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Hub Connect

Hub Connect is an extraordinary and unique point-to-multi-point connectivity answer for businesses that is reliable and safe to connect to multiple office branches.

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Hub Connect

We are offering our leased line product portfolio, Hub Connect is a unique single point-to-multipoint connectivity solution for businesses. It is reliable, safe, secure. and scalable way to connect with multiple offices including your cloud service providers (CSPs) such as Google, AWS, IBM, and Azure.

As against traditional Point-to-Point network setups that require innumerable ports to connect different client locations with your data center, the Hub Connect network setup offers multiple links to be connected through a single port. The links are separated by VLANs over the port.

With the Hub Connect Solution, you can achieve high-speed delivery of data packets and manage customer links to your center more effectively. Adding or deleting sites is so easy with no interruption to the traffic flow between the hub and other locations.

IT and ITeS enterprises, BFSI organizations, manufacturing companies, and any establishment that uses hosted services can connect its data center to offices uninterruptedly. Hub Connect ensures better business continuity for all. It can also be integrated with MPLS and all major data centers.




Straight-away connects the data centre and client locations via the cloud, with no local breakout in between


Future-Ready & Scalable

Adding or deleting sites is so easy and can upgrade bandwidth from 10 MBPS to N*1 Gig



Since we have already created capacity at key hubs, the benefits of volume from the hub are passed on to TTBS customers along with the benefits of low OpEx


Cloud Integration

Our solution is integrated with (CSPs) cloud service providers such as Google, AWS, Azure, and IBM, ensuring stable and dedicated access to cloud services with high throughput

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