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FXO FXS Gateways

FXS FXO VoIP Gateways connect traditional telephone lines with IP-based networks. FXS gateways are used to connect analog telephones, fax machines, and other traditional telecommunication devices to a VoIP network. They simulate a telephone exchange or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and provide a standard telephone interface to the analog device. FXO gateways connect the VoIP network to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and allow IP-based systems to receive calls from traditional telephone lines.

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Dinstar UC-100-1G1S10 LTE Gateway

The UC100 is a multifunctional gateway that integrates voice and data services. It provides three voice interfaces (including GSM, FXS, and FXO) to provide seamless connectivity to VoIP networks, PLMN and PSTN.

Sonus AFM200 2 FXS / 2 FXO Gateway

The Sonus AFM200 2 FXS / 2 FXO Gateway stands as an adaptable and dependable interface tool for telephony, purposefully created to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. With its capability to establish a connection between conventional analog phone lines and IP-driven telephony networks, this device empowers businesses to harness the cutting-edge potentials of VoIP technology, all the while preserving their current phone infrastructure.

Yeastar TA400 FXS VoIP Gateway

The YeastarNeoGate TA400, which has four FSX ports, connects analog terminals, PBXs, or key systems to an IP network via FXS.    

Yeastar TA410 FXO VoIP Gateway

The Yeastar TA410 Analog VoIP Gateway connects legacy phones, fax machines, and PBX systems to IP telephony networks and IP-based PBX systems.  

Dinstar DAG2000 16 Port FXS VoIP Gateway

The DAG2000-16S FXS VoIP device supports open-standard SIP as well as IPv4 and IPv6, as well as organizational conventions. This route is accredited by Broadsoft/Elastix and is fully compatible with both SIP-based IP communication stages and NGN/IMS frameworks. The DAG2000-16S FXS Analog VoIP unit acknowledges a pleasant commotion era. A silent hiding device is also included in the device to keep the voice fresh and clear.

Yeastar TA3200 FXS VoIP Gateway

The Yeastar NeoGate TA3200, which has 32 FXS ports, connects analog terminals, PBX, or key systems to the IP network via FXS connectivity.  

Grandstream GXW400X FXS Gateway

The Grandlink GXW400X FXS Gateway is a dependable and budget-friendly VoIP gateway that facilitates the merging of conventional telephony networks with IP-centric communication systems. It boasts the capacity to accommodate up to four FXS ports, rendering it a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to connect their legacy telephony setups with cutting-edge VoIP technology.

Dinstar DAG3000-112S 112 Port FXS Gateway

Dinstar's DAG3000 series VoIP Gateway provides improved voice innovation for adjacent PBX frameworks, legacy phones (POTS), and fax machines over IP-based communication systems. The DAG3000 gateway unit has a flexible configuration and adoption design for the FXS/FXO transmission line. It has the largest number of FXO and FXS lines (112) and aims to install VoIP with reasonable contact center capabilities.

Synway SMG1000-D8S8O Analog VoIP Media Gateway

The Synway SMG1000-D8S8O Analogue VoIP Media Gateway is a dependable and cost-effective solution for enterprises and service providers wanting to connect analogue and digital phone systems to IP-based phone systems. Because of its comprehensive features, ease of installation and configuration, and high-quality audio capabilities, it is an excellent solution for a variety of applications and use cases.

Yeastar TA1600 FXS VoIP Gateway

The Yeastar NeoGate TA1600 is a multi-port FXS gateway with 16 FXS ports, line echo cancellation, and support for SIP and IAX2.  

Grandstream GXW4200 Series VoIP Gateway

The GXW4200 high-density FXS gateway series enables businesses of all sizes to easily deploy a Gigabit-capable VoIP solution. This FXS gateways can connect multiple locations and all devices within an office to any hosted or on-premise IP PBX network.

Epygi QXISDN4 FXO Gateway

Four ISDN BRI ports on the QXISDN4 Gateway are available for connecting to an ISDN PBX. It can also connect directly to an ISDN phone or the ISDN lines from a central office.  
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