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Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution

Through creative Contact Center solutions, boost agent efficiency and customer experience to ensures seamless corporate communication that increases ROI.

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Enterprise Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solutions is a highly automated system that helps to manage the communication between customers and agents. Call centers require to handle a large volume of calls, hence streamlined communication is necessary to deliver improved customer services. Inbound call center software is extremely efficient in solving customer issues faster, measuring and improving support operations, and delivering exceptional customer services, call center software offers varied features and functionality with secured business operations for a flawless conversation with the customers.

Our Contact Center Solution allows businesses to record live calls, and monitor them on daily basis to make better business decisions. Assists in training associates, resolution of customer disputes, and taking data-driven business decisions to offer a great customer experience.

Product Deck


  • Banks
  • SME’s
  • Start-Up's
  • Call Centers
  • BPO's KPO's
  • Consulting Firms
  • Digital Agencies
  • Software Companies
  • Manufacturing Company
  • Stock Broking Companies

CCS Highlights

We focus on providing industry-best call center solutions with state-of-the-art features to promote business communication.

A Predictive Dialer is an outbound automated dialer that has the functionality to predict when to place the next call. It uses a machine-learning algorithm that analyses based on the number of agents and the stipulated average talk time it adjusts its calling pattern. When an agent’s availability is on the higher side, and also the call is short, the predictive dialer dials the number more frequently to connect as many numbers as possible.

Make sure that your tele-caller spends their time in conversation and not on placing calls that might not even get answered. Connecting the customers with the right agent is essential to improve the overall call experience. Our predictive dialer helps increase the call connect rate using an outbound dialer and saves agents time and boosts productivity. It allows for reaching more and more customers with key functions, such as predicting the call drop ratio, analyzing agents’ wait time, and automatic call routing to available tele-callers in the queue.


  • Relevant reach out
  • Enhance agents efficiency
  • Higher call connecting ratio
  • Multiple modes of dialing
  • Remote Agent
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Caller ID
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Custom Reports Generation
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Voice Recording
  • Campaign Management
  • CRM Integration

A Preview Dialer is an efficient tool that assists businesses in maintaining an-excellent customer relationships. This simplifies the communication process for overall operations, whether you are sending reminders, calling prospective customers, or scheduling appointments.

It allows each contact record to be automatically delivered to agents based on the outbound campaign conducting list. This allows agents to review contact details, customer information, and previous call records, prior to placing a call. This ensures they are fully prepared before connecting with the prospective customer. They can also skip to the next contact if needed.

Our call center preview dialer is designed with a focal point of the customer-centric approach, we offer quality durable call center software with a distinct feature of a preview dialer. This is an automatic dialer that enables agents to complete details about the customers. Information before calling them assists the agent in serving better services to potential customers.


  • Enhance agent’s overall performance
  • Lead assignment to agents
  • One-click dialing
  • Better conversion rate
  • One-click dialing
  • Better conversion rate
  • Boost agent’s performance
  • Lead assignment to agents

Progressive dialing minimizes the wastage of time between calls by automatically dialing a number from a pre-uploaded call list as soon as an agent becomes available. Not like predictive dialers, which dial multiple calls at once even before an agent is available, progressive dialers make calls one after the other, and only when there is an agent ready for a customer to answer.

Acmatel’s Contact Center Solution offers a discrete functionality with a progressive dialer. It helps in boosting the agent’s overall productivity and conversion rates. Our progressive dialer focuses on reducing call abandonment rate and downtime. As soon as an agent is available, a progressive dialer makes a call to the agent and then dials the customer.


  • Boost the performance
  • Maximize agent’s productivity
  • Higher call contact rates
  • Incremental Return on investment
  • Reduces missed calls
  • Real-time Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • Agent Scripting
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Disposition
  • Automatic Voicemail
  • Answer Machine Detection (AMD)
  • Our progressive dialer offers a wide option of features that incorporates
  • Integrate with CRM and sales tools that automate analytics and sales reports
  • Improves by integrating Power, Predictive, Progressive, and Preview dialing modes
  • The advanced inbuilt algorithm eliminates abandoned calls by dialing only when an agent is ready to respond
  • In-depth analyzing and reporting allows you to analyze agent day to day productivity and business outcomes

Acmatel’s CCS has come up with a solution for businesses working in fewer space offices. Unlike other software, we have inbuilt web phones which are based on WebRTC technology by Google.

In this corporate world utilization of workspace is an important part of the business which has to be done in a way that should be suitable to everyone. Especially in Contact centers, small cubicles are crafted for executives where desktop, external phone, headphones, and other electronic stuff is kept, it looks so clumsy as hardly they have space to fit into it.

Here people do not require any IP-based phone or hard phone like Landline, Mobile, electronic gadgets, or any third-party softphone as it has inbuilt software.


  • Auto-Answer
  • Call on Mute
  • Call on Hold
  • DTMF
  • Attended/Blind Transfer
  • Connect or route calls wherever you want
  • Easily integrated on-hold experiences for your users
  • Real-time performance accessibility
  • Call recording with cloud data storage on the server
  • Click-through calls directly through a web
  • Secure communications
  • Accessible in agent and supervisor portals
  • Say no to hardware phones
  • Say no to 3rd party softphone

Acmatel offers an auto dialer which is a special type of outbound dialer that helps to dial out a set of contacts automatically. Our auto-dialer plays a crucial part in an outbound calling campaign in a contact center. Dialer fetches the leads from the database or CRM and dials the number of leads as per the dialing ratio.

Our Auto dialer increases the efficiency of the dialing rate by dropping the calls which are not connected or connected to a BOT or any voice mail system. Although, if a call gets connected with the customer it plays a pre-recorded message which is often called Voice Broadcasting or it connects with the chosen respective department and will be routed to the available agent who was supposed to answer those calls.


  • Call Recording
  • Call Reporting
  • Call Scheduling
  • CRM Integration
  • Live Monitoring
  • Dashboard Management
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved lead generation ratio
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reduces workforce

AcmaTel’s call center software offers key the functionality of a call recording facility that allows you to record the calls while agents are conversing with potential customers. The recorded calls are securely stored on your main server or on your backup server, and they can be retrieved when needed.

This practice helps in monitoring agents’ performance and ensures optimal customer service. Call recording benefits your business in many ways. As you can monitor agents and each action for the customers, you can easily maintain high-quality standards for your business.

Call recording is one of the most important components of a call’s quality management program, which should be handled cautiously. AcmaTel’s call center software is designed with call recording features so that you can monitor communication, and improve customer services and training purposes.


  • Find the recordings quickly and accurately according to multiple search options
  • Create predefined search templates
  • Save the most frequently used search combinations
  • Follow up on call routes using our scenario reconstruction
  • The download partially or fully recorded files and shared them by e-mail
  • Export single or multiple recordings, Save e-mail, and interactions as secured Standard files
  • Search the call by any combination of the following search criteria
  • Quickly retrieved missed information to prevent litigation
  • Deliver exceptional services by understanding your customer’s preferences
  • Review agent’s performance for quality control

AcmaTel is one of the leading Contact Center Software providers and has come up with plenty of features. and one of the top features of this contact center software is Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

We have introduced a Multi-level IVR feature in its contact center software to make you liberal of l caused by one IVR level. One IVR level with 10 IVR prompts makes the customers go crazy because they have to keep on waiting through several IVR prompts until they get the best one for them. software suitable for all sorts of call centers. It came up with plenty of features. one of the top features of this contact center software is Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


  • Data Capturing
  • Voicemail Capturing
  • Skilled-based Routing
  • Automatic Call Routing
  • Real-time Data Analysis
  • Efficient Brand Marketing
  • Multi-driven Menu System
  • Location-based Call Routing
  • Professional Voicemail Greeting
  • Web-based multilevel IVR (Interactive voice response)
  • Creation of personalized meeting
  • Creation of personalized greetings
  • Permit customers to assist themselves

Working remotely is no more a challenge. Connect with potential customers as efficiently than ever, As Acmatel’s Remote Agent feature allows your agents to work from anywhere and run the business operations smoothly, and seamlessly.

It’s easier to dial or receive calls and supervise calls remotely and Improves agents’ efficiency by increasing the number of calls handled per hour. And get real-time analytics on your dashboard and make informed instant decisions to upscale your business.


  • Voicemail /Dashboard /Sticky Agent
  • DNC Control /Call Transfer /Holiday Mode
  • Call Conference /Week Off Mode/Multi-User Login
  • DID Management /Ticketing System /Advanced Dialers
  • Multi-lingual Support / Abandoned Call Dialing
  • Real-Time Queue & Agent Status / Call Disposition Details
  • Configure Call Routing / Coaching / Barge-in / Whisper/Coaching
  • Time-based Inbound Call Routing / Real-Time Queue & Agent Status

Acmatel’s call center software offers key functionality features of browser-based services that don’t need any physical installations. Our call center software is easy to use and simple to operate.

Whether you are operating inbound or outbound call centers, browser-based services benefit your business in many ways. As you can monitor agents and each action for the customers, you can easily maintain high-quality standards for your business.


  • Users can directly log in to their Team Leader/Admin/Supervisor Agent panel remotely if the server is accessible via the internet or VPN
  • Supervisors or Agents can dial and receive calls via logging into their respective portal with the help of a built-in WebRTC phone
  • It also supports external SIP clients. Users can register their extension on SIP SoftPhone or IP Phones to receive and dial calls
  • Queue login/logout, call transfer to multiple available options can be done using system codes

Acmatel’s Call Center Software is the expert solution to empower customer services and enhance agent productivity. CCS software allows for handling a large volume of calls, making it a simple and hassle-free process, be it outbound or inbound calls.

The call forwarding to mobile feature helps you reduce the chances of unattended calls and abandon call ratio by simply forwarding your client’s call to the right person who can attend to them thus improving customer satisfaction.


  • Users who do not have sufficient bandwidth for voice calls but can access websites can use this option
  • Agents can dial from the web portal
  • The auto-dialed call will first come on the agent’s mobile
  • Once the agent is ready to answer the call, then the call will be dialed to the customer
  • Users can configure their external number (mobile/landline) on which they wish to receive calls from AcmatelCCS
  • While receiving an inbound call from the external number, users can see the details on the portal like CRM
  • Disposition, Call Script, Surveys, and other functions can be run through the web portal

Customer satisfaction is very important for all businesses. When customers connect to call centers, they have high expectations of obtaining appropriate solutions for their concerns. Acmatel’s call center software offers a Call Bridging facility that helps businesses to connect with their clients which can easily improve customer satisfaction.


  • Agents can dial the call from the CCS portal
  • The call first comes on the agent’s mobile from the CCS portal
  • Once the agent answers the call, then the call will be dialed to the customer
  • Creating a bridge in-between the client’s call and the agent’s call together
  • Users who do not have sufficient bandwidth for voice calls but can access the websites can use this option
  • Users can configure their external number (mobile/landline) on which they wish to receive calls from AcmatelCCS

Acmatel’s Work From Home (WFH) features are a flawless solution for remote access to employees and enable uninterrupted, Highly secured, and smooth business operations which makes you speak with the customers and deliver the best assistance to them through the highly safe and secured system.

The recorded data is securely stored on your main server or on your backup server, and it can be retrieved when needed. This practice helps in monitoring agents’ performance and ensures optimal customer service.


  • It becomes easier to make vital business decisions
  • Reduce the additional cost of hardware phones
  • Accessible in agent and supervisor portals
  • Click-through calls directly through a portal
  • Secure communications around the clock
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Highly safe and secured system

Acmatel’s Real-Time Analytics feature helps in resolving customer issues faster and offers them hassle-free services. It evaluates and fills the loopholes of call support operations and helps in delivering the best customer experience and increasing the productivity of your business.

It also helps in finding out the areas of improvement to guide your team and enhance customer satisfaction. Businesses can take “On-the-spot decisions” by leveraging dozens of reports created by our Contact Center Software, as it provides powerful historical and real-time reporting features to assist you in growing your business.


  • Increase Real-time visibility through a 360° view of interactions
  • Conversion rates can go up by identifying the areas of improvement
  • Not connectivity can be reduced by boosting productivity and efficiencies
  • Customer services get improved through gaining an understanding of their preferences

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Allow your customers to go through a few basic functions over the phone and reduce call wait time.

Acmatel’s call center software has a unique feature to broadcast your personalized outbound audio voice message and for inbound customer support over the phone. IVR Broadcasting feature that quickly resolves your customer’s queries instantly. You can route the call to the most skilled and available agent with our intelligent routing capabilities. Hence reducing the customer’s wait time. Moreover, our IVR automatic call distribution system opens the smooth routing so that you can assign a call to the best available agent suited for the need of the customer.

IVR Broadcasting is a customizable automated voice messages broadcasting system that sends voice prompts (surveys, reminders, and announcements) to a large customer base.


  • Seamless Integrations
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Voicemail
  • Routing
  • Campaign Management
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Easy to Configure Call Routing
  • Cost-Efficient

Acmatel’s Call Center Software has state-of-the-art technology that helps you to deliver a robust, professional, and supreme quality customer experience.

The (Quality Analysis) QA is an add-on module for our call center software that ranks the agents based on predefined criteria, proficiency, quality of query resolution, voice tone, language, and many other parameters.


  • Call Control
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Real-time metrics
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Easy to use

Our Call Center Software presents unique features that make the complete operational process the most efficient.

Businesses can take on-the-spot decisions by leveraging dozens of reports created by our contact center software, as it provides powerful historical and customizable reporting features to assist you in growing your business.

Our analytics and customizable reports help you gain insights into the overall performance of business operations.


  • Remote Agent
  • Real-time customizable analytics
  • Caller ID
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Custom Reports Generation
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Voice Recording
  • Campaign Management

Want to manage a high volume of calls? AcmaTel developed its outbound contact center software specifically for organizations that have to manage a high number of outgoing calls.

The software enables your sales staff to maximize their productivity while reaching out to new clients. Whether you’re looking for an outbound contact center software solution for customer service, crowdfunding, marketing, or questionnaires, AcmaTel CCS is the ideal solution. It is intended to assist your organization in developing proactive relationships with potential consumers.

AcmaTel CCS enables your outbound contact centers to be more productive with bespoke integrations and industry-leading telephonic solutions. With our services, you can simply provide proactive customer assistance and accelerate business growth. Its unique capability helps you to boost speed by methodically handling calls.


Dialing from a distance:- It’s more convenient to receive or make calls, as well as oversee calls remotely.

Dialer Predictive:- Increase the efficiency of your agents by boosting the volume of calls answered per hour.

IVR:- Send personalized automated audio messages to a wide consumer base (questionnaires, reminders, and promotions).

Automatic Dialer:- Improve productivity and better manage your workforce with automatic dialing numbers.

Reports in Real-Time:- Utilize real-time statistics on your dashboard to help you make educated business decisions.

Multi-Channel Communication:- You may communicate with your consumers in a tailored manner by using the appropriate channel. Furthermore, regardless of how the consumer contacts your firm, you can provide a consistent answer. Multiple communication channels are included in the outgoing call center software.

It features an ACD with global waiting for multimedia connections and skill-based routing, as well as an interactive voice response system with self-serve capabilities.

Would you like to provide smooth customer support?

Go with Acmatel CCS, it provides industry-leading inbound call center software to help you market your customer care offerings. We provide straightforward and cost-effective solutions for managing a high number of incoming calls. Also, AcmaTel CCS is effective at reducing call abandonment. With our inbound call center products, your clients will never have to wait for an extended time.

With cutting-edge inbound call center software, you’ll be able to provide a strong, professional, and value to the customers that contribute to increased customer satisfaction. We provide a variety of solutions to help you improve your incoming call center’s performance, including automated call allocation, agent reporting tools, skills-based mapping, and automated CRM data popups.


Automatic Call Distribution – Calls are routed to the appropriate employee at the appropriate moment, which enhances customer service.

Priority Scheduling – Increase efficiency and provide prompt customer service by diverting calls to a free agent.

Interactive Voice Response Allows consumers to execute basic activities over the phone, therefore decreasing the call wait period.

Analytics in Real-Time – Keep a record of critical statistics like the volume of calls, missed calls, and waiting time.

Monitoring in Real-Time – Gain real-time visibility into your team’s activity and improve efficiency

With AcmaTel’s incoming call center software, you can expertly resolve your clients’ issues. Allow your workers to quickly address a complicated issue over the phone, increasing client satisfaction.

Other Features

  • Control of the Call
  • Monitoring of Telephone Calls
  • Metrics in real-time
  • Voicemail
  • Routing
  • IVR with several levels
  • Outbound Caller Identification
  • Integrating Efficiencies
  • Disposition of the Call
  • Queues for Telephone Calls
  • Click-to-Call

Acmatel Omnichannel Contact Center Solution boosts productivity by streamlining corporate conversations.

Our Omnichannel Contact Center Solution enables customer service and companies to leverage superior social media abilities. Acmatel Contact Center Solution is created with social media in mind, allowing you to connect with, interact, monitor, and assist your consumers via  Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media platforms have become critical to the success of every commercial marketing strategy in the modern day. Create an improved customer care experience for your businesses by utilizing AcmaTel’s social media Contact Center Solution.


Facebook:- According to research, Facebook is the most popular social media network, with 75 percent of online consumers. We are pleased to offer Messenger of Facebook as a component of our AcmaTel CCS Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

It enables businesses to reach a broader audience and to meet the need for a better convenient channel of communication and interaction with clients. End users and live contact center operators may communicate and resolve issues using Facebook Messenger.

Twitter:- 80% of individuals who make a complaint on Twitter anticipate a reply within about an hour. Ooh!! We must give immediate assistance. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms, and it has revolutionized and simplified the process of customers following and contacting companies. We assist in streamlining and centralizing the Twitter social networking support process using AcmaTel Omnichannel Contact Center Software.

Whatsapp:- WhatsApp is the world’s most successful mobile messaging application, with over 2 billion daily active users. It’s a very common method of communication between individuals, and this extends to consumers as well. Business Whatsapp benefited both small businesses and big organizations significantly.


Following Scheduling:- Schedule social media postings in advance to save time and money.

Keep an eye on the conversation:- Supervise and improve communication via social media

Analyze Analytics:- Analyze the data to determine how people reacted to your advertisements.

Geo-Targeting:- Share articles that strike a chord with clients in a particular geographic region.

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We transform the way small, medium, and large enterprises conduct their business with customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees in this digital age.

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