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Patton connects real-world customer challenges with high-quality, right-priced technology solutions and helps customers solve problems by combining high-value products and solutions with unrivaled customer service and technical support. It has designed and built everything from connectivity devices that connect "this-with-that", to carrier-grade Telecom equipment that connects subscribers to service providers. Patton is all about connections.

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Patton SN4740 Voip Gateway

With the SN4740 VoIP Gateway, you can protect your investments in legacy phone equipment while taking the next steps toward unified communications.

Patton SN4316/JS/UI Voip Gateway

You can connect your VoIP phone system to up to 16 PSTN lines for local phone access or failover using the 16 ports on the Patton SN4316 FXO gateway.

Patton 4141 SmartNode Gateway

The SmartNode 4141 Series VoIP Media Gateways support up to eight phone connections, allowing legacy equipment to be integrated into a UCC environment.

Patton SN4114/2JS2JO/EUI Voip Gateway

Web-based management, SNMP, and a command-line interface make management and provisioning simple. Automated mass provisioning for large-scale deployment efficiency.

Patton SN4332/JS/UI Voip Gateway

The Patton SmartNode SN4332/JS/UI 32 port FXS, RJ21 Analogue VoIP Gateway connects phones via 12 to 32 analog FXS or FXO interfaces.

Patton SN5300/4B/EUI IP PBX

The SN5300 supports protocol conversion between two networks in order to solve interoperability issues for devices that only use SIP TCP signaling.
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