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Dinstar offers a wide variety of products such as Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways, session border controllers (SBCs), mobile switches, and soft switches. The products are used by service providers, enterprises, and government organizations to offer voice and data services over the Internet. Its main focus is on providing high-quality, innovative solutions that help its customers to deliver reliable and cost-effective communication services to their end-users.

There are 75 products.

Dinstar MTG2000B High Availability Digital VoIP Gateway

MTG2000B is a carrier-grade digital VoIP gateway with high availability (HA) and redundant MCUs and power supplies, scalable from 4 to 16 ports E1/T1. It offers carrier-grade VoIP and FoIP services, as well as value-added features like modem and voice recognition. It provides users with a flexible, high-efficiency, future-oriented communication network that is highly maintainable, manageable, and operable.

Dinstar DAG1000-4O FXO Gateway

DAG1000-4O/8O FXO Dinstar An IP-based access gateway is a VoIP analog gateway. Offer low-cost, easy-to-use VoIP solutions for small businesses, family offices, remote offices, and branch offices.

Dinstar DAG1000 4 Port FXS and 4 Port FXO VoIP Gateway

These connect the analog phone system to the PSTN fixed transmission lines at the same time. It comes with a SIP account that supports both primary and secondary protocols. Flexible FXO port modules are also included with the unit. The gateway also has a caller ID with several SIP trunks. The device's high-end versatility is provided by the use of manipulation and routing rules. The DAG2000-4S40 gateway hybrid device provides excellent VLAN administration, as well as data and voice control.

Dinstar DAG1000-4S – 4 FXS Analog VoIP Gateway

The DAG1000-4S(GE) is a multi-functional analogue telephone adapter that connects IP Telephony networks to legacy telephones (POTS), fax machines, and PBX systems. It is compatible with leading IMS/NGN platforms and SIP-based IP Telephony systems thanks to the standard SIP protocol. It has four FXS ports, fax over IP, and customizable dial plans. The device, which provides high-quality and dependable voice-over-IP service, is ideal for call centres, small and medium enterprises, SOHO, and residential users.

Dinstar DAG3000-32S Analog VoIP Gateway

The DAG3000-32S/O supports the SIP protocol and is compatible with leading IMS/NGN platforms as well as SIP-based IP telephony systems. This is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, call centers, and multi-location environments that require VoIP services.

Dinstar MTG2000 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway

MTG2000 is a carrier-grade intelligent Digital VoIP gateway with 4 to 20 E1/T1 ports. It offers carrier-grade VoIP and FoIP services, as well as value-added features like modem and voice recognition. It provides users with a flexible, high-efficiency, future-oriented communication network that is highly maintainable, manageable, and operable.

Dinstar UC2000-VH(EOL) GSM VoIP Gateway

DINSTAR UC2000-VH series GSM VoIP Gateway is a 64-channel wireless gateway based on DINSTAR's new hardware platform and powerful embedded CPU, leveraging state-of-the-art and latest VoIP / SIP technology, allowing for seamless transit between mobile and VoIP networks. With up to 64 concurrent calls and an LCD display, it is a one-of-a-kind choice in the market for users who require a higher capacity wireless gateway in a single box.  

Dinstar C60U/C60UP Entry Level IP Phone

The C60U/C60UP is based on cutting-edge SIP technology that is ideal for all types of business communication. It features a 132x64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight, an elegant and intuitive user interface, and a good user experience.

Dinstar C64G/C64GP High-end Business IP Phone

The Dinstar C64G/GP is a high-end business-oriented HD IP phone. Elegant appearance, excellent performance, and adaptability to a variety of environments. The 3.5"320 x 480 pixel Graphical LCD with Back-light provides excellent visual effects. Excellent HD voice quality and a wide range of system functions to meet the needs of all users.

Dinstar SBC 1000 Session Border Controller

The SBC 1000 is the smallest member of Ribbon's SBC family, but don't be fooled by its small size. It makes use of the same powerful software that is used in larger models and cloud-based services.

Dinstar UC2500 IP PBX

Dinstar Unified Gateway UC2500 is a voice gateway that serves as the foundation of your unified communications (UC) solution. It is based on the X86 platform and allows users to instal third-party PBX software with ease. Users can connect to SIP trunks, PSTN, legacy PBX, analogue phones, fax machines, and IP phones flexibly thanks to modular and hot swappable interface boards of FXS/FXO/E1/T1/LTE/GSM and an open API.  

Dinstar MTG200 PRI Gateway

MTG200 offers an affordable trunk gateway unit with a layout designed in particular for open source businesses.
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