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Dinstar UC2000-VH(EOL) GSM VoIP Gateway

The Dinstar UC2000-VH(EOL) GSM VoIP Gateway serves as a remarkable tool for both businesses and individuals, enabling them to seamlessly utilize their voice over IP service via their current analog voice network. With support for both 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies, this cutting-edge GSM gateway delivers exceptional performance. It boasts an impressive capacity, facilitating up to 200 voice sessions, while covering an extensive range of 1.2 miles outdoors or 0.3 miles indoors.

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Step into the realm of effortless communication with the revolutionary Dinstar UC2000-VH(EOL) GSM VoIP Gateway. This cutting-edge gateway revolutionizes the way businesses unite their conventional phone systems with GSM networks, offering unrivaled ease and substantial savings. Whether you’re an aspiring small enterprise striving to optimize your communication framework or a prominent corporation aiming to extend your influence, the UC2000-VH(EOL) Gateway presents an ideal resolution.

Experience impeccable voice call clarity, powerful SMS functionalities, and dependable data transfer with the remarkable Dinstar UC2000-VH(EOL) GSM VoIP Gateway. Seamlessly blending into your current PBX system, this gateway enables you to harness the advantages of VoIP technology while utilizing the GSM network for seamless connectivity.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Voice Quality: Experience excellent call clarity and reliability with the UC2000-VH Gateway.
  • Flexible Configuration: The gateway supports various codecs and protocols, ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure.
  • Advanced SMS Capabilities: Send and receive SMS messages directly through the gateway, streamlining your business communication.
  • Reliable Data Transmission: Enjoy fast and reliable data transmission over the GSM network.
  • Remote Management: Easily configure and manage the gateway remotely for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Cost Savings: Leverage GSM networks to reduce communication costs, particularly for long-distance and international calls.
  • Scalability: The UC2000-VH Gateway supports multiple SIM cards, enabling concurrent calls and expanding your communication capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the UC2000-VH Gateway with my existing PBX system?

Absolutely! The UC2000-VH Gateway seamlessly integrates with your current PBX system, making it easy to leverage the benefits of VoIP while utilizing GSM connectivity.

  • How many SIM cards can the UC2000-VH Gateway support?

The UC2000-VH Gateway can support multiple SIM cards, allowing for concurrent calls and expanding your communication capacity.

  • Can I manage the gateway remotely?

Yes, the UC2000-VH Gateway offers remote management capabilities, making configuration and maintenance a breeze.

uc2000-vh(eol) gsm voip gateway

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