provides secure internet access on the move

  • Now having used SmartVPN for the last 2+ years I can honestly say that we are very happy with our purchase and will continue to use AcmaTel's SmartVPN in the future. The ease of use has improved over the years and made using this pretty quick and convenient.

    -Mr. John D'souza
  • I liked Smart VPN Solution as we were able to securely send and receive sensitive data with a single button click to connect with the client. We also found it useful to be able to see if all our teammates were connected via VPN and to send data with the assurance of encryption and security.

    -Mr. Mallesh Murugan

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