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Yeastar TG800 GSM Gateway

The Yeastar TG800 VOIP GSM Gateway is a well-known GSM gateway that is used to establish a two-way connection between VoIP and GSM networks.

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This Yeastar TG800 GSM Gateway is ideal for connecting IP-PBXs and soft switches to GSM networks. Furthermore, it is an excellent solution for landline outages. The Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG800 features a sturdy design, a plethora of features, and cost-effective communication cost management. This product is simple to use, with intuitive and simple web-based preferences that help save time. When it comes to stability and high-end performance, you can rely on it. This is due to the advanced software and hardware architecture employed by this GSM gateway. Interoperability is also achieved with IP-PBX, PBX soft switches such as Lync Server, and Elastix. This VoIP GSM gateway includes 8 GSM channels for connecting IP systems to the GSM network. This gateway was created to reduce phone calls by determining the most cost-effective route among the channels. Furthermore, it employs a low-cost SIM card to reduce additional costs.

Features of  Yeastar TG800

  • communicates via 850/900/1800/1900MHz network types and the SIP IAX2 (RFC3261) protocol.
  • For effective echo cancellation, an ITU-T G.168 LEC module has been added to the device.
  • LAN speed of 1 (10/100Mbps).
  • configuration includes Static IP DHCP Client Firewall VLAN DDNS QoS OpenVPN, which is ideal for high-end communication and connectivity.
  • dimensions of 340x210x44mm and a power supply of AC 100-240V at 50/60Hz and a maximum current of 1.5A. Furthermore, the device’s operating temperature range is 0-40C (32 to 104F).
  • If the user intends to store it unused, the temperature range is set to -20 to 65C (4 to 149F).
  • Furthermore, the humidity levels must be non-condensing 10-90 percent.
  •  low-cost gateway for connecting calls that do not require complicated installation.
  • comes with a slew of features designed to provide high-quality sound for everyday use.

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Product Specification


Voip Features
Antenna splitter (4 in 1) RFC2833, SIP INFO, In-band
CDMA Frequency SIP, IAX2
Console Port 1 10/100Mbps
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1
Echo Cancellation AC 100-240V
GSM Frequency Static NAT, STUN
Humidity Termination (VoIP to GSM/CDMA/UMTS), Origination (GSM/CDMA/UMTS to VoIP)
LAN 850/1900 MHz, 850/2100 MHz, 900/2100 MHz
Mobile 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
NAT Traversal G.711 (alaw/ulaw), G.722, G.726, G.729A, GSM, ADPCM, Speex
Network 10-90% non-condensing
Network Protocol 340 x 210 x 44
Operation Range DHCP, DDNS, Firewall, OpenVPN, Static IP, QoS, Static Route, VLAN
Power Supply 800 MHz
Protocol 8 GSM/CDMA/UMTS Channels
Storage Range -20°C to 65°C, -4°F to 149°F
Transport FTP, TFTP, HTTP, SSH
UMTS Frequency 0°C to 40°C, 32°F to 104°F
Voice Codec Support

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