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Email Security

Make your Emails safe. Safe emails are a necessary part of any cybersecurity architecture. Block the spam, virus, malware, phishing & impersonation attacks.

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Email Security

Nowadays Email is the number one online threat. Email Security solutions are a very necessary part of any cybersecurity architecture. Here are a few risks to be aware of when it comes to your email

  • Viruses can spread through email to your entire contact list without even getting noticed
  • Spyware may be sent as an attachment in an email and opening that could allow criminals to access your information.
  • Spams can get through your filter and fill your inbox with uninvited mails
  • Phishing scam emails can trick you into giving up personal information. They appear to be emailed from your organization or any of your trusted sources of email.

As more and more people work from anywhere, dependency on emails has grown multiplied. With cyber-attacks becoming more highly developed and frequent, Businesses must strengthen their email security against rising threats.

Our cloud-based Email security solution protects all email platforms – Office 365, Microsoft Exchange,, or on-premise servers. Advanced Malware Protection system and Cisco-based ESA/IronPort technologies are recognized as the market leader by Gartner, IDC, and Radicati. We secure email from ransomware, malware, phishing, viruses, and spam, and also detect advanced threats such as whaling, spear phishing, typo domain, and spoofing attacks.

With our Email Security, businesses can relax and enjoy a highly reliable, flexible, and feature-rich email security service. Our email security is easy to install and set up by modifying MX records. It works like stealth in the background and users do not require to install anything more. To top it all it provides systematic analysis and policy enforcement.



Advanced anti-malware

Cisco_AMP – defend against ransomware attacks and advanced persistent threats


Policy enforcement

Advanced Access, visibility. and role-based controls for quick and easier content management


Reputation Scoring

Ensured 100 % uptime using unnecessary and fault-tolerant infrastructure


Data loss prevention

It Generates your key and inserts DKIM signature automatically


Advanced picture analysis, Classification, and filtering

Advanced Patented image control system and marketing/graymail filters for advanced content control


Archiving, replay, E-discovery & advanced reporting

Assured disaster recovery and 32 days trace replay


Anti-spam – reputation, anti-spoofing, anti-relay

Easy integration with Outlook 365 and Gmail


Advanced antivirus

A proven and reasonable inbound and outbound email security solution


Details Standard
Anti-Phishing/Spear Phishing/Spoofing
Anti-Whaling/Business Email Compromise
Impersonation controls (C/D-level Fraud)
PCI Compliance
Email Policy Filters
Email Classifiers
SPF Filters
DMARC Validation
Typo Domain Filters
O365 Security with DKIM
G-Suite/Gmail with DKIM
URL Filtering
Data Loss Prevention (Lite)
Opportunistic TLS Encryption
Email Spooling
Single Pane Management Console
Centralised Policy View/ Mgt.
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Email Trace and Replay
Secure RBAC Portal (2FA/N-Tier)
Alerts on System Unavailability
32-day archival; option to extend
Real-time access to Cisco TALOS

  • The Email security solution is very secure and stable, we have not encountered any security breach issues yet and it works very well with our business. It is the best thing we opted for email security and we have no more concern about any upcoming security threat, Thanks to AcmaTel for coming up with such a wonderful solution.

    -Rajiv Sutar
  • AcmaTel's Email security solution provides us the email security that we need. Our emails often carry some sort of details like invoices and bank details that we don’t want to flow out to the world, mails sent to us or by us should be safe. This is all possible with AcmaTel, Thanks a lot...

    -Mr. Rohit Awaghade

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