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AcmaTel PBX - Multi Tenant IP-PBX Solution

Increase productivity, improve corporate communication, and provide a quicker return on investment with AcmaTel's communications multi-tenant IP PBX Software.

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Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution

The Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software enables you to interact with your branch locations located across the world via a single platform, while also allowing individuals to contact you on your number without identifying your physical location.

AcmaTel brings luxurious IP PBX software for ITSPs and single-tenant IP PBX software for enterprises that can be configured to meet your specific demands through an unparalleled UI, UX, and connection from the office, through smartphones, and via a web interface. Our software – is designed for worldwide corporate communications. When you purchase AcmaTel PBX, you are indeed purchasing one of the top PBX software solutions, but also an investment in a solution that increases productivity streamlines corporate communication, and provides a faster return on investment. It’s unsurpassed when supported by our professional staff.

Product Deck


  • ITSP's
  • Banks
  • NBFC's
  • Start Up's
  • BPO's
  • Enterprises
  • Digital Agencies
  • Consulting Firms
  • Software Companies
  • IT and Tech Companies


To make your job easier and communication more convenient, AcmaTel solutions provide Unified Communications, which manages communication across different devices and locations with a variety of features.


The IP PBX software from AcmaTel enables organizations to incorporate a unified communication mechanism. AcmaTel PBX  is a sophisticated software solution for IT service providers (ISPs) looking to offer dedicated PBX services. The program includes multi-tenancy and customizable branding to help you increase your brand’s value and position yourself as a leader.

AcmaTel PBX software may be utilized from various locations with a centrally controlled communication system. Our unmatched mix of sophisticated PBX and uniform interface capabilities enables you to significantly increase corporate communication.


With AcmaTel PBX software, managing clients’ prepaid and postpaid invoicing is simpler than before. The multichannel contact program includes a sophisticated billing system that simplifies the billing procedure.

Furthermore, this IP PBX system includes a dual-channel payment system for the convenience of both you and your clients. It is connected with Stripe, PayPal, and CCAvenue payment gateways, which provide a variety of payment options.


  • Bills are issued to the consumer instantly.
  • Admin can examine invoices for mistakes and correct them.
  • Several Bill Plan setups are simple to handle.
  • Bill Plans are available in a variety of payment cycle combinations.
  • Numerous variations for currency labels may be utilized in Grading and Payment processing.
  • Notifications can be configured to keep consumers informed.
  • Numerous charge settings, including one-time and regular payments.
  • Numerous taxation labels and combinations of taxation components.
  • Configure different rates for domestic, national, and international calls.
  • The charge for DID calls and services.
  • Tenants can pay using the included payment gateway, which generates invoices and confirms recharges automatically.
  • CDR with detailed information and various reports.
  • Customers have the option of changing their billing plan.


  • Bill prepaid consumers in real-time.
  • Create alerts and send emails automatically to inform users of imminent expiration or low balance.
  • Manage thousands of prepaid clients effortlessly using multi-tenant software.
  • Configure various intervals such as service inactivation and termination, as well as associated notifications.


  • Billing at the carrier level, suited for large clients, with a variety of customizable modules for setting invoicing rates for various services.
  • A pay-as-you-go option is available.
  • Management of termination costs if consumers terminate services before the end of a certain period.

Auto-provisioning is a feature of AcmaTel’s creative and innovative IP PBX system that significantly enhances functionality and eliminates manual procedures. Customers can self-configure and modify services using a chrome browser.

Using our IP PBX software’s auto-provisioning function, you can provide uninterrupted, effective service. Simply select this solution to boost the reliability and efficiency of your operations.


It’s simple to configure virtually any model of SIP-based IP phone for use with AcmaTel’s IP PBX software. There is no need to configure the login information manually.

This is advantageous for distant employees and companies migrating from old IP phones to AcmaTel IP PBX.

With no need for manual intervention, relocate the phone by just plugging the Ethernet wire into the phone and entering the provisioning URL.

AcmaTel’s IP PBX is equipped with audio conferencing capabilities. The voice conferencing functionality is available in both a multi-tenant and a single-tenant edition of the extension. It enables collaboration between staff employees and an external caller, as well as between two teams.

Whether your objective is to increase distant communication or to strengthen internal team relationships, AcmaTel teleconference works perfectly. This product’s outstanding characteristics make it a favored choice for enhancing corporate communication.


  • AcmaTel’s IP PBX conferencing functionality is scalable and automatically adjusts to the number of participants.
  • Options for muting/unmuting.
  • Record your conference conversations.
  • VoIP connections and audio streams are completely encrypted and protected.
  • To join in the conversation, you may use the Chrome Extension.

Increase your firm’s progress with accurate data and make knowledgeable strategic decisions. AcmaTel PBX enables real-time statistics and reporting to track your consumers’ journeys and company growth. Daily, businesses manage a high amount of domestic and foreign calls.

AcmaTel PBX’s statistics and dashboards are excellent tools for organizing, managing, and methodically optimizing data. The service allows real-time monitoring and analysis to provide quick access to information from all client conversations, allowing for the differentiation of call behaviors. Moreover, the detailed insights gleaned from inbound and outgoing conversations serve as a lighthouse for Enterprise.


  • Comprehensive examinations of the data
  • Results that are easily deployable and scalable
  • Determine the specific changes that your firm needs
  • Compile and evaluate Indicators of Key Achievement (KPI)
  • Maintain a central repository for all necessary information

AcmaTel’s IP PBX software offers built-in payment channel connectivity. Postpaid customers receive an invoice and can select the method of payment to enable the payment system and pay a bill directly from the application.

All such operations will be accessible through relevant reports, and information may be exported to a third party through API. With the range of payment gateway options available, you can provide your clients with easy, rapid payment methods.


  • Debit and Credit Cards.
  • Payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and CCAvenue are all connected.
  • Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), secured and encrypted payments.

Numerous benefits accrue from the LCR function, including a simplified communication procedure, cost-effective solutions, call placement via the highest-quality channel, and efficient administration of international calls.


  • To put it simply, LCR monitors dynamic rates from various providers to the endpoint and then dynamically picks the optimal route.
  • While determining rates, the LCR function also determines the carriers’ priority for calls to be routed via the network using the highest-level routing technique.


  • For organizations that make thousands of calls across regional borders regularly, the LCR function is a godsend.
  • It intelligently selects the optimum path for the communication to proceed smoothly and with the highest possible audio quality.
  • It cuts the cost by hundreds of dollars by taking the cheapest path possible.

The Busy Lamp Field is a very valuable and vital feature of IP-PBX systems. Whenever an IP Phone is in use, a light indicates that the line extension is busy. If you are using a softphone, a red or green dot appears on the screen to signify that the extension is still in use.

A green light indicates that the extension is available for communication, while a flashing red light indicates that the phone is being contacted. If the extension is continuously red, it is in use or the user is unavailable. Choose AcmaTel PBX and take advantage of the intelligent features that enhance the client experience!


The blinking light notifies the called individual of an incoming call. If the individual is unavailable, another person can take the call. Notably, one IP phone may display the connection status of yet another IP phone, allowing for pickup or call transfer from another extension.

The BLF functionality can be set in such a way that priority extension numbers are linked with it. In such circumstances, the keys can be utilized to contact your chosen extensions inside a large workplace through speed dial.


AcmaTel PBX software has add-on capabilities that enhance the system’s attractiveness and value. The Reseller Module is one such add-on functionality. The Reseller Module enables ITSPs, ISPs,  and Telecom companies to add Resellers and therefore expand their PBX service offerings to their Reseller’s clients. The Reseller Module is very identical to the admin module, however, it comes with some severe rules.

The critical distinction between an administrator and a reseller is that an administrator may establish numerous resellers, but a reseller cannot establish sub-resellers. They are limited to selling services to their renters.


Simple to Use: The reseller module is really simple to use. Resellers can create numerous renters and tax them based on their service consumption through the portal.

No Significant Investment: Resellers are not required to make any significant investments. Users will be billed by the administrator for any services they choose to offer to their renters depending on the off-line arrangement.

Multiple Users: The reseller can create an unlimited number of gateway users.


AcmaTel IP PBX software is intended to handle more than 1000 simultaneous conversations and tens of thousands of connections on a central server. Numerous sophisticated capabilities enable the system to efficiently handle a high number of traffic and overall corporate activities. AcmaTel has released various add-on capabilities to enhance the system’s efficiency. Queue Pro is one such add-on functionality.


Accessibility to Several Call Queues:- The administrator can choose a call queue to obtain real-time information on the status of the callers and the agents. Furthermore, data from various call queues can be retrieved concurrently.

Full View:- Using the Queue Pro dashboard, administrators may picture a holistic view of call queues in real time. They have access to both current and historical call activity data. Also, they may monitor the agent’s effectiveness.

Capability to Make Rational Choices:- Management can make well-informed business growth decisions based on a full picture of all facts.


Send messages to consumers in a matter of seconds. AcmaTel IP PBX enables easy SMS integration, allowing you to communicate with your target audience fast and efficiently. With this module integration, it’s simpler to remain in touch with end consumers and tell them about a business update or promotional offer.


Increased Productivity:- The connection enables the sending and receiving of SMS messages to be completed seamlessly. This speeds up and streamlines the procedure, which contributes to increased production.

Tracking Messages:- The connection enables users to monitor and monitor the delivery of messages via a report.

Rapid and Effective SMS Sending:- The integration enables rapid and efficient SMS sending.


Providers of International Telephone Networks and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can use the SIP Trunking service to deliver services to their consumers and route calls according to company requirements. Furthermore, the SIP trunking technology can assist in resolving scaling, management, and convergence concerns.


Ease of Configuration:- The renter user may set up the SIP trunks to manage incoming and outbound calls with ease.

Highly Secure:- IP trunk and verification trunk options provide complete security for calls made through SIP trunks.

Simplified Network:- It eliminates the need for numerous fixed PSTN lines in favor of one link SIP trunk connection.

There are a lot of voice recognition APIs available today. When it comes to converting an audio file to writing, the Google API is one of the most commonly utilized.

The AcmaTel PBX is connected with the Google API to enable transcribing of voice or audio messages. When a client leaves a voicemail on the AcmaTel PBX system, the PBX system will use the Google API to convert the voice message to a Pdf format and then deliver it to the client.


Recording Discussions:- Businesses may use the call transcription function to maintain track of discussions between clients and extensions. These data can be retained for research or instructional reasons in the future.

Simple Follow-Up:- Transcribing an audio or speech recording into written text enables simple follow-up with the consumer.

  • Multiple Languages
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Voice Recording
  • Call Via Video
  • Analyses & Reports in Real-Time
  • Voicemail
  • Blocking Caller-ID
  • IVR with several levels
  • Automatic Distribution of Calls
  • Telephone Directory
  • Whitelist and Blacklist functionality
  • Paging
  • Direct Access to the System
  • Call Rerouting
  • Screening of Telephone Calls
  • Pickup for Groups/Extensions
  • Return to Call
  • Barge-in
  • Whisper
  • Acceptance with Restrictions
  • Rejection on a Selective/Anonymous Basis
  • Locate/Follow Me

Operate from anywhere with central communication

Make the process more convenient with unified communications, which manages communication across different devices and locations.

Get a cost-effective conferencing solution

An audio conferencing application that is ideal for all your conferencing needs. cost-effective solution that meets your business’s conferencing needs.

Interact with your multiple locations all over the world

In this age of fast digitalization, failing to adopt cutting-edge communications technology can compromise operations and leave you behind in this business world.

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