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Business IP Phone

Business IP phone are designed specifically for use in a business environment. It offers many features that are beneficial to businesses such as call quality, integration, security, centralized management and many more.

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Fanvil X6 IP Phone

With a well-designed appearance and clever software, Fanvil's new X6 IP Phone is a produced masterpiece that gives a superior user experience and ease for home and workplace users.

Cisco 7821 IP Phone

The Cisco® IP Phone 7821 is a low-cost solution that will improve your organization's people-centric communications while lowering your operating costs.

Fanvil X5U 16-Line Mid-level IP Phone

The Fanvil X5U is a 16-line mid-level IP phone with two screens, one huge 3.5-inch display and a second 2.4-inch side colour display for extra convenience while using DSS keys. The X5U includes all of the features that a professional user requires, including excellent voice quality, built-in Bluetooth for connecting Bluetooth headsets, and the ability to add a Wi-Fi dongle.

Poly CCX 700 SIP Phone

In the CCX phone family, the CCX 700 is the executive- or manager-class phone with integrated video (Open SIP). With a 4 megapixel camera, a 7-inch colour touchscreen, Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi, and Android 9 performance, this phone pushes video and audio quality to new heights. Increase your output.

Fanvil X6U IP Phone

For executives and professionals, the X6 IP Phone offers a dynamic business communications solution. This phone has a huge 4.3-inch color screen that can decode video from an IP camera as well as a door phone. The X6 also features Fanvil's Optima HD Voice technology and Opus' wideband codec for exceptional audio quality.

D-link DPH-150S SIP Phone

The Dlink DPH-150S F4 comes with two Ethernet ports: one for connecting to a DSL or cable modem and the other for connecting to your internet router. Once you've logged in and connected to the Internet, you can make and receive calls. Additionally, this Dlink IP phone has an Ethernet port for connecting to your PC, allowing you to converse on the IP phone while browsing websites, sending e-mails, transferring files, and conducting other network chores on your PC.

Polycom VVX 310 IP Phone

The Polycom VVX 310 IP Phone is an effective VoIP solution. Connect a headset to the RJ9 port or use the full-duplex speakerphone for conferencing. All outputs receive HD voice, which is enhanced by onboard echo cancellation and background noise reduction technology. For users such as receptionists or busy office workers, the Polycom VVX 310 IP Phone can be expanded with an attendant console. Expansion attendant consoles contain additional tools for monitoring expansions.

Fanvil V67 Flagship Smart Video Phone

The lighting on the V67 keypad was inspired by luxury car interiors. The flow lighting functions well as a status indicator. The 7-inch touchscreen can automatically adjust to the various visual angles required, providing users with a fantastic visual experience Do you wish to discuss your project

Yealink CP935W-Base Wireless Communication

Yealink CP935W-Base with DECT connectivity can register SIP account directly via DECT base, which is defined to improve wireless communication with improved calling and conferencing experience, dependable battery performance, and broad spatial applicability.

Yealink T26P IP Phone

The Yealink T26P provides more functionality at a lower cost. It includes the ability to create different levels as well as an intuitive 7-inch Touchscreen. SIP. Furthermore, this VoIP phone supports a wide range of features such as XML, SCA, BLF List, call forwarding, and so on. The T26P has a backlit color touchscreen and 29 programmable buttons for convenience.

Yealink SIP-T32G IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T32G IP Phone is a cutting-edge VoIP phone that works flawlessly in today's workplaces. The Yealink SIP-T32G IP Phone's HD TFT color display clearly displays the caller's information. Meanwhile, the customer interface was designed for simplicity and intuitive operation.

Fanvil X4/X4G Enterprise IP Phone

The new X4/X4G integrates the existing enterprise Ip phone UI design with a color screen. The UI Appearance And Operating Experience Have Both Improved Significantly.

Fanvil V65 Prime Business Phone

The handset and keypad surface's antibacterial material effectively inhibits more than 99.5% of bacteria growth. 4.3" movable scre The FanvilV65 is a refined work of art that provides executives and managers with a sophisticated and smooth corporate communication experience. As the premier business phone with an adjustable screen and built-in Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, the V65 is a perfect combination of stylish on the outside and powerful on the inside.

Grandstream GHP621/GHP621W IP Phone

The GHP Series of hotel phones includes the GHP620/GHP620W and GHP621/GHP621W, which are simple-to-use IP phones that can be programmed and customised to meet the needs of hotels and their guests. To support wireless deployments, the GHP620W and GHP621W models include integrated dual-band Wi-Fi.
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