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Today the majority of businesses are heavily dependent on the internet. Only with a strong, and secure internet connection, businesses can explore and create a world of opportunities for them. When it comes to a secure, strong, reliable, and dedicated internet connection, Internet Leased Line is the best.



Protect your company against malware, data breaches, and cyber threats.



Proactive monitoring, configuration management, 24x7x365 monitoring, and support


Cost Optimized

No upfront investment. Provides security to unlimited users at zero incremental cost

A Perfect Solution For Any Organization Who Are Hugely Internet Dependent

We deliver enterprise-grade, high-speed Internet leased line network services to ensure that your sites have constant performance, security, and reliability. The solution makes advantage of low-cost, dependable, direct internet connections to allow you to smoothly access high-bandwidth applications and provide a network experience that is free of contention in every region of India.

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DNS-based (Domain Name Service)

Guards the connection against malicious content, and online threats and gives the user access to block content categories as required

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Managed Services

Get fully managed services that are easy to install, configure, use and maintain

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Best-in-class uptime

Get Best-in-class uptime with dedicated, and secure access to the internet on a high-speed, steady, and reliable connection

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Hassle-free internet connectivity

Wide range of bandwidth from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps and flexibility to scale your bandwidth, as per business needs as well as best-in-class SLA of 99.5%

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Complete Control

Provides you complete access to block or whitelist specific websites and content using the managed service portal as per your business security policies

Introducing Safer, Speedier, and Smart Business Internet

To interact and transact over the internet, get a reliable, seamless, and secure connection. Even for Small and Medium Businesses, having basic internet is no longer a choice.

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Internet Leased Line for Business

Get enterprise-grade, high-speed leased line network services to ensure consistent performance, security, and reliability across all of your locations. The solution gives an advantage of a low-cost, independent, secured direct internet connection to allow you to access high-bandwidth applications.


Symmetric Speeds

Get an Internet Leased Line connection with symmetric speed, which means the upload and download speeds are identical as committed


Dedicated Bandwidth

An ILL connection that provides fixed and dedicated bandwidth, means receiving the whole committed bandwidth on a 1:1 Ratio


Cost Savings

Our ILL provides greater performance, as well as reliable connectivity, allowing organizations to save money on unneeded expenses


Secure & Reliable

Ensure a secure and reliable Internet connection, as our internet leased line does not involve sharing among multiple other customers


SLA Commitment

Our ILL connection is usually accompanied by industry-backed Service Level Agreements so that businesses can be assured of reliability


99.5% Uptime Guarantee

Acmatel offers a 99.5% SLA-backed uptime guarantee with N+1 redundant infrastructure to offer uninterrupted connection

Some Of Our Internet Leased Line Client Testimonials!

Internet Leased Line service

Our Account Manager, Nisha, has been excellent. When there was a delay with the handover of our new Leased Line, on the day we moved to our new office, she was on the case straight away. She managed to get BTS to hand over the line within the same day and it’s now set to be brought live to suit our IT Infrastructure. Very impressed with the timely response.

Ms. Varsha Tripathi

Leased Line network

With this dedicated Leased Line, the bandwidth my business requires has been given to us, and only we have access to it, this dedicated connection doesn’t hamper by peak times throughout the day.

Mr. Varun Shetty

Leased Line service providers in India

The biggest advantage we had with this leased line is a dedicated, and fixed-bandwidth data connection. It allows our businesses to have a reliable, high-quality internet connection with a guarantee of symmetric upload and download speed.

Mr. Dakshit Nautiyal

Best Bandwidth Connection

Bandwidth connection speed is very high, it is efficiently contributing to my business, there’s no match for this Leased Line provider.

Mr. Akash Chaturvedi

Leased Line provider In Mumbai

Got a new 20mbps ILL connection from this Leased Line provider for my consultancy start-up goes with less formality and with reasonable pricing. I recommend their services to every business holder.

Mr. Bob Joseph

Got Questions?

Find your answers right here.

An Internet Leased Line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection between two or more locations.

Our Leased Line keeps you connected at all times, from effortlessly exchanging information across corporate sites to an Ultra-Low Latency Leased Line.


An Internet Leased Line can help businesses solve their internet-related problems by providing guaranteed bandwidth, increased security, improved reliability, customizable bandwidth, and symmetric upload and download speeds.

For a network to perform at optimum levels, it must have adequate bandwidth and be designed with minimal latency in mind.


Yes, an internet leased line can provide a real-time response with connectivity, as it offers dedicated, symmetric, and reliable bandwidth to the user.

Leased lines are the ideal choice for ensuring your company has continual and steady connectivity to transport, trade, and process data, even across remote sites. Our leased line solution connects company sites, regional centers, data hubs, and other places through a balanced, two-way channel. Prepare for high-speed connectivity.


We provide the right and secure data. With Acmatel Communications, customer loyalty as well as data is safe.


Although leased lines are initially more expensive than broadband connectivity, you can expect to save significantly in the long run. A dedicated connection reduces both maintenance costs and downtime, while also having a positive effect on the overall productivity of your organization. A leased line may save your business money in the long run by providing a reliable, secure, and high-speed connection that enables your employees to work more efficiently and productively.

Yes, you’ll just need to contact your account manager to organize the upgrade, which typically takes roughly 20 working days to complete. The only exception to this time frame is when upgrading from 100Mbps to 1Gbps because 100Mbps cannot give any more bandwidth. A substantially thicker fiber connection capable of higher speeds is required for 1Gbps.

The types of Internet Leased lines are-

  • T1 Leased Line
  • E1 Leased Line
  • T3 Leased Line
  • Ethernet Leased Line
  • MPLS Leased Line
  • Point-to-Point Leased Line
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