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L2 Multicast Service

The L2 Multicast service provides you with setting up a tree to distribute your video content to multicast across platforms i.e. mobile, desktop, laptop, & TV.


L2 Multicast Service

Our L2 Multicast services are the first-of-its-kind video connect solution in India. Video content communication for a multicast service is done through a network link that sets up a tree, and source connecting with multiple end-users. The Layer 2 Switch solution copies data from the source and broadcasts it through the single flow of data transmission for multiple endpoints (multicast service), resulting in multimedia broadcasting effective and productive with bandwidth gains.


Wide network coverage

Get secured and accurate data transmission through our immense network across geographies



Get optimized bandwidth usage through multicast technology, thereby reducing costs


Broadcast Solutions

Broadcasting effectively through single-stream data transmission for numerous endpoints


Video content distribution

Add localized video content and distribute it further


Digital simulcast

Experience digital simulcast of live TV and multicasting to thousands of subscribers all together at the same time

Details Premium Standard
Dedicated (1:1 contention)
Simplex communication (1 way)
Multiple, scalable bandwidth options
Drop and forward
Protection Ring Linear
Service availability
Mean time to resolve (MTTR) 8 hours 8 hours
Last mile options Wireline Wireline
Online portal access for detailed reports
Link uptime
Trouble tickets and SLA compliance

L2 Multicast Service

  • I have been using L2 Multicast Services for a couple of years now, and I can say the services are pretty useful for all my video broadcasts. The support is certainly great and we have now implemented the streaming solution into several of our client's websites too.
    -Mr. Girish Raman

  • I think the benefit of this L2 Multicast Services is that it's speeding up the student's learning," Making them attend the live classes with their teachers.
    -Ms. Sabita Chandra

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