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Dinstar 24 Port and 32 port FXS VoIP Gateway

Thanks to the high-end FXS gateway versatility, Dinstar 24 Port and 32 Port FXS VoIP Gateway provide a lot more versatile connection aspect. It's also ideal for distant offices, family offices, branch enterprises, and other low-cost network transmission activities using the VoIP interface, just like the others in the series. When used with fax machines, PBX systems, and analog phone systems, it performs admirably. This device has excellent audio communication, which makes it ideal for use with servers and protocols like IPPBX, SIP servers, and other top IMS/NGN platforms.

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The DAG2000-24S/32S requires a controlled supply of 100-240V AC with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz repetition. The device’s power consumption is 40W for the 24FXS and 45W for the 32FXS. During use, the device’s temperature is regulated between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius. When the device is not in use, the capacity temperature is set from – 20 C to 80 C. With no consolidating angles, the DAG2000 unit is set at a wetness level ranging from 10% to 90%. The 24FXS measures 440mm x 230mm x 44mm and weighs 3.0kg, while the 32FXS is 440mm x 250mm x 44mm and weighs 3.2kg. FOC and CE homologation is also available to users. The DAG2000-24S/32S FXS is ideal for consistent transmission to keep the simple framework running. This gadget has been particularly intended for simple frameworks like phones, fax machines, and so on.


  • 32 FXS ports, 4 LAN.
  • Support SIP, IMS.
  • T.38 Fax.
  • Flexible routing & Dial plan.
  • Interoperable with leading soft switches, IP PBXs, and SIP servers.

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Product Specification


Call & Routing
32 inbound routing rules Yes
32 outbound routing rules Yes
Dial planl Yes
FXO port group Yes
Number manipulation Yes
Primary and secondary SIP account Yes
Dimensions(W/D/H) 24FXS:440(L)×230(W)×44(H)mm 3.0kg • 32FXS:440(L)×250(W)×44(H)mm 3.2kg
Humidity 10%-90% Non-Condensing
Operating Temperature 0 ℃~ 40 ℃
Power Consumption 24FXS:40W; 32FXS: 45W
Power Supply 100-240VAC,50-60Hz
Storage Temperature -20 ℃~80 ℃
FXO Port
Auto match fixed line impedance Yes
Busy tone detection Yes
Caller ID detection (BellcoreType 1&2) Yes
FAS(Fake billing correction ) Yes
No current detection Yes
One stage dialing Yes
Polarity Reversal Yes
Two stage dialing Yes
Voice interrupted detection Yes
Elastix / Broadsoft Yes
Maintain and upgrade
Access Rule List Yes
Cloud-based Management Yes
Configuration Backup/Restore Yes
Firmware Upgrade via WEB/TFTP Yes
Auto Provisioning Yes
Automatic Time Synchronization Yes
IVR local Maintenance Yes
Network Capture Yes
Outward Test(GR909) Yes
SNMP/TR069 Yes
Syslog and CDR Yes
Web/Telnet Yes
Network Features
DIFFServ Yes
Voice/Data/Management VLAN Yes
DHCP client Yes
IPv4 Yes
IPv6 Yes
Static IP Yes
Static/dynamic ARP Yes
ToS Yes
Tracert Yes
Traffic Shaping Yes
Physical Interfaces
Ethernet Interface 4* RJ-45 10/100Mbps, RJ-45
Telephone interface 24/32FXS,4/8*RJ-45
DNS/DNS SRV (RFC 1706/RFC 2782) Yes
RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889,1890) Yes
SDP (RFC 2327) Yes
ARP/RARP (RFC 826/903) Yes
REFER (RFC 3515) Yes
SIP V2.0 (RFC 3261,3262,3264) Yes
SNTP (RFC 2030) Yes
STUN (RFC 3489) Yes
VLAN 802.1P/802.1Q Yes
Supplement Service
Blind Transfer Yes
3-way conference Yes
Attend Transfer Yes
Call Forward on Busy Yes
Call Forward on No Reply Yes
Call Hold Yes
Call Pickup Yes
Call Waiting Yes
Hotline Yes
Unconditional Call Forward Yes
Voicemail Yes
Voice & Fax
Adaptive (Dynamic) Jitter Buffer Yes
Comfort Noise Generation(CNG) Yes
DTMF mode Signal/RFC2833/INBAND
Echo Cancellation(G.168) Yes
Programmable Gain Control Yes
T.38/Pass-through/Modem FAX mode,Up to 14.4kbps Yes
Voice Activity Detection(VAD) Yes

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