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Dinstar GSM Gateway

Dinstar GSM Gateway is a single point of access to the Mobile Network from another network using SIMs or any facility that allows automated calls or the transmission of automated text and data using SIMs.

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Dinstar DWG2000E-4G 4 Port Gateway

The DWG2000E-4G provides a 4-channel tunnel that easily conceals several systems. GSM systems with quad-and recurrences of 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and CDMA systems with recurrences of 800 MHz are included. Aside from that, the unit has VoIP and PSTN hotlines. The DWG2000E is an excellent device for control rules and adaptive dial rules, as it can handle up to 8 simultaneous calls at the same time.

Dinstar UC2000-VA(EOL) GSM VoIP Gateway

Dinstar UC2000-VA is a single-channel GSM VoIP Gateway that allows voice and SMS to be transmitted between mobile and VoIP networks. It is suitable for enterprises, multi-site organizations, call terminators, and areas with limited landlines, such as rural areas, due to its integrated GSM connectivity and SIP protocol compatibility with mainstream VoIP platforms.

Dinstar UC100 All-in-one Box UC Gateway

Dinstar UC Gateway's UC100 All-in-One Box is a multi-operational gateway that integrates data and telephony services. This allows the device to deploy a powerful routing scheme. Through adaptive functionality, the UC-100 matches the FXO impedance with exchange support for the local extension.

Dinstar UC100(LTE) All-in-one UC Gateway

The Dinstar UC-100 multi-channel gateway provides phone and data integration as well as multi-network capabilities. The device provides a user-friendly interface for the web world, with a Wi-Fi hotspot and high-speed NAT traversal. Thanks to the 32 SIP extensions included in its built-in SIP server system, it may be operated in a variety of ways.

Dinstar Multi-SIM Gateway GSM/3G/4G Gateway

Dinstar Multi-SIM VoIP GSM/3G/4G gateway employs cutting-edge Multi-SIM technology, with 4 SIM slots per 1 GSM/3G/4G channel, allowing for seamless transit between mobile and VoIP networks.

Dinstar DWG2000E-8G 8 Port GSM Gateway

Dinstar's DWG2000E-8G gateway has a multi-purpose device for robust VoIP and mobile network connections. The DWG2000C line of devices by the corporation can give better functionality with this VoIP gateway unit. The device's software and hardware features have been enhanced to make it more user-friendly. The Dinstar DWG2000E-8body G's has been streamlined with the addition of a pop-up SIM slot. It also provides SIM bank and SIM cloud options to the device, making it easier to use. The device includes a 4-to-1 antenna splitter for increased power and more space.

Dinstar DPA SIP Paging Gateway

Streamline your communication system with this powerful device. It seamlessly integrates SIP and paging functionality, enabling efficient broadcasting of announcements and notifications across multiple locations. With its robust features and easy setup, the Dinstar DPA SIP Paging Gateway is the ultimate solution for enhancing collaboration and improving communication efficiency in any organization. Upgrade your paging system today!

Dinstar UC2000-VE GSM/WCDMA/LTE VoIP Gateway

Dinstar UC2000-VE is a 4 or 8 channel GSM/3G/4G VoIP Gateway with a compact field-proven hardware design that is used to smoothly transit between mobile and VoIP networks for voice and SMS transmission.

Dinstar DAG3000-32S Analog VoIP Gateway

For businesses and service providers looking to connect analog phone systems to IP-based phone systems, the Dinstar DAG3000-32S Analog VoIP Gateway is a dependable and effective option. Its high level elements, simplicity of establishment and design, and excellent sound capacities pursue it an ideal decision for a scope of utilizations and use cases.
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