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Epygi has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering IP PBX, IP Gateway appliances, and cloud services and serves a wide range of customers, from small enterprises to large corporations, all of whom benefit from its exceptional value and service. The product offers features such as call routing, voicemail, conference calling, and call reporting. By using Epygi communication solutions, companies can streamline their internal and external communication processes, enhance customer service, and increase overall productivity.

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Epygi QX5000 IP PBX

Epygi QX5000 IP PBX is a reliable and feature-rich phone system that provides businesses with a flexible and scalable communication solution. With its advanced call routing and failover capabilities, along with a range of collaboration features, it is an ideal choice for medium to large-sized organizations looking to enhance their communication infrastructure.
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Epygi QX500 IP PBX

It includes configuration backup, which aids in the protection of Epygi QX500 IP PBX from unwanted access or hackers. It includes unique features like call forwarding, SMS notification, and call surveillance.
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Epygi QX50 IP PBX

The Epygi QX50 IP PBX is ideal for small businesses, with up to 50 extensions. Out of the box, this solution includes two FXO analog PSTN connections, two FXS analog station ports, and 16 extensions.  
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Epygi QX200 IP PBX

The Epygi QX200 IP PBX extends the reach of the QX50 by adding two more FXO ports, allowing for 64 simultaneous external calls, 24 extensions, and increased call recording and audio conference port capability.  
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Epygi QX20 IP PBX

The Epygi QX20 IP PBX stands as an impressive and feature-laden communication solution tailored for businesses. Equipped with cutting-edge VoIP functionalities, it fosters effortless connectivity, steadfast call administration, and amplified collaboration. Within its streamlined design and expandable framework lies an array of top-tier attributes befitting enterprises, encompassing an automated receptionist, call redirection, conference capabilities, and a multitude of other options. Delivering both cost-efficient and adaptable communication solutions, the QX20 IP PBX emerges as the optimal preference for small and medium-sized enterprises in search of a trustworthy and efficient voice communication platform.
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To connect to an ISDN PBX, the QXISDN4 Gateway has four ISDN BRI ports. It can also connect directly to an ISDN phone or to ISDN lines from a central office.
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Epygi QX3000 IP PBX

The Epygi IP PBX QX3000 is our enterprise model, with 200 extensions, over 500 simultaneous external conversations, and a big call recording capacity.
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Epygi QXISDN4 FXO Gateway

Four ISDN BRI ports on the QXISDN4 Gateway are available for connecting to an ISDN PBX. It can also connect directly to an ISDN phone or the ISDN lines from a central office.  
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