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Collection Agency Management System

Make your Loan recovery agency efficient by choosing our skyrocket solutions, which have everything that is important to a loan recovery agency in a single solution.

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CAMS – Debt Collection CRM

Collection Agency Management System (CAMS) is a debt collection agency loan recovery process management software. Bank allocations can be easily imported from traditional excel and automatically assigned to the team reducing the time-consuming task of manual entry.

Multiple portfolios can be uploaded to use various or similar resources, you can easily allocate pin codes/areas based on the portfolio and work jurisdiction, and this can be followed by Tele-follow / trails to collect from a single software. The personalized Collection Activities/Collectors Tracking feature assists collection agents in organizing their own personal activities. The extensive reporting and performance analysis option allows the supervisor to keep track of their collection agents and processes.

Product Deck


  • Banks
  • NBFC’s
  • SME’s
  • Digital Agencies
  • Consulting Firms
  • BPO's & Call Centers
  • Loan Recovery Firms
  • Financial Companies
  • Debt Collection Agencies
  • Software Companies (ISVs)


Meet CAMS! *Debt collection software* that is extremely adaptable and designed to integrate and simply organize your debt collection agency operation.

With Collbox debt collection software, you can simply manage the whole call debt collection lifecycle, from the initial contact through payback collection.

Data management is essential. Our field force management software is capable of creating and absorbing a significant quantity of important data from the field, personnel, and market, which can be gathered and analyzed instantly or later. From this point of view, ‘actionable insights’ can be generated. This is dependent on the correct information being gathered and categorized in order to be assimilated for analysis. Experienced managers serve as data analysts, drawing conclusions from measurements obtained from the data cache.

Collbox flexible software gives managers a complete choice for automatically generating milestone alerts to monitor task management data on the application in real time with your team. Take actionable steps on the basis of immediate reports created with received instant notifications. As a consequence, the executives in the field are becoming more efficient. On-site supervisors and managers alike can utilize the smartphone app for real-time accomplishments.

Collbox is an advanced technology to lower your overall ownership costs and improve your organization’s effectiveness by providing sophisticated collecting features, extensive third-party integration, and supporting decision-making and intelligence. The system can automatically assign to a field collecting agent if there is no answer from the debtor on the call. On a different level, a payment link may be given through e-mail or SMS if a debtor answers the call of the agent and pledges to pay.

The Collbox system permits real-time data imports. The user may set AcmaTel’s plugins so that they can construct their own data import templates fast and import data into their system in minutes. Collbox provides real-time reports and helps operational management with comprehensive management reporting and real-time dashboards.

With Collbox debt collection software, you can simply automate the whole debt collection life cycle from the first contact till the refund is collected. For example, automated emails may be issued for emergency action based on call-center papers relating to the provisions of the debtor. If no response from the debtor is received on the email, a field collection agent can be immediately assigned to the system. On a different level, a payment link may be given through e-mail or SMS if a debtor answers the call of the agent and pledges to pay. Collbox also gives ready-for-use templates for SMS, emails, and so on, which further enhances the efficiency of debt collection.

In order to optimize your time on the spot, Collbox software successfully monitors the productivity of field agents with recall reminders, day planners,s and route guides. Agents can do so using online or mobile CRM apps. Managers may monitor and assure productivity for all work in the field. Furthermore, feet-on-street collection managers may keep track of their pending mobile app duties.

CAMS debt collection software is fully packed with Intelligent analytical dashboards which provide insight into borrower profiles, performances of agents, active liabilities, outstanding payments, continuing payment operations, etc.

It also identifies situations based on changes in the lead phase and produces a results report based on areas, agents, amount, and payment promises.

With a one-of-a-kind software-driven solution, this Collbox software is highly optimized and automated to fulfill objectives and goals like never before. AcmaTel provides web-based software, which can be customized and backed by a specialized mobile application that executives are on the move and can use effortlessly.

The mobile app can also be customized and connected with the field force management software solution to meet the needs of the organization.

With automated reminders, you can easily remind and follow up with clients at the proper moment.

Modular or complete digital communication channels are coupled with a range of artificial intelligence-based payment mechanisms. Smart technology has been shown to improve the collection of open claims at a minimal cost. With industry-specific, unique features, AI enhances the customer journeys of banks, energy supply providers, insurers, telecom firms, e-commerce and mobility businesses, and others.

This enables rapid onboarding and simple data sharing. Utilities that utilize the AcmaTel platform will be able to benefit from our smart payment reminders fast and simply.

Allow agents to focus on quicker collections by easily obtaining the proper client status data.

Spend less and get more. AcmaTel Communications provide you with the tools you must need to increase collector efficiency, save money, provide a better customer experience, and improve your overall debt recovery outcomes.

Simply plug N and play. All you need is a computer with internet access. It is incredibly simple to manage remote workers.

A comprehensive set of skills and technology to assist agencies in realizing a hybrid workplace vision for all types of employees, ranging from general callers to specialized knowledge work and skilled fieldwork employees.

Learn how to boost employee productivity and organizational resilience by allowing secure, frictionless, and safe collaboration across physical sites, virtual offices, and everything in between.

AcmaTel workspaces are adaptable to organizational needs, fostering a performance culture by allowing workers and executives to work where it makes the most sense.

Real-time reassignment system focuses on the problem of handling resource allocation in the operational context of many latest computing applications, such as flexibly automated production systems, automated railway and/or monorail transportation systems, electronic workflow management systems, and business transaction supporting systems.

All of these applications have one thing in common, they limit the function of the human element to remote high-level supervision while putting the responsibility of real-time monitoring and coordination of ongoing activities on a computerized control system.

Reduce operational expenses by strategically allocating resources based on the needs of the process.

Profit margin is a statistic that should be on your radar at all times, and for good reason, it answers key questions about your business, such as whether or not you’re saving money and whether or not you’re utilizing your business tools appropriately.

It is crucial to remember, however, that your profit margin is a statistic that you should strive to increase on a regular basis. “If your profit margins aren’t growing, chances are your firm isn’t thriving.”

Statistical modeling can help you prioritize your consumer collections strategy and sharpen your bidding

Call auditing is essential for every provider of call center services. When organizations outsource call auditing tasks, they may better focus on essential functions. AcmaTel has over 14 years of expertise in providing call centers in various locations.

We realize that an efficient process flow that works with the team and infrastructure is more important for delivering services on time. With over a decade of expertise, we have established a strict process flow that always runs in pairs with each finished work, with no delays in task execution.

With the FOS app, field forces can now enter visit feedback and post payments while on the go.

The FOS App keeps the entire team on the same page. You can keep track of every interaction your workers have with your clients. It is considerably easier to dig up a debtor’s payment history and make changes or negotiate new payment arrangements.

A Loan Recovery Firm has a large number of debtor profiles as well as a staff of call centers and field workers. Workflow automation technologies in debt collection software manage case distribution, automatically mapping and distributing cases depending on the availability of collectors, agents, and geographical location.

Managers can also limit case allocation to ensure that collection agents focus on the most important debtors first. Automation is very useful in small firms with limited resources.


Receive alerts and notifications when critical events occur, such as a violated commitment to pay or planned follow-up calls.

AcmaTel guarantees that you will never miss a vital alert. Monitoring, ticketing, and chat features are all deeply integrated. Our notification system filters out the noise and alerts you across several channels, giving the information required for your team to begin resolution as soon as possible.

An efficient push notification can raise the executive’s awareness of upcoming duties. As a result, on-field leaders are more efficient. Managers and executives on the go may utilize the specialized FOS mobile app to complete tasks in real-time.

Track your Field executive in real-time, complete with a route plan and real-time payment and feedback messages.

With a one-of-a-kind software-driven solution, this CAMS software is highly optimized and automated to fulfill objectives and goals like never before. AcmaTel provides web-based software, which can be customized and backed by a specialized mobile application that executives are on the move and can use effortlessly.

The mobile app can also be customized and connected with the field force management software solution to meet the needs of the organization.

A unique platform for managing all of your collections, MIS generation, PTP inventory, negative codes tracking, and customer follow-up Parameters can be defined depending on geography, time zone, location, legislation, age data of the account, debt type, amount of debt, and responsibility.

Remove/Delete more cases

To keep your ECR/ACR or to inform bankers, you can relocate/delete credit accounts from the portfolio or buckets.

You may upload many portfolios for various or common sources, simply assign pin codes/areas according to portfolios and work region, followed by Tele-tracking / trailing from a single program.

Data Access Based on Role

Users have access only to data as per the ECR/ACR assignment; until it is allocated to them, they can work and interrupt other cases.

In such a case, your data will be effectively structured and resolution will be central to your business’s regular model.

We strive to provide you with cutting-edge technology, a diverse range of one-of-a-kind items, and unsurpassed service assistance for your convenience.

Attendance marker to track appearance with auto-generated attendance report for both application and system users.

  • Attendance import and export Data for easier working.
  • Rights to Supervisors, Team leaders to manage the roster of their team.
  • Attendance report on a monthly and daily basis.
  • Managers can use the leave planner.
  • Strong Report Writer.
  • There are numerous filter choices.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel.

Attendance indicated by app users and system users is managed together in the same report, with Attendance filtering functionality based on users and date.

A combined stage for the collection and aggregation of all trails created in serial form, providing a clear overview in the form of reports and case history.

Creating Trails

Regular trail arrangements at rapid and lightning speed to maintain the work tempo without failure. A controlled history of the trials was established by various recordings. A single platform with common sources and an overview for managing system trail creations and trail generation. Alert telephone users from the collectors in their field in real-time and live payment.

Automatic Creation of several bulk trail reports calculating the productivity and the efficiency. Reports like-:

  • Trail Report.
  • Collection Report.
  • Feedback Report.
  • Claim Paid Reports.
  • Intensity Reports.

Automation enhances both debt recovery time and collection procedure efficiency. The borrower, collection agent, and analytical insights are at the heart of every automated debt management system. Make it easier to generate bulk provisions and single arrangements with many sources, such as uploading excellent or adding disposition details manually.

A user-friendly software environment with a full overview on the same page that offers the case history for all provisions that have been produced with customizable arrangement features.

The software offers a reconciliation arrangement with the provisions of the collector Tele-caller and Field.

Collbox has a customizable disposition feature that provides both automatic loan arrangements and manual arrangements. In a single submission, the bulk disposition can be simply and automatically produced.

  • Automatic management of collections operations.
  • Automatic task creation based on the call disposition.
  • Automatically updating payment activity and status.
  • Automatic loan dispositions.
  • Automatic case allocation.
  • Automatic call activity recording.

The timetable for reconciliation is produced on a daily basis, maintained only by the recon users. Recon receives a report of the entire collection just received and makes the timetable. The creation of a loan reconciliation also allows the whole team to know if it is paid in cash or from other sources in the daily collection. The following is included in the schedule.

  • Total loan count included in the schedule.
  • Sub-total of the schedule.
  • Schedule payment type.
  • Other schedule essentials.

Once a plan for the loan numbers has been prepared, a final disposition should be produced in order to grant final permission for their payment. Because every included loan data is carefully verified by the recon user, it reduces the possibility of incorrect payment collection details.

Recon dispositions contain the amount of information and payment sources data; once the recon schedule is produced and the dispositions are created, the Tele-caller is notified so that they may change the status of the loan detail.

  • FLOW

Summarised report

Recon reports are also created of all the approved Loan Reconciliations. This recon report features :

  • Wide variety of search options.
  • Different view format.
  • Export functionality.

Collbox makes it far too simple to gather all of the allocation information for a given Field collector, as well as for Field collectors to obtain their allocations.

We have built a report for Field Collector that has one-page liner reports with all of the allocations for each Field Collector readily obtained. Collbox makes it easy for field collectors to obtain allocations and begin communicating with their clients. We were also able to display the allocation liner data on the app version for the Field collector.

A Liner print report is generated for Tele-callers in order to obtain the liner records of the Field collectors operating under them.

  • Wide filter options.
  • Normal view with maximum loan details.
  • Export to Excel.

Details in Liner Print are available to users in exported reports, and the app version has all of the information that Field Collectors should require. These Liner prints will assist the Field collector in reaching out to consumers in order to create their approach and collect from them.

Managing PTP and PTPDT records for system users and issuing reminders by reviewing records on a daily basis

PTP and PTPDT record creation and management

After marking the trail as PTP (Promise To Pay) and selecting a future PTP date while establishing the trail, the system punches the records for that PTP date and sets reminders based on all accessible PTP records for the signed-in users. On the PTP date, a notice appears, reminding the Tele-caller that this user has committed to pay on that day.

PTP breakdown, as well as all alerts

PTP breakdown tracks all PTP and PTPDT records that have crossed their expiration date but are still active on FLOW cases. These records are handled as a summary of the whole month’s breakdown on the dashboard.

Collbox software controls all payments, whether they are PAID collections received by the field collector or ONLINE PAID collections received by Tele-caller through call. It’s simple for you to keep track of all current and recent payments received by enabling you to set up Alerts and alerts.

Payment Generation

A simple payment posting method has been established, which runs concurrently with making the trail disposition for the payment collected. The procedure is to simply choose the form of payment, whether it is cash or a cheque/DD/online transaction, and then select the appropriate code for the disposition, either ONLINE PAID or PAID.

  • Claim Paid Report.
  • Collection Report.

Collbox software makes it simple for you to keep track of all current and recent payments received by enabling you to set up Alerts and alerts.

Receive alerts and notifications when critical events occur, such as a violated commitment to pay or planned follow-up calls.

AcmaTel guarantees that you will never miss a vital alert. Monitoring, ticketing, and chat features are all deeply integrated. Our notification system filters out the noise and alerts you across several channels, giving the information required for your team to begin resolution as soon as possible.

Notifications and Alerts

If any on-field collector marks any loan number as PAID or ONLINE PAID, a live notice appears. This will allow the Tele-caller to take action on the collection as soon as possible.

Live tracking technology is used to track the whereabouts of the field collector on a daily basis.

Accurate and pinpointed position tracker for obtaining a daily report of all on-field collectors, including visit information and trip distance details.

A professionally designed software for just field collectors that supports logins from all legitimate and accessible field collectors. This aids in tracking Field collectors’ every move once they have registered their attendance for the day. Attendance is crucial since it changes their working status to Working.

Once a field collector has indicated their attendance for the day, their current position will be shown on a map on my team page of the CAMS tracker, and the minute-to-minute monitoring of all such users may be viewed. On the field collectors detail page, there are extra features such as:-

  • Visit Count.
  • Hours Worked.
  • KM’S Travelled.
  • PTP and PTPDT count
  • Additional information related to their phones.

As an additional add-on to the above feature, the timeline is also managed for every field collector which includes all the information and actions performed by them since they are logged in. Few main features such as:

  • Attendance punch-in time and punch-out time.
  • Every visit detail is done.
  • Collection details.

Creating Reports

Automatic Visit reports are managed to see the productivity and monthly performance of every field collector.

The live monitor is the live monitoring of all the actions performed by the complete team in real-time.

Live Monitor updates the actions and approach of the team every single second to have a live view of the proceedings of the team.

Live monitoring includes monitoring below things:-

  • The approach of Tele-caller and Field collector.
  • Paid count.
  • Online Paid count.
  • Paid Collections.
  • Online Paid Collections.
  • RESOLVED cases count and collection amount.
  • ROLLBACK cases count and collection amount.

The live monitor also tracks the productivity and approach of all types of users. Productivity is set by the admin panel and the productivity of the users is managed according to that only. Productivity for the paid and online paid records are also sent along with the trail creation and visit marked records.

In order to make it easier for the field collector to exchange any information or to get any information from the upper ground team, a quick chat system is developed with a live chat system. This chat system is developed so that it doesn’t need the other user to be an app user, hence messages can be exchanged by the app and system users both.

Simultaneously, a chat module is being created for system users. System users may send messages to other system users, and system users can send messages to app users.

To-do list for the day for the many system necessities that are necessary from a system standpoint.

Alerts were placed on the To-Do List.

  • The approach of Tele-caller and Field collector.
  • PTP & PTPDT- Users who have Promised To Pay today based on a recent discussion with a telecaller or Field Collector.
  • Today CB- Users that requested a call back the next day based on their previous chat with Telecaller.
  • Calls Pending- A list of loan records where Telecallers have not yet phoned.
  • Visit Pending- A list of loan records that have yet to be visited by the Field Collector.
  • Recon Status Pending- Records that have had a recon produced but have not yet had their status updated.
  • F/C Status Pending- Records where money has been received by the Field Collector but the status has not yet been updated.
  • Broken PTPs- A list of users whose PTP expiration date has passed.

Detailed Users Performance Summary

Performance summary layout of the complete records containing the goods and elements, as well as for each specific user such as Supervisor, Team leader, Tele-caller, and Field collector.

Summary of Products and Elements

The dashboard with these characteristics shows a performance overview of all available records with goods and their elements:

  • Code Trend Matrix- All of the situations where debt collection is difficult.
  • Case Status Matrix- All of the FLOW, RESOLVED, and ROLLBACK cases from the entire number of records accessible.
  • Risk Bank Matrix- This matrix contains all of the risk band types from the available records.
  • Status Matrix- All POS from FLOW, RESOLVED, and ROLLBACK cases from all accessible records.

Summary of user allocation

Users’ allocation summary may be viewed in different PBR Summary reports, which contain everyone’s pending and completed allocated loan data, calculates their case with FLOW, RESOLVED, ROLLBACK cases, and payment collection done by each of them or individuals working under them. PBR Summary Reports are as follows:

  • Resolution Matrix- All the information about FLOW, RESOLVED, and ROLLBACK instances from all accessible records.
  • RTSB Summary- A summary of users who have completed the target in the current month and whose target has still to be met.
  • Payment Trend Matrix- Payment collection details for the entire month, as well as day-by-day collection details.
  • Code Trend Matrix- The dispositions code of a Tele-caller.
  • Code Break Matrix- Records that have PTP and PTPDT dispositions and are in the process of being paid.

Simply, work on your bank allocations data

Import your bank allocations from excel and automatically assign them to Tele-callers, team leaders, and field collectors.

Measure and improve your business’s operations

Enable your call center agents to work more effectively in their area of expertise, get productive results, and great client pleasure.

Integrate CRM / DAILER With your software

An integrated on-demand CRM and Contact Center can have a dramatic impact on your business. Get the combined reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use solution.

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