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Webcasting Services

Webcasting service lets you broadcast your content to a small audience as well as a large audience with whatever platform the viewer is comfortable in.


Webcasting Services

Webcasting services are awe-based one-way online broadcasts. Both viewers and presenters can participate in video webcasting from their desktop, or mobile device.
Connect to a large audience. Webcasting Services are Flexible enough to accommodate presentations as small as 50 participants to large, global meetings with an audience of up to 5,000.
Use What You Have. These are fully automated, can-do-it-yourself, cloud-based webcasting platforms allowing users to use existing video conferencing units (VCU), and webcams. or telephone to present.
Measure Success. Users of these services can get instant online access to track webcasting attendance, survey results, Q&A sessions, and testing. and certification.
Versatile delivery. Just through a single URL webcasting, viewers can access your live or on-demand presentation.

We also offer you web conferencing solutions.


No plug-ins, No download – All you need is just a browser. Both viewers and presenters can participate in audio or video webcasting from their desktop or mobile devices

50-5000 Participants

Flexible enough to accommodate presentations as large as 5000 audience to even as small as 50 participants.

Self Service

These are fully automated, can do-it-yourself, cloud-based webcasting platforms allowing users to use existing video conferencing unit (VCU), webcam. or telephone to present.

Measure success

Users of these services can get instant online access to track webcasting attendance, survey results, Q&A sessions, testing. and certification.

Versatile Delivery

Just through a single URL webcasting, viewers can access your live or on-demand presentation

The Basics
Broadcast to a live audience in under 60 seconds using a 5-step wizard
100% web-based, no downloads for attendees
Invite guest presenters, Q&A moderators and content providers
Webcasting library with customisable folder structure
Drag and drop webcasting within your webcasting library folders
Copy previous webcasts including settings and content
View a calendar of you upcoming webcasts
Webcasting automatically selects appropriate streaming media choice based on the audience member’s system for both live and on demand webcasts
High quality video at low bandwidth using H.264 compression
Multiple video window sizes available
Integrated Telephone Bridging for Presenters and Attendees
Ability to add your own third-party teleconferencing bridge
Custom Design
Create dynamic Webcasting registration landing pages with a simple (but robust) web-based HTML editor
Create custom registration questions or allow anonymous attendees
Show or hide the login and registration fields
Add a custom post-registration page and close access to the live player or the archived webcasting
Time audience access to the in-webcasting player
Automatically set the archive to be closed after the event.  For editing or compliance.
Upload your own banner, presenter head shots or other images to your custom landing page. Or link to images already on the web.
Edit images using a simple web-based editor. Resize, crop and add text all through the browser. Photoshop not required.
Customize your own footer language on your event page
Upload Custom Background Images
Choose alternate layouts for the landing page
Change the color of buttons and tabs
Add social media share buttons to the registration page (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
Embed YouTube clips
Speaker biography builder for showcasing your event speakers
Emails & Calendars
Default settings automatically generate audience confirmation and reminder emails
Schedule post webcasting follow-up emails
Web-based HTML editor allows you to create highly customized emails
Built in Outlook and Google calendar reminders on the landing pages
Webcasting date and time will show in the end users time zone automatically
Synchronized PowerPoint with triggered animations and attendee controlled slide option
Automatically create a PDF of your slides for attendees to download
In-Webcasting Polling with live results
Moderated Q&A between the audience and presenters
Automatically forward questions to email
Private chat for presenters only
Share documents as downloads
Share pre-recorded video clips
Create custom widget tabs with an easy to use WISIWYG editor
Built in Twitter widget tab
Post webcasting surveys
Archive & Hosting
Live webcasting are automatically archived once the webcasting is complete, accessible from the same URL.
Edit archived webcasts using only a browser in our On-demand studio.
Edit video “”heads and tails””
Delete, edit or add movie clips
Upload multiple video file types to your webcasting clip library (.flv, .f4v, .mp4, .wmv, .mpeg, .3gpp, .webm)
All uploaded video files are transcoded to .mp4 format
Published webcasts cut all .mp4 files together into one movie.
Delete, edit or add slide elements and edit animation timings
Move video and slides using an easy click and drag interface
Create a custom “chaptering” for attendees to navigate through your recording
Flexible options for extended hosting of the archive
Entire system runs over SSL (HTTPS://)
Password protected login (ensures participants use valid email addresses)
Referral checking
Customize your security error page
Add a unique URL key to the attendee link
Track all webcasting usage including registrant data, Q&A, survey responses and viewing durations
Gauge ROI by tracking registration and/or attendees by day
Track registration to viewer conversion rates
Create reporting filters to get precise data
Download reports to Microsoft Excel
Subscribe to automated reports
Certificates of completion with the webcasting tile and the attendees name
Send in PDF format
Can be granted Pass/Fail based on polling and survey questions

  • The successful go-live broadcast is a tribute to the close working relationships between us. Your platform smoothly conducted my Q&A sessions, testing, and certification program.
    -Mr. Satyam Borkar

  • Thanks to AcmaTel that they provided a platform where just through a single webcasting URL, my viewers can access the live presentation.
    -Mr. Sachin Saigal

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