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Sangoma Products

Sangoma specializes in the development and production of communication technologies, particularly for the telephony and data communication industries. Its product line includes hardware and software solutions for IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, E1/T1/PRI/FXO interface cards, and session border controllers and is known for providing high-quality, reliable communication solutions that are used by businesses, organizations, and service providers around the world.

There are 94 products.

Dinstar Session Border Controller 3000

Dinstar SBC3000 provides rich SIP-based services such as safe network access, robust security, system interconnectivity, flexible session routing & policy management, QoS, media transcoding, and media processing for small-and-medium telecommunication operators.

Sangoma PBXAct 5000 Phone System

PBXact 5000 is a premise-based IP-PBX appliance built for large enterprise contact centers looking to seamlessly integrate IP phones, VoIP trunks, PSTN connectivity.

Sangoma TE 820 Octal Span

The Sangoma TE820 Octal Span stands out as a potent and adaptable digital telephony card, encompassing cutting-edge functionalities and attributes. This exceptional solution caters to extensive telephony deployments, delivering unparalleled voice communication quality, versatile configuration choices, and effortless setup and administration. Consequently, it garners significant attention from enterprises seeking to enhance their communication capabilities.

Sangoma PBXAct 2000 Phone System

PBXact 2000 is a premise-based IP-PBX appliance built for large enterprises and contact centers looking to seamlessly integrate IP phones, VoIP trunks, PSTN connectivity.

Sangoma S-505 S-Series IP Phone

For users who are often on the phone, the Sangoma S-505 is a mid-level IP phone with sophisticated capabilities, line support, and usability options.

Sangoma A200 Analog Card (FXO/FXS)

A200 2 – 24 Port Scalable FXO/FXS for optimum echo-canceled voice quality and enhancement choose the A200D Model with echo cancellation hardware.

Sangoma D150 Transcoding Card

The Sangoma D150 Transcoding Cards include 30 to 400 transcoding sessions, are field upgradeable, do not require licensing, and work with Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. If you want to save bandwidth or improve voice quality, don't settle for host-based software licenses that increase CPU load unnecessarily. Instead, go with Sangoma's D150 Series.

Sangoma PBXAct 1200 Phone System

PBXact 1200 is a premise-based appliance built for mid-sized enterprises and branch office locations looking to seamlessly integrate IP phones, VoIP trunks, and PSTN connectivity.

Sangoma D500 Transcoding Cards

The D500 is compatible with both Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. These applications can use Sangoma's compatible drivers to use the D500 cards as seamless voice transcoding resources. Developers and integrators can also use the Transcoding API in C to create their own applications.

Sangoma P310 IP Phone

The P310 phones have 2.4-inch backlit color LCDs with 320 x 240 pixels, four feature keys, four context-sensitive soft keys, and six-way key navigation.

Sangoma G400 Digital Gateways

The G400 gateway is the most cost-effective way to connect disparate traditional telephony topologies (T1/E1/PRI) to IP (SIP). Digium manages the gateway, which is based on the Asterisk communications engine and allows for simple navigation and setup. The device supports up to 120 simultaneous calls and has four (4) software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interfaces.

Sangoma B43X Digital Cards

Sangoma's B43X series of BRI telephony cards are designed for Asterisk, FreePBX, and PBXact phone systems in the European (UK) region. On a single interface, you can make up to eight crystal clear BRI calls.
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