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Dinstar offers a wide variety of products such as Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways, session border controllers (SBCs), mobile switches, and soft switches. The products are used by service providers, enterprises, and government organizations to offer voice and data services over the Internet. Its main focus is on providing high-quality, innovative solutions that help its customers to deliver reliable and cost-effective communication services to their end-users.

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Dinstar DP85 Dual button SIP Video Intercom

The Dinstar DP85 Dual Button SIP Video Intercom is a dependable and user-friendly communication device that provides secure and convenient access control for a variety of applications. The combination of high-quality audio and video transmission technology, as well as ease of integration with IP phone systems, making it an excellent alternative for organisations seeking a modern and effective access control solution.
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Dinstar UC100 All-in-one Box UC Gateway

Dinstar UC Gateway's UC100 All-in-One Box is a multi-operational gateway that integrates data and telephony services. This allows the device to deploy a powerful routing scheme. Through adaptive functionality, the UC-100 matches the FXO impedance with exchange support for the local extension.
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Dinstar DAG2500 72S FXS Gateway

The Dinstar DAG2500 72S FXS Gateway offers exceptional performance as a voice gateway specially crafted for the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to integrate analog phones or fax machines into their VoIP network. With an impressive capacity of 72 FXS ports, this gateway can effortlessly connect up to 72 analog phones or fax machines. Moreover, it boasts comprehensive support for an array of voice codecs, such as G.711A/U, G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726, and iLBC.
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Dinstar MTG3000 High Density Digital VoIP Gateway

The Dinstar MTG3000 High Density Digital VoIP Gateway offers a dependable and budget-friendly answer for enterprises and service providers aiming to link their digital telephone systems with IP-based networks. Its cutting-edge functionalities and seamless integration with popular VoIP platforms position it as the perfect selection for fulfilling high-capacity digital telephony connectivity requirements in business communications.
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Dinstar DAG3000-112S 112 Port FXS Gateway

Dinstar's DAG3000 series VoIP Gateway provides improved voice innovation for adjacent PBX frameworks, legacy phones (POTS), and fax machines over IP-based communication systems. The DAG3000 gateway unit has a flexible configuration and adoption design for the FXS/FXO transmission line. It has the largest number of FXO and FXS lines (112) and aims to install VoIP with reasonable contact center capabilities.
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Dinstar A810 Android Video IP Phone

The Dinstar A810 Android Video IP Phone stands as a dependable and safeguarded apparatus, presenting cutting-edge functionalities and adaptable connectivity choices. Consequently, it emerges as a perfect resolution for enterprises of modest to moderate size, seeking superior voice and video communication capabilities.
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Dinstar UC2500 IP PBX

Dinstar UC2500 IP PBX is a cutting-edge phone system that offers unparalleled value for businesses and home users alike. This phone system is a smart investment for any home or office, as it is designed to be expandable and can easily connect to any other phone system, computer, tablet, or smartphone.
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Dinstar UC350 High-end IP PBX

The Dinstar UC350 High-end IP PBX is a dependable and feature-rich phone system ideal for medium to large-sized organisations with sophisticated telephony needs. Its modular design and sophisticated features make it a perfect alternative for enterprises that want a highly configurable and scalable phone system.
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Dinstar DP70 SIP Intercom

The Dinstar DP70 SIP Intercom stands as an exceptional intercom solution meticulously crafted to cater to diverse settings, encompassing corporate establishments, residential complexes, and communal areas. Leveraging the robustness of the SIP protocol, this intercom system seamlessly integrates with an extensive array of IP phone systems and other SIP-enabled devices.
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Dinstar C62U/C62UP Color Screen IP Phone

The Dinstar C62U/C62UP Color Screen IP Phone is an exceptional, fully-featured, and budget-friendly VoIP phone created specifically for enterprises spanning various scales. It incorporates cutting-edge call administration capabilities, top-notch audio output, and an intuitive interface, making it an unparalleled choice.
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