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Tacitine HS5200 Hexa Series Hotspot System

The Tacitine HS5200 Hexa Series Hotspot System provides total secure control to wired and wireless users with AAA, as well as extensive logs and reports that meet regulatory standards. Tacitine HS5200 Hexa Series 6 Port Hotspot System with Auto Failover and Load Balancing is ideal for sites with multiple wired Internet connections. Users who can be scaled.

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Tacitine offers solutions for network structures that are both unique and complex. With meticulous development to the cognition of industrial requirements, we superseded technological products. Tacitine AAA Hotspot is a product that has been built and deployed in the ISP, Hospitality, Education, Corporate, and Public WiFi hotspot segments. The Tacitine HS5200 Hexa Series Hotspot System is ideal for the Enterprise, Office, and Educational markets. Up to 550 concurrent users are supported by the Tacitine HS5200 Hexa Series Hotspot System Model. Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting (AAA) hotspots are meant to give users approved network access and bandwidth control. The bandwidth of a network can be regulated time-based, data-driven, and usage-driven, And it’s all put together. The Tacitine HS5200 Hexa Series Hotspot System can connect to both wired and wireless networks. Tacitine HS5200 Hexa Series Hotspot System delivers thorough logs and reports on data usage for each and every registered user in accordance with regulatory compliance. Office hotspots, Hospitality hotspots, Educational hotspots, and ISP hotspots are the four varieties of devices.


  • Auto-login based on IP address, support for multiple IP addresses, and MAC addresses Up to 550 concurrent users are possible.
  • Smart Bytes and Account Top-up Option for the top-up group.
  • management and exclusion.
  • Multi-vendor integration.
  • Access Points of any brand can be used in conjunction with each other.
  • Integration of a Payment Gateway with a PMS.
  • Online payment receivables are made easier.
  • Support for multiple WAN links.
  • Failover & Auto Load Balancing.
  • Security for SMS registration using PI Firewall, SNAT, DNAT, and No-NAT User Management Reports, Account Expiry Reports, Browsing Reports, and Bandwidth Reports.

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