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Your analogue telephone adapter (ATA) allows you to connect an analogue device, such as a phone or fax machine, to your network. The connected device can then function similarly to the IP phones in your network.

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Sangoma A116 Analog Telephone Adaptor

A116 is part of Sangoma’s family of Advanced Flexible Telecommunications hardware product lines – using a high-performance PCI Express interface, providing superior performance in critical systems all over the world.

Grandstream HT818 Analog Telephone Adaptor

The HT818 is a powerful 8-port VoIP gateway with 8 FXS ports and a Gigabit NAT router built-in. Millions of units have already been deployed globally, and the market is still expanding. The installation process is straightforward, and the system can be monitored via a web interface.

Polycom OBi504 Telephone Adapter

The Polycom OBI504 Enterprise Universal Voice Adapter has four FXS ports and supports SIP. OBi504 is controlled via a simple web-based interface. The OBi504 can be mounted on a desk, a wall, or a rack.

Yeastar TA200 Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

The NeoGate TA200 is the ideal solution for residential users or small businesses looking to convert their existing analog equipment to an IP-based network. This miniature-sized, 2-Port FXS Gateway connects one analog phone or fax to an IP network.

Sangoma A104 Analog Telephone Adaptor

The A104 supports up to 120 voice calls or 8.192 Mbps of full-duplex data throughput over four T1, E1, or J1 lines. The A104 is field upgradable with crash-proof firmware.

Sangoma A101 Analog Telephone Adaptor

The A101 is part of Sangoma’s family of Advanced Flexible Telecommunications hardware products. The Sangoma A101D and A101DE is equipped with world-class DSP hardware to achieve carrier-grade echo cancellation and voice quality.

Grandstream HT814 Analog Telephone Adaptor

The HT814 brings powerful VoIP technology and routing capabilities to the home and office, allowing users to successfully connect their analog devices to a manageable, robust network.

Mediatrix S7 16 Port FXS Gateway

The Mediatrix S7 LP has long-distance FXS ports, secondary over-voltage protection, excellent voice quality, extensive telephony functionality, simple deployment and provisioning, advanced security, and superior performance. As a result, the Mediatrix S7 LP is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry, campuses, transportation infrastructures, large facilities, and buildings located far apart.
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