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Improve the customer experience. Maintain your current contact centre while incorporating new cloud capabilities such as digital channels, AI, workflow automation, and more with Avaya. Make a name for yourself by providing enjoyable experiences. When connecting with customers, make it simple, satisfying, and personalised. You can move faster, route more seamlessly, and shape outcomes with AI, actionable insights, and empowered teams.

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Avaya 1120E IP Deskphone

The Avaya / Nortel IP 1120E device is a business-oriented telephone with multiple lines and an LCD screen. The IP 1120E has a wide range of options and functions, including a high-resolution greyscale LCD for displaying data and web-based applications.

Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone

The Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone is intended for walk-in and daily users. It's ideal for common areas in offices, lobbies, stockrooms, and drop-in desks. Customers and visitors are examples of walkup users who prefer a phone with a simple, familiar interface. It's also ideal for regular phone users for whom a phone isn't the only critical piece of their communication needs.

Avaya Vantage K155 Multimedia Device

The Avaya Vantage K155 Multimedia Device represents a robust and flexible tool capable of fulfilling numerous functions. Its capabilities encompass but are not limited to voice calls, video conferencing, collaboration, and much more. Operating on the Android platform, this device boasts a spacious, vibrant touchscreen, an integrated camera for video functionality, and a mechanical dial pad. Moreover, the K155 demonstrates compatibility with an extensive array of headsets and peripherals, widening its range of applications.

Avaya 1408 Digital Deskphone

The Avaya 1408 Digital Deskphone is a low-cost, full-featured phone that is ideal for light to moderate phone users. The Avaya 1408 is IP Office Release 6.0 compatible. The Avaya 1408 Digital Deskphone was designed for users who rely on multiple modes of communication, such as phone and email. While they require quality in a phone, their overall use is light or simple.

Avaya J159 IP Deskphone

The Avaya IX IP Phone J159 is a button-heavy IP Phone designed to meet the needs of everyday voice communications. It is available in Cobalt Black and is aimed at users who want a small form factor with a lot of feature buttons.

Avaya J100EM IP Phones

With a modern design and the most recent SIP-based IP connections for multi-media communication, the Avaya J100 Series portfolio was created to improve desktop user experiences. The J100 series includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for those who require their phones to be constantly connected.

Avaya J129 IP Phone

The Avaya J129 is a low-cost IP phone that offers secure, dependable, and basic voice communications. The J129 supports SIP telephony, allowing businesses to replace older analog or digital phones with modern technology. The J129 is a one-line phone that can handle two simultaneous calls.

Avaya 1416 Digital Deskphone

The Avaya 1416 Digital Deskphone is ideal for navigator users. Customers are transferred, incoming calls are answered, and a large number of lines are monitored throughout the day. Managers, receptionists, and assistants are all examples of this. The Avaya 1416 offers the most one-touch line, features, and speed-dial keys without the need for scrolling.

Avaya 9608G IP Deskphone

The Avaya 9608G IP Deskphone is a low-cost, highly functional phone that supports combined gigabit. This desk phone is intended for small to medium-sized businesses and includes 8 lines and graphical labels that can be managed centrally. A contact center software adaptation makes it easier to access greetings, agent status updates, in-queue call monitoring, and other features.

Avaya J139 IP Deskphone

The Avaya J139 IP Phone stands as a communication device brimming with advanced features tailored to elevate efficiency and collaboration in corporate settings. Boasting an elegant and ergonomic design, the J139 delivers a user-friendly interface and impeccable audio clarity. This IP phone encompasses a wide array of indispensable functions including call forwarding, call transfer, conference calling, and voicemail, ensuring seamless communication throughout your organization. Furthermore, the J139 seamlessly integrates with renowned unified communication platforms, empowering users with access to cutting-edge communication tools and streamlined workflows. Offering affordability and reliability, the Avaya J139 IP Phone emerges as a remarkable choice for businesses in search of a cost-effective solution to optimize their communication infrastructure.

Avaya B109 Conference Phone

A personal speakerphone, the B109 Conference Phone. It's small and portable, and it'll easily fit inside your briefcase wherever you go. Despite its small size, the OmniSound audio technology in the B109 Conference Phone produces crystal-clear sound. It's ideal for a meeting with a few coworkers in one of your smaller conference rooms.

Avaya J179 IP Phone

Avaya J179 IP Phone is a high-performance communication device that offers advanced audio and call features, enhanced security, and flexible deployment options. Its large color display, PoE support, and easy configuration and management make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable and feature-rich communication solution.

Avaya 9504 Digital Deskphone

The Avaya 9504 Digital Deskphone offers a sleek and functional communication solution. With its user-friendly interface, high-quality audio, and customizable features, this deskphone enhances productivity in any business environment. Its compact design and advanced capabilities make it a reliable choice for efficient and seamless communication.

Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone

The Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone is a versatile SIP-based conference phone that is ideal for businesses that use IP telephony. It is equipped with the patented audio technology OmniSound 2.0 with a wideband from Konftels to ensure a clear and natural sound.

Avaya B149 Conference Phone

The easy-to-use, sophisticated conference calling solution with crystal-clear audio and intelligent productivity features. The B149, with its plug-and-play simplicity and sleek design, is ready to give your teams greater flexibility and productivity.
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